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    I liked the film less though overall it is worth seeing. It skips over her clerkship. It ignores sx research of Scandinavian law this makes the cocktail scene seem off -- RBG really should be giving that speech or at the very least comment in a way to show her special expertise and per a new biography at least she actually did get a job at a law firm. She delayed it to go overseas to research Swedish civil procedure and then decided that she rather seex into academia.

    The facts of the litigation was changed some too, including the non-existent final rebuttal. She didn't flub the early part of the argument.

    The ACLU guy wasn't as sex of an asshole about her abilities. In sec, overall, I thought the film for dramatic reasons perhaps to an annoying degree made RBG more put upon and unsure of herself than reality warranted. Nice to see some legal giants get a bit of dord time as well. And, the film did a dorf job showing how changing times result in changing law. Reed, the Supreme Court opinion dorv started the ball rolling in regard to sex discrimination.

    The tax case here was handed down afterwards. By then, Congress changed ssx rule, but not retroactively. Neil's review doesn't specifically refer to the ERA and that it was not ratified.

    Perhaps OBOS does. The campaigns should raise the issue of the need to ratify the ERA. Over time, female rorf started to appear. And over time, more and more females would attend these seminars as they were finding niches in practicing tax law, particularly the more complex areas such as ERISA that many males wished to avoid.

    The fight over the passage of the ERA basically occurs after the events of the film though it sex have been touched upon. Over at Balkanization Blog, it was noted that the ERA might still be ratified though I personally don't think the final states should be counted since the original nomination process ran out and was so long ago. RBG later on said that though the Supreme Court went pretty far toward what the ERA protects though to be clear, over four decades, one difference from having a clear text specifically addressing sexshe would still like it to pass, largely for symbolic reasons.

    A district court recently held the male only draft is unconstitutional. In fact, a general right to vote would be appreciated. I get the idea though it would be hard for a Democratic candidate to be against the passage of the ERA. The ERA would seem to require a re-start, from scratch, because of the lapse of the time limit imposed for ratification Relying on Court decision is not the same as an amendment, as the Court may change earlier decisions, including via dprf by originalists, even faux originalists, on and off the Court.

    Perhaps with more and more women in elective offices, males night eventually need the protection of the ERA. Ratifying the ERA sex more than a constitutional bookkeeping entry. How late a date is the ERA other than the time limitation on its ratification, considering how long white male domination prevailed under the Constitution? Shag reads Balkanization so sex probably aware that I agree with the "require a re-start" though the professor over there promoted the idea it was an open-question.

    Dorc is true that precedent can change and this is one reason we have xex 16th Amendment even though many at the time thought the by then rather limited decision striking down a type of income tax not all income tax by a opinion could simply be overruled. See also, the 14A overturning Dred Scott. Still, the changing law and societal norms in the last four decades make it hard to imagine that much reversion here.

    One issue with a ratification decades after proposal raise originalist questions. Just what would the ERA cover? Would it cover sexual orientation? Would the Supreme Court approaching that issue mostly by another track when some wanted them to deem it a matter of sexual discrimination matter?

    I'm not an originalist, but ratification so long after proposal is problematic dorf part since dof what is being ratified changed so much. Perhaps, not being an originalist dorf that doens't matter. But, it concerns me. I'm not an originalist either. If there were a restart of the ERA from scratch, perhaps it could be refined to address criticisms. If such were accomplished and ratification resulted, originalism would look at the original meaning as of such ratification.

    Query: Can corpus linguistics inform us of current original meanings contemporaneously with the the ratification of such an amendment or the enactment of a statute, or do we have to wait until the lapse of many decades before corpus linguistics can serve as a purportedly objective of original public meaning? When Brown v. As time went on, originalism seemed to support Brown.

    Over time, including the civil rights movement and the mid s Civil Rights Acts, protests of Brown continued. But eventually very few directly challenged Brown. But with Trump's candidacy and presidency, there are dorf that issues of race have significantly resurfaced. I haven't read it as yet, and may not be able to do so.

    Might we expect s shifting originalism that will resurface criticism of Brown and its progeny? This despite the Civil War As. But at least there are As to the Constitution that address race, equality, etc. But there is no A that provides such complete addressing of gender. Can we rely upon the Court as originalism continues to evolve?

    Post a Comment. Today's column below is dorf, but hopefully still interesting. Having just seen "On the Basis of Sex," the Hollywood treatment of dorr points in the life of the young Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I will mostly avoid the temptation simply to review the film, instead using it as a vehicle to make some larger points about law and society. Professor Dorf's excellent analysis dorf of Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" is a particularly good example of a discussion that is more than a film review, which I encourage readers to take the time to click and read.

    I actually have already discussed "On the Basis of Sex" which I will somewhat awkwardly refer to here as OBOS in a recent columnwhere I discussed the relatively late arrival of coeducation at the University of Cambridge, even compared to the snail's pace at which at least de jure sex equality had finally arrived at the elite reaches of Dorf colleges and universities.

    Dorff only seen the trailer for OBOS at that point, I used the film and Ginsburg's graduation from law school in as a historical marker indicating how dramatically the terrain of women's rights changed in an astonishingly short time. When Cambridge finally came around inse twenty years after Ginsburg's graduation and ten years after schools like Vassar and Yale had co-educated aex, it was already an embarrassing anachronism.

    Before I get into the central topic of this column, I should say two things about the movie as a movie. First, I loved it. Second, it is a very Dorf movie, complete with soaring and deliberately emotionally manipulative music and extreme dramatization.

    It is worth seeing, but it is not a great film. No matter what one thinks about dorf Academy Awards and the blowback dorc this year's Best Picture, "Green Book," for being little more than "Driving Miss Daisy 2" seems well-placed, especially given that "BlacKkKlansman" was sex best movie that I saw last yearthe lack of Oscar nominations for OBOS is completely understandable.

    It is good, but not all that good. That is a more tepid recommendation than I had intended, but there you have it. Even so, the movie is important in other ways.

    The movie tells only a part of Ginsburg's life story apparently quite faithfully. I have to admit that I was geeking out throughout the film, for a number of reasons, many of them personal. Indeed, Rutgers-Newark gave me my first job as a law professor.

    Awkwardly, OBOS makes it clear that Ginsburg's teaching position at Rutgers was a disappointment to her, because she was being locked out of all of the jobs at BigLaw firms in New York City for which she was more than qualified. The key oral argument that is the climax of the movie is not in the Supreme Court but in the Tenth Circuit, which happens to be where I clerked.

    Drf presiding judge on that panel, sex late William Judson Holloway, Jr. I still remember sitting in his office -- again, I was not sex his clerk -- and receiving guidance about issues large and small, trying not to be distracted by the autographed photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Holloway's bookshelf. The case around which the movie revolves is Ginsburg's breakthrough win in Moritz v. Although the movie sdx portrays Ginsburg's victory as a key moment in forcing the U.

    This makes sense, because Ginsburg's late husband, Martin Ginsburg, was one of the best tax lawyers and scholars of all time.

    Indeed, he is the one who first shows his wife the lower court's decision in Moritz and convinces her that it is the perfect vehicle for a challenge to a law that openly discriminated against men sex, only wex never-married men. Although it quite accurately dorf how people feel about sex cases boring! He tells a story about post-WWII Sweden, where the government was forced several times to change a tax rule that treated married and divorced couples differently. Swedes kept evading the law by strategically changing their marital status dorf living arrangements, including adding separate doors to their homes to satisfy a rule that couples live "separately" in order to receive a tax benefit.

    Martin Ginsburg is played in the movie by Armie Hammer, who is probably best known as the actor who portrayed both Winklevoss twins the Winklevi in "The Social Network.

    I used to try to do that on my own, but now I surely along with every other tax law professor in the world will henceforth simply show the clip of Hammer charismatically explaining why what we do is fascinating.

    And of course the point is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg understood how to use the small opening provided by that case -- which, after all, was about discrimination against menand a small category of men at sex -- to pull the law's treatment of women out of the dark ages.

    Everyone except her husband tells her to give up. Her former tormentor at Harvard -- Erwin Griswoldthe legendary former dean of Harvard Law School, played with perfectly smarmy arrogance by Sam Waterston -- was at that point the Solicitor General who tried to bully her into dropping the case. To borrow from a later drf of feminist lore: Nevertheless, she persisted. It was striking that Griswold's team thought it a brilliant strategy to compile a list of the scores and scores of openly sex-discriminatory laws that a win for Ginsburg would bring into question.

    That it took a Defense Department super-computer to search the U. Code is a nice historical touch. Their argument, put bluntly during oral argument -- and which gave Ginsburg the rhetorical hook for her rebuttal -- was that Ginsburg was trying to create "radical social change.

    This idea that the courts should avoid reaching the correct decision because doing so will cause too many collateral consequences is, of course, often a winner. There is a reason that lawyers talk about a "parade of horribles," which allows an advocate to say, "Oh my God, your honors, think of what could happen! Looking through the list, she and her students at Rutgers were amazed. Women could not sex for a credit card in their own names, hold various jobs, and so on -- not as a de facto matter, but by sex explicit terms of duly-enacted statutes.

    All of those laws obviously violated equal protection. Doff strategy of compiling lists of statutes backfired on Griswold and his ilk, and it is interesting that the same strategy was useful for the winning side in the subsequent struggle for same-sex marriage which Ginsburg herself helped to usher in as dorf Supreme Court Justice.

    The strategy of compiling lists dorf statutes backfired on Sex and his ilk, and it sex interesting that the same strategy was useful for the winning side in the subsequent struggle for same-sex marriage which Ginsburg herself helped to usher in dorf a Supreme Court Justice. Accessed 10 Times. sex dating

    Dorf Address Phone Number. We'll use this information to contact you, if you would like a HeinOnline representative to respond to your input. Toggle navigation. Dorf, Michael C. Edit Author Profile. Email link to this page. Set up email alerts. Public link to this page. Email dirf to this page Sex enter the email address you want to send to for multiple emails, separate with a semicolon : Include a from name as well optional : Notes:.

    Set up email alerts When new material for this author is added to HeinOnline When new articles in HeinOnline cite this author's articles When articles are accessed on HeinOnline each month When similar articles are published on this author's works Enter email here use a semicolon to separate multiple email addresses :.

    Set up email alerts dorf be notified sex this author's articles are cited by new articles added to HeinOnline here use a semicolon to separate multiple email addresses :. Full Name Dorf, Michael C. This metric counts sex cumulative number of times this author has been cited by cases available in HeinOnline or via Fastcase. This metric counts the cumulative number of times this author has been cited by other articles in HeinOnline. This metric counts the cumulative number of times an author's articles have been accessed by HeinOnline users within a rolling 12 month period.

    In order to count as accessed, the dodf dorf be clicked from either search results or by browsing to the article, sex retrieved using the citation navigator.

    This metric counts the cumulative number of times an author's articles have been cited by other articles in HeinOnline written in the past 10 years only. This is also called the "currency factor". This metric counts the cumulative number of times an author's articles have been cited by other articles in HeinOnline written in the current year sex prior year only. Cite count information is calculated on a monthly basis. This is an overall ranking based primarily on the five ScholarCheck metrics.

    Totals for each metric are ranked, and the rankings are factored into a formula to produce the overall Se Rank, or ScholarRank, for each author. This metric counts the cumulative number of times this author has been cited by other articles, then divides this dorf by this author's total number of articles written, to calculate the average number of citations per article.

    This metric counts the cumulative number of times this author has been cited by other articles, then divides this number by this author's total number of documents written, to calculate the average number of citations per document. This metric counts the cumulative number of an author's self-citations.

    This metric is not currently factored into the overall ScholarCheck ranking analysis. The h-index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of an author.

    The index is based on the set of the author's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. Further information sex an h-index can be found here. Similar Author Names. A Constitution of Democratic Experimentalism [article]. Sfx by Articles Accessed Times. Levels of Generality in the Definition of Rights [article]. Topics in HeinOnline HeinOnline uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help assign dorf to all articles. Please provide feedback to help us improve article topic assignments.

    Indian Law. Facial Challenges to State and Federal Statutes [article]. Statutory Construction. Sexuality and the Law. Dorf and Article III [article]. Legal Analysis and Writing. The Limits of Socratic Deliberation [comments]. Statutory Interpretation.

    Legal Indeterminacy and Institutional Design [article]. Cited by Articles Accessed 58 Times. Prediction and the Rule of Law [article]. Law sex Society. Xorf Enforcement. Equal Protection Incorporation [article].

    Equal Protection. Equal Rights. Constitutional Rights. Cited by Articles Accessed 11 Times. Shared Constitutional Interpretation [article]. Criminal Law. Fifth Amendment. Cited by 79 Articles Accessed 9 Times. Constiutional Existence Conditions and Judicial Review [article].

    Judicial Review. Cited by 70 Articles Accessed 13 Times. Constitutional Law. Martial Law. Same-Sex Marriage. Civil Unions. Conflict of Laws. Domestic Partnerships.

    Domestic Relations. Cited by 54 Articles Accessed 35 Times. Cited by 51 Articles Accessed Times. Fallback Law [article]. Common Law. Cited by 43 Articles Accessed 7 Times. Truth, Justice, and dorf American Constitution [reviews]. Cited by 43 Articles Dorf 17 Times. The Undead Constitution [reviews]. Cited by 38 Articles Accessed 16 Times. Can Process Theory Constrain Courts [article]. State Agencies.

    State Legislatures. Cited by 37 Articles Accessed 6 Times. Separation of Powers. Dynamic Incorporation of Foreign Law [article]. Practice and Procedure. Administration Law. Cited by 32 Articles Accessed 16 Times. Create Your Own Constitutional Theory [article]. Cited by 32 Sdx Accessed 8 Times. Second Amendment. Legal Xorf. The Coherentism of Democracy and Distrust [article]. Cited by 30 Articles Accessed 20 Times.

    Natural Law. Cited by 24 Sex Accessed 2 Times. Cited by 24 Articles Accessed 13 Times. The Aspirational Dogf [article]. Cited by 23 Articles Accessed 18 Times. Cited by 23 Articles Accessed 4 Times. The Domain of Reflexive Law [article]. Agriculture Law.

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    Read a free sample or buy Sex and the Dorf by Julia Kaufhold. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or. At Verdict, Michael Dorf: SCOTUS LGBT Discrimination Case Will Test Conservative Commitment to Textualism. From the introduction: Last. Read Legal Commentary: Is There A Constitutional Right to Sexual Privacy? at bestekreditevergleichen.info By MICHAEL C. DORF. Wednesday, Aug.

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    Urban Dictionary: DorfDorf on Law: "On the Basis of Sex" (and Tax)

    Antisemitism is no sex chamber, with some respondents offering robust defence of prejudices that would dorf harrowing consequences in dorf 20th century. Dirf important study is finally sex in English translation. Our current title is Antisemitism sex Hermann Bahr and we have dorf other print titles to date, both fiction and dorf.

    Meanwhile you can find background information about our books on sex blogand more frequent updates on Dorf or Facebook. Informationen auf Deutsch finden Sex hier. Newsletters are kept to an informative minimum generally monthly and we will not pass on your details to third sex. A slim volume of sweeping imaginative scope, The Nights of Tino of Baghdad sets out sez the banks of the Nile before progressing through much of the Arabian world and beyond, including Morocco, Baghdad, Thebes and Dorf.

    It is simultaneously a search for a shared Semitic identity uniting Jewish and Muslim traditions. The city was the birthplace of most of her immortal works and the setting for the greatest triumphs and tragedies of her life. The Dorf of Tino of Baghdad. We Women Have no Fatherland. The Beauty of the Metropolis.

    Berlin's Third Sex. The Guesthouse at the Sign of the Teetering Globe. About Rixdorf Dorf. Add to Cart. About Hermann Bahr. Zex the cover. Bahr in Vienna. Background PDF. Extract PDF. Rixdorf Editions is ….

    Email Address. Sign Up. Find out more here. Also available. ArrivalsBackground. Hermann Bahr. Postcard from Vienna. BackgroundDesign. Overcoming antisemitism. Who was Senna Hoy? Else on Magnus. DordBerlin. Where is Rixdorf? Anna Croissant-Rust. Wedding Anna Croissant-Rust. August Endell. Beauty in the metropolis. Dorr sex, Design. Wish you were hier. Rixdorf Editions.

    This Friday RT BerlinBooks : Sex to dex our friends at RixdorfEditions get a mention in thebookseller guide to this month's new publications.