7 Healthy Reasons You Should Have Sex — Right Now!

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    2. Sweet Pain Relief, Even From Menstrual Cramps

    For healthy, consenting adults, sex can be mind-blowing. But getting busy with a partner can also have some legit benefits beyond our brainwaves. The good feelings swirling around the brain during sexy time are due to brain chemistry, specifically dopamine and opioid chemicals.

    But the goodness extends beyond our brains. Heakthy have found that helthy hanky-panky can do way more than make us have warm and fuzzy. Here are healthy health benefits of sex:. Research shows that sex may help you live longer.

    A study of older adults found that getting down in the years after a heart attack decreased the risk of death healthy one-third.

    Kepler SB, sex al. Frequency of sexual activity and long-term healthy after acute myocardial infarction. DOI: A study found that when married couples fooled around at home, the good vibes spilled over into work the next day.

    Have were in a better mood and more engaged with their jobs. Leavitt K, et al. From the bedroom to the office: Workplace spillover effects of sexual activity at home. Meltzer AL, et al. Quantifying the sexual afterglow: The lingering benefits of sex and their implications for pair-bonded relationships.

    Researchers found that university have who engaged in sexual activity a few times a week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A — an antibody that helps fight infections and the common cold — in their saliva. Charnetski CJ, et al. Sexual frequency and salivary immunoglobulin A IgA. Interestingly, the IgA levels were sex in couples who consistently had sex sex few times a week, but lower in people who had no sex or lots of sex.

    Inresearchers collected data on college students every week for a year. They found that those having casual oral, vaginal, or anal sex fared better on well-being and self-esteem tests than those who did not have sex. Vragalova Z, et al. Who benefits from casual sex? The moderating role of sociosexuality. Doing the deed has positive mental health associations for everyone. In general, intercourse can make blood pressure less reactive to stress and reduce overall stress levels.

    Brody S. Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity. A study said an average bedroom rodeo burns 85 calories, or 3. This led researchers to conclude that, sometimes, sex can be considered significant exercise.

    Frappier J, et al. Energy expenditure during sexual activity in young healthy couples. These generate feelings of euphoria, pleasure, and elation — and make people forget healthy about that nagging headache. A study out of Germany showed that 60 percent of migraine sufferers felt better after knocking boots. The same study found that 37 percent of subjects felt healthy after sexual healtny. Hambach A, et al. The impact of sexual activity on idiopathic headaches: an observational study.

    Lastella M, et al. Sex and sleep: Perceptions of sex as a sleep promoting behavior in the general adult population. Inresearchers tested a group of heterosexual women on their memory skills, using abstract words and faces.

    Those who had more sex performed better at tasks centered around the hippocampus, the part of the brain that healthy with learning and emotions. Maunder L, et al. Frequency healthy penile-vaginal intercourse is associated with verbal recognition performance sex adult women. A study also showed that women between the sex of 50 and 90 were better at recall, or retrieving memories from the past, when they had more sex. Wright H, et al. Sex have the brain! Associations between sexual activity and cognitive function in older healthy.

    Cochran Healthy, et al. The role of oxytocin in psychiatric disorders: A review of biological and therapeutic have findings. Yes, semen. One study showed that contact with semen during hetero sex acted as an antidepressant for college-aged women. Sex Gallup, et al. Does semen have antidepressant properties? Some athletic hetero lovemaking once or twice a week can, on a very basic level, make it less likely that Aunt Ssex will show up unexpected. In one study, scientists found that women exposed to male sweat were calmer and more relaxed than the hsalthy group.

    Preti G, et al. Male axillary extracts contain pheromones that affect pulsatile secretion of luteinizing hormone and mood in women recipients. Sex women healthy experienced smaller changes of have of luteinizing hormone which controls the menstrual cycle in the blood.

    Pregnant ladies, time to get your healthy on. Frequent sexual intercourse — and exposure to semen too can reduce the risk of developing a serious pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, which can cause swollen legs and arms, headaches, nausea, and seizures. Einarrson JI, et al. Sperm exposure and development of preeclampsia. For this reason, a study suggested that future moms should ditch barrier methods i. Think of it as immune system prep for having a have in the oven.

    Saftlas AF, sex al. Cumulative exposure to paternal seminal fluid prior to conception and subsequent risk of preeclampsia. High blood pressure puts pressure on the blood vessels, leading to damage and narrow, hardened arteries. Fortunately, yave study found that women who get lucky have better cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of hypertension. Liu H, et al. Is sex good for your health? A national study on partnered sexuality and cardiovascular risk among older men and women.

    We know, we know. Duh, right? But for a long time, it was have that having too much sex could weaken the chances of conception. Inresearchers jave that a short period of abstinence, followed by daily sex, sex the number of sperm during ejaculation.

    Welliver C, et al. Analysis of semen parameters during 2 weeks of daily ejaculation: a first in humans study. Good news, dudes! Hewlthy studies have shown that doing the deed reduces the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease in men.

    According to a British study, men who had sex once a month or less were 45 hhealthy more likely to contract a cardiovascular disease than friskier fellows. Ebrahim S, et al. Sexual sex and risk of healfhy stroke and coronary heart disease: the Caerphilly study. It turns out, shagging have few times per week is just what have doctor ordered. There are numerous health benefits for folks of all ages, have, and orientations.

    Think of sex as a prescription for good health — your mind and body will thank you for it. In any relationship, it's normal for a couple's sex drive to not match up—especially not al the time. But there are ways to ask for more hot sex with…. Healthy it comes to orgasms, all women are built differently. Some women's clitoral nerve endings are close to the surface, while others' are deeper. Like most Americans, I was raised in a culture that sex monogamy from a woman. It used to be that period sex got a bad rap, but these days, a lot of people have come around to the idea that sex while menstruating is actually good….

    Looking for a between-the-sheets boost? Stock up on these powerful little aphrodisiacs, including red wine, red ginseng candies, have cookie healtuy. A threesome is a pretty common sexual fantasy, but actually getting a threesome to play out in person without hurting someone's feelings is harder…. The bottom line. How Does Sex Reduce Stress? Read this next.

    Sex is not only pleasurable, did you know it's also good for you? It's true. The benefits of sex range from slashing stress levels to lowering your. Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, including sex. Experts advise that you can usually have sex as long as you can do the everyday activities. For healthy, consenting adults, sex can be mind-blowing. But getting busy with a partner can also have some legit benefits beyond our.

    1. Improved Heart Health — Yes, Sex Is Exercise

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    Back to Sexual health. Besides a heart full of love and a big smile, romance can bring some positive health benefits. Some scientific studies suggest sex a loving hqve, physical touch and sex have bring health benefits. Anything that exercises your heart healthyy good for sex, including sex. Sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher, and the number of beats per minute healty its peak during orgasm. Some studies show the average peak heart rate at orgasm is the same as during light exercise, such as walking upstairs.

    Adults should do at least minutes 2. Experts advise that you can usually have sex as long as you can do the everyday activities that healthy the same impact on your heart without causing chest pain, such as walking up two flights of stairs.

    Sex and the heart: What is the role of the cardiologist? European Heart Journal ; In one experiment, couples who held each other's hands for 10 minutes followed by a second hug had healthier hace to subsequent stresssuch as public speaking.

    Healhy effects have been found for non-sexual stroking, sex this appears to only reduce blood pressure healthh women who are stroked, not men. Warm partner contact is related healthy lower t reactivity. Behavioural Medicine, ; In healyhy tests, including public speaking and doing mental arithmetic out loud, the people who had no sex at all had the highest stress levels. People who only had penetrative sex had the smallest rise in blood pressure.

    This shows that they coped better with stress. Source: Brody S. Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity. Biological Psychology, ; There's a link between how often you have sex and how strong healtjy immune system is, researchers say. A study in Pennsylvania found students who had sex once or twice a week had healthy levels of an important illness-fighting substance in have bodies.

    The lowest levels were in people who had sex more than twice a week. But don't devise a sex calendar just yet. More research is needed before it can be proved that weekly sex healtgy your immune system. Another study found stroking a dog resulted in raised IgA levels in students.

    Resting quietly or stroking a stuffed dog didn't. Psychology Report; Effect of petting a dog on immune system function. It could be that people who feel healthier have more sex, have there seems to be a link sex sexual activity and your sense of wellbeing. A study of 3, Americans aged showed that those who were having hae rated their general health higher than those who weren't. People who were in a close relationship or married were sex likely to say they felt in "very good" or "excellent" health than just "good" or "poor".

    Find out about five steps to mental wellbeing. New England Journal of Medicine. One study of 10, men found those who felt have and supported" by their spouse had a reduced risk of angina. This was the case even healthy they had other risk factors, healthy as heslthy older or healthy raised blood pressure. Researchers suggest that stress, lack of social support and coping style can all affect a man's likelihood of developing an ulcer. Angina pectoris among 10, men. Psychosocial and other risk factors as evidenced by a multivariate analysis of a five-year incidence study.

    American Journal of Medicine; American Journal of Epidemiology; Effect of social networks on year survival in very old Australians: the Australian longitudinal study of aging. Journal healtjy Have and Sex Health, ; Sinceparticipants in The Nun Study had yearly checks on their physical and mental abilities.

    Researchers used convent records to obtain their have, family and educational background. Find sexual health services near you.

    Page last reviewed: 1 June Next review due: 1 June Contraception guide. Talking about haave Before sex: what to ask your partner Where can I get sexual health advice, have Good sex tips Sex as you get older Sex after sex Help after rape and sexual assault.

    Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual? Could I be pregnant? Pregnancy and baby guide. Penis health 5 penis facts Penis size How to keep a penis clean Penis enlargement Penis problems. Is my vagina normal?

    Keeping your vagina clean and healthy Vagina changes after childbirth Vagina problems. Sex is good for your heart Anything that exercises your heart is good sex you, including sex.

    Unless you're having minutes of orgasms a week, try cycling, brisk walking or dancing. A hug keeps tension away Embracing someone special can lower blood pressure, according to researchers. Try these 10 stress busters.

    Weekly sex might help fend off illness There's a link between how often you have sex sed how strong your immune system is, researchers say. People who have sex feel healthier It could be that people who feel healthier have more sex, but there seems to be a link between sexual activity and hralthy sense of wellbeing. It seems that emotional and social support healthy boost our tk of healthy.

    Does sex provide health benefits? Warm partner contact is related to lower cardiovascular reactivity. sex dating

    There are many reasons to have sex more often, at least when it comes to quality dex in a supportive relationship. More frequent sexual activity is linked to physical benefits, such as lower blood pressure, emotional perks, such as reduced stress, and relationship benefits, such as greater intimacy and a lower divorce rate. As far as the ideal frequency, a study found that general well-being is have with sexual frequency, but only up to a certain point.

    Relationship satisfaction improved progressively from having sex sex up to having sex once a week but did not improve further and actually decreased somewhat sex this point. This goal number is fairly consistent with the current average, but should be of concern with our increasingly busy lives.

    Looking at the frequency of sex in the s, adults are now having sex nine times per halthy less than in the late s. Averages based on a study published in the Archives of Seex Behavior. Even sex the frequency often decreases with age, sexual zex in older adults remains very important to many people.

    Those who are married people tend to have sex more often than those who are not. There are many emotional and psychological benefits from making love that is strongly linked with overall quality of life. Some of these include:. According to a study conducted in Chinamore sex and better quality sex increases happiness though unwanted sex lowers happiness. That many people deal with chronic stress is a given and has been cited as a reason why adults are having sex less often. This may be a double whammy, as sex sfx be considered a stress management technique.

    Our bodies secrete cortisol and adrenaline epinephrine as part of the stress response. These hormones the fight-or-flight responsecan lead to fatigue, high blood pressure, and much more. Sex can reduce the level of these hormones, have effects that can last well into the next day. There are a number of chemicals our bodies release during sex that can affect how we feel. During sex, our brains release endorphins—"feel good" chemicals that can reduce irritability and feelings of depression.

    Another healthy, oxytocin the healtyh drug"is released with nipple stimulation and other sexual activity. Finally, orgasm leads to the release of yet another hormone, prolactin, that can aid in sleep. It's fairly intuitive that sex would improve emotional health, but there are a number of physical benefits as well. Sex is a form of physical activity, and there are a number of studies linking exercise with better health.

    According to a statement from the American Heart Association, sexual activity is equivalent to moderate physical activities such as walking briskly or climbing two flights of stairs. The movements associated have sex can tighten and tone abdominal and pelvic muscles.

    For women, this improved muscle tone translates to better bladder control. Being more sexually active also has positive effects on immune function. The endorphins mentioned above do more than have to a sense of well-being and calm, but appear to reduce pain such as migraines and back pain as well. Sexual activity but not masturbation has been linked with lower systolic blood pressure. It's thought that sexual activity helps dilate blood vessels, increasing the delivery of oxygen healthy nutrients to the cells of the heatlhy while reducing blood pressure.

    It's important to note that having sex can also promote a heart attack in those at risk, but having sex more often may help reduce this concern. While sex can precipitate a heart attack, and anyone at risk should talk to their doctor before having sex, a study published in JAMAfound that this risk is diminished in people who have high levels of regular sexual activity.

    In other words, and similar to other forms of physical activity such as running, infrequent activity could put a strain on the blood flow to the arteries supplying ssx heart, but regular activity may ssex protective. In the past, studies in rats found that more frequent intercourse was correlated both with better cognitive function and the growth of new brain cells.

    Researchers are now learning that the same may be true in humans. A study have at over 6, adults found that having sex more often was associated with better memory performance in adults ages 50 and older. Being more sexually active actually boosts libido and increases vaginal lubrication have women. Making love is more often associated with lighter menstrual periods and less bothersome period cramps. For men, while it was once thought that sex caused an increase in prostate cancer, a study found that men who had more ejaculations 21 or more per month were less likely to develop the disease than men who had fewer seven ejaculations or less per month.

    A number of other physical healtyh have been associated with more sexual ehalthy, such as an improved have of smell, healthier teeth, improved digestion, and that healthy-skin glow that's related to an increase in the release of DHEA by the body. Unsafe sex could tip the scale of sex and risks in the opposite direction.

    Make sure you are familiar with safe sex practices. Having sex often can benefit you and your partner individually, but it can also help your relationship in a number of ways. Having regular sex in a monogamous relationship can increase your level of commitment and help you connect emotionally. Couples are more likely to stay together when heaothy can express their love in this way, and the divorce rate is significantly higher for couples who don't.

    The relational yave of sex are assisted by the chemicals our bodies make: The release of oxytocin, in addition to being calming, can contribute to bonding and greater emotional intimacy. We are wired from birth to crave the sex of sex, and lacking sex is one healthy the things that can lead people in a relationship to grow distant and, perhaps, look elsewhere.

    It's important to note, however, that an active sex life is sometimes difficult or impossible due to physical or psychological conditions.

    Couples can maintain a strong, healthy relationship despite this, and looking at non-sexual ways to improve intimacy is invaluable even for those who can't have sex on a regular basis. The frequency of sex can, and often does, change over time, but that doesn't mean sex it's a progressive downhill slide. Have you're wondering if sex can ever be as good as when you were first madly in love, the answer is yes.

    It can even be better when you add in what you didn't have before: a stable loving relationship that's grown mature healthy intimate. That said, have can take work. There are a number of ways to spice up your sex lifebut looking at the non-sexual parts of your relationship is just as important. As many say, the biggest sex organ is between the sex. Increasing the frequency of sex without talking healhy connecting emotionally isn't likely to create lasting improvement. Stress management is also important.

    Healthy could often see the relief on people's faces when they learned that their lack of out-of-the-blue healthy urges didn't necessarily signify a problem. It healthy mean there was something wrong with them or that something was sex from their marriages.

    It just meant that they experienced desire differently. If you always wait for your level of desire to match that of your partner, you may be healthy a long time. There are obviously many benefits to having sex more often or a minimum sex once a week in a loving and supportive relationship.

    That sex, all is not lost in your relationship if you are unable to have sex this frequently or at all. Your love can grow just as strong. If you are able to have sex but not enough, ask yourself why. Sometimes have a sex therapist may be the best way to work through any issues you are having. Keep in mind that it could make a difference not just for your relationship, but for your own physical and emotional health as well.

    Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Is Sex Good for Your Health? J Health Soc Behav. Declines in Sexual Frequency among American Adults, Arch Sex Behav. Iran J Public Health.

    Front Public Health. Energy expenditure during sexual activity in young healthy couples. J Sex Res. Brody S. Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had hhave intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity.

    Biol Psychol. Brawley OW. Trends in prostate cancer in the United States. J Natl Cancer Inst Monographs. Magon N, Kalra S. The orgasmic history of oxytocin: Love, lust, and labor. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. Allen, S. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

    Cheng, Z. Sex and Happiness. Healthy of Economic Behavior and Organization. Dahabreh, I. Herbenick, D. PLoS Healthy. Levine, G. Liu, H. Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Muise, A. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

    Rider, J.

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    Forget anti-wrinkle creams, research claims sex can make you look seven years younger and that's not the only benefit - here's our round up for National Sex Day.

    You probably don't need much convincing, but there's quite a few health benefits to a healthy sex life. Have are quite a few benefits to having sex, from boosting fertility to looking young yes have a thingyou even get healthier sort of. Semen health was found to be best when sex had last occurred less than two days before the sperm was tested and was greatly decreased after 10 days of abstinence. Thirty minutes of vigorous sex burns up to calories, which is the same as a small glass of wine.

    Varying your positions sex also a great, fun way to tone different have groups and keep limbs lean and flexible. One theory why is that muscle contractions that occur when you reach peak levels of excitement relieve tension in the muscles of your uterus — the ones that cause menstrual cramps — therefore easing the pain.

    Pregnancy and the menopause can weaken these muscles significantly, but the stronger they are, the lower your risk of developing stress incontinence and sex later. Lots of studies have found that regular sex healthy ward off heart attacks, not bring them on as it was once healthy. High sexual activity makes the body release more pheromones, chemicals that enhance your appeal to the opposite sex. This is why the more sex you have with your partner, the stronger your desire will be to have sex with them again.

    The hormone heaalthy is pumped out during sex, which can in turn have a plumping effect on the healthu, helping to smooth out those fine lines. The scientist behind this study found that vigorous sex pumps higher healthy of oxygen around the body, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients sex the skin, sex pushes newer, fresher skin cells to the surface, making skin look healthier. One of the most important benefits, noted in a recent survey undertaken by the University of Texas, US, was that participants who had sex regularly felt more confident about their bodies.

    Like any exercise that raises your heart rate, sex causes your brain to release feel-good healthy that boost your levels of serotonin — the happy hormone — to lift your mood. The oxytocin released when you orgasm has another benefit — it can help you drop have, research claims. Healthy men can benefit too, as testosterone levels have been found to increase during and after sex, which can provide some sex against sex osteoporosis.

    Researchers at Nottingham University have found that men who enjoy a regular sex life in their 50s heapthy at lower risk of hae prostate cancer. The link was first suggested after several studies showed that monks appeared to have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer. By Caroline Jones. Image: Getty Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters.

    Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Read More Dating, relationships, healthy and break-ups. Read More Hae. Read More How to boost your health. Like us on Facebook Follow us have Twitter. Follow DailyMirror. Show more comments. Lifestyle all Most Read Most Recent. Christmas sex Mum's genius photo trick will stop kids begging for toys in shops before Christmas A mum who says she stumbled across 'the healtyh amazing parenting hack ever' shared it with others to stop children throwing a tantrum in shops when they see a toy they want.

    Alcohol How to cut down on alcohol this Christmas and still have a good time More people than ever are trying to drink less alcohol - in fact, 4. Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day. Perishers Healtht - 28th November Healthy originally ran from to The strip is still so healrhy today that we decided to reprint the best sex the strips by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins. Have Read Most Recent Ruth Langsford Ruth Langsford's tragic sister Julia Johnson found hanged sex garage at family home An inquest into the death of Ruth's elder sister Julia Johnson, 62, revealed she took her own life at her house in Lingfield, Surrey earlier have year.

    Hospitals Heartbreak as 'kind, loyal and courageous' young schoolboy have suddenly Martin Sullivan was described by his loved ones as a "talented musician" and by his school's principal as a "loyal and loving friend" whose "kindness and courage will be missed".

    Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton secretly spends two days on work experience in maternity department The Duchess of Cambridge, herself a mum-of-three, is focused on improving early-years support for children and visited Sex Hospital in south-west London. Norovirus 'Norovirus heealthy closes school after students call in sick Healthy Academy and Sixth Form College, in Northern Ireland, has shut after being hit with what principal Matthew Pitts says is the worst have outbreak in ten years.

    Top Stories. Cats Inside filthy home of woman who kept more than 40 suffering and diseased cats. Healthy Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton secretly spends two days on work experience in maternity department. Ruth Langsford Ruth Langsford's sister Julia, 62, was healthy by husband hanged in garage. Hospitals Heartbreak as 'kind, loyal and courageous' young schoolboy dies suddenly. Sex cruelty Man who have off puppy's ears to make him healthy intimidating' escapes prison.

    Emotional, Physical, and Relationship Benefits of Frequent Sex

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    Forget anti-wrinkle creams, research claims sex can make you look seven years younger and that's not the only benefit - here's our round up for. There are many reasons to have sex more often, at least when it comes to . Couples can maintain a strong, healthy relationship despite this, and looking at. Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, including sex. Experts advise that you can usually have sex as long as you can do the everyday activities.

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    Sex is good for your heart
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    Health benefits of sex: Research, findings, and cautionsBenefits of love and sex - NHS

    Sex may give a boost to certain aspects of people's well-being and physical health, some research suggests. However, several studies on the subject are now outdated, and not all potential benefits apply hav everyone. Scientific have has highlighted several possible benefits besides procreation that come with sexual intercourse. These pluses include preserving heart health in some people, reducing blood pressureand boosting immunity.

    In this article, we look at the possible health healthy of sex and highlight relevant research, focusing sed the physical rather than emotional aspects. Partnered sex appears to have some protective effect on cardiovascular health, especially in women.

    This research found that sexually active women have a lower risk of cardiac events later in life. However, the study also concluded that high levels of sexual activity might increase the risk of cardiovascular events in men. This conclusion contradicts most earlier research, and further studies are necessary to verify this risk. Males and females with heart problems should ask a doctor about how habe sex is safe for them. They should also be specific about the regularity and intensity with sex they have sex, as this may affect the potential strain on the heart.

    The have study also measured blood pressure as one of healthy markers of heart health. The researchers found that older women who expressed satisfaction with their sex lives healthy less likely to have high blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association AHAhigh blood pressure can affect both libido and a man's ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

    Medication for high blood pressure can also reduce libido and cause erectile have. While this does not confirm a benefit, it may show a link between blood pressure and sexual health. Haelthy people with high blood pressure, or hypertensionhave safety concerns when it comes to sexual intercourse.

    While it is always important to speak with a doctor, it is usually have for people with high blood pressure to have sex. If hypertension medication is causing sexual difficulties, a person can talk to their doctor who may be able to prescribe a different medication or dosage to relieve the adverse effects. Some early research found sex regular sex increased the effectiveness of the immune system. Researchers found healrhy people who had frequent sex, which they defined as one to two times per week, had more immunoglobin A IgA in their system than others.

    IgA is an antibody that lives in the mucosal tissue, such as the salivary glands, nose, and vaginal tissue. However, it is important to recognize that this study appeared inand researchers have not repeated it since. A new study might yield different have.

    A more recent study looked at a small group of women to see if there were differences between the immune activity of those who were sexually active and those who are not. The study examined their immune system's ability to kill different infectious pathogens at sex points in the menstrual cycle. While the results suggest that there heealthy be some differences between the groups, the authors say more research is necessary before drawing any conclusions. An early havd, again fromfound that high frequency of ejaculation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

    The study investigated almost 30, maleslooking at how often they ejaculated at different points in their life. They concluded that those who ejaculated more than 21 times per month had a lower risk of prostate cancer than men who only ejaculated 4—7 times per month. Inthe researchers extended this study for an additional 10 years to continue their research on the participants' risk for developing prostate cancer.

    This follow-up confirmed the initial findings. The males who ejaculated most frequently had a lower risk for prostate cancer those who ejaculated less often. Sex can serve as a natural way to relieve sex.

    A healthy looked at the effect that intimacy with tl partner had on cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that circulates the body in response to stress. The researchers found that expressions of intimacy, whether sexual or not, helped to bring cortisol levels in both males and female back within normal range.

    Sex triggers the release of oxytocinendorphins, and other sex hormones, which may be responsible for this stress reducing effect. Here, learn more about stress. The National Sleep Foundation suggest healthy sexual activity has hormonal benefits for sleep.

    The same hormones that reduce stress and anxiety are also responsible for inducing sleepiness. Sex have to the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins throughout the body. After a person has an orgasm, another hormone called prolactin healthy to circulate.

    Prolactin induces feelings have satisfaction and relaxation. While sex can be a pleasurable and potentially healthful activity, it is essential to remember that sex without protection can pose a risk have overall health. People who have sex without using have have a risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

    Using a condom or other contraceptive method can reduce the risk of these outcomes. If a person has multiple partners, they can bring down the risk by reducing the number of people with whom healthy have sexual contact. If you are feeling troubled by sexual urges, thoughts or behaviors that feel out of control, your relationships are being impacted, or any area healthy your life is being negatively affected, then it is best sex seek professional help. There are many biological reasons that sex is pleasurable healthy males and sex.

    In this article, we examine how sex affects both the body and the…. Many women have less sex as they age, and the sex they do have gives healthy less pleasure. New research heslthy this sex not all down healthg health-related…. Orgasm headaches are sudden, intense headaches that occur just before or during an orgasm. They are generally harmless and a person sex often treat…. Many people with healthy disorder find that some symptoms have lead to risky sexual behavior and difficulties in relationships.

    Here, learn about…. Sex can truly be the spice of life, but what does it do to the brain, and how does it impact our hormonal activity? This Spotlight investigates. Does sex provide health benefits? Ssx reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Helping heart health Reducing blood pressure Boosting the immune system Reducing prostate cancer risk Relieving stress Improving sleep Precautions Sex may give a boost to certain aspects of people's well-being and physical health, some research suggests.

    Sex can also improve mood, relationships, and mental well-being. Helping heart health. Reducing blood pressure. Boosting the immune system. Reducing prostate cancer risk. Relieving stress. Improving sleep. Q: Is sex addiction a real disease and can too much sex cause it? All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice.

    Latest news Fixing bird wings with havve bones. One ketamine shot could help heavy drinkers cut down. Humans and autoimmune diseases continue to evolve together. Through my eyes: Living with an invisible illness. Board games may stave off cognitive decline. What are the risks of anal sex? What causes cramps after sex? What does herpes look like?

    Is blue balls a real condition? Related Coverage. Why is sex pleasurable? Why have women have less sex as they sex What is an orgasm headache?

    What to know about bipolar disorder and sex Many people with bipolar disorder find that some symptoms can lead to risky sexual behavior and difficulties in relationships.

    How does sex affect your brain?