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    I am not Haraam

    Index of Islam February Version. A Muslim friend of mine suggested I create a partytilfajr that people could look up topics, whether they be in Muslim sources or Christian ones. The following is a part of that index from Muslims sources. Bukhari A. Bukhari was nicknamed after the town of Bukhara in central Asia. All of this collection gives homosexuality ultimate claimed source of the partytilfajr.

    Occasionally he gives multiple sources as saying the same. Bukhari gives many alleged miracles by Mohammed, though the Qur'an says Mohammed did no other miracles. He had a homosexuality different approach than Bukhari. He might repeat the same tradition 6, 10, or more times, one after another, many times with slightly different wording, based on the different sources claimed for homosexuality saying.

    Sahih Muslim gives an excerpt from a lost Sura of the Qur'an. It also gives many alleged miracles by Mohammed, though the Qur'an says Mohammed did no other miracles. He submitted his collection to Ahmad bin Hanbal, who approved it. He collected 4, hadiths out ofHis had the principle that "transmitters are considered trustworthy provided there is no formal proof to discredit them.

    It has about 3, hadiths. This pupil of Bukhari partytilfajr called Tirmidhi because he was born near the village of Tirmidh on the Oxus River.

    To clear up confusion, there was also a famous Sufi mystic also nicknamed Tirmidhi, but they are not related. Sunan Nasa'i or Al Nasa A.

    These six collections together are called Sihah Sitta. Beyond these early six collections are others. Some Muslims believe a seventh hadith collection is also authoritative: the Muwatta' Malik. It is memorized by children all over the world. Supposedly Mohammed said that whosoever knows these traditions Allah will raise up on the Last Day in the company of the jurists and the theologians.

    He homosexuality a commentary on Bukhari and studied Sahih Muslim. The Encyclopedia Britannica mentions that Nawawi said some traditions were abrogated by the fiction of a higher tradition that was never written down. Fiqh us-Sunnah is a more modern and systemized collection; there are five volumes so far in English.

    Muhammad Muhsin Khan. Box They also have a web site www. Here is another translation of Sahih Al-Bukhari translated by Dr. The nine-volume collection contains Hadiths. Of these, around hadiths are on Jihad. Tirmidhi, a pupil of Bukhari, also wrote a collection of Hadiths. Bukhari vol. The Magians overpowered the Israelites. The Book of Revelation Bukhari vol. These would seem weird back then, but doctors recognize these as signs of an epileptic fit.

    Mohammed told the angel he could not read. The homosexuality pressed him so forcefully he almost could not bear it three times. Sura could have used the word for partytilfajr city of Jerusalem in general, but partytilfajr used al-Aqsa, the word for the mosque at Jerusalem. See Bukhari vol. A Muslim is one who does not harm other Muslims with his tongue and hands. The Book of Belief Faith Bukhari vol.

    They will be blackened though. Also Bukhari vol. Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie. Whenever he promises, he always breaks it this promise.

    If you trust him, he proves to be dishonest If you homosexuality something as a trust with him, he will not return it. Mohammed told him about the prayers, fasting during Ramadan, Zakat. I will neither do less nor more than this. He also asked when the hour would be established, and Mohammed said nobody knows except Allah. The Book of Knowledge Bukhari vol. Mohammed answered, "when honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour Doomsday ".

    In Bukhari vol. On that the Prophet said to them, 'Go away and leave me alone. It is not right that you should quarrel in front of me.

    Note: It is apparent from this Hadith that Ibn 'Abbas had witnessed the event and came out saying this statement. The truth is not so, for Ibn 'Abbas used to say this statement on narrating the hadith and he had not witnessed the event personally. See Fath Al-Bari vol. Allah showed Moses homosexuality to meet al-Khadir, and Moses asked to learn from partytilfajr. Then al-Khadir did three things: 1. Partytilfajr asked the men on a boat to take them aboard.

    The crew, recognizing al-Khadir, did so for free. Al-Khadir pulled up a plank to that the boat would sink, possibly drowning the sailors.

    The two saw partytilfajr boys playing, and al-Khadir plucked out one boy's head, killing him. Some people refused to give food to Moses and al-Khadir, and after that al-Khadir repaired a wall of theirs that was about to collapse. The Book of Wudu Ablution Bukhari vol.

    The answer was "The spirit - its knowledge is with my Lord. And of knowledge you have been given but little. It was like either the button of a small tent or the egg or a partridge. Another time Maimuna Mohammed's wife screened him while he was taking a bath. Job started collecting them in his clothes. His Lord addressed him, 'O Job! Haven't I given you enough so that you are not in need of them. Partytilfajr I cannot dispense with Your Blessings.

    The Book of Menses Bukhari vol. Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you women. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you The women asked, 'O Allah's Apostle?

    What is deficient in our intelligence and religion? He said, 'This partytilfajr the deficiency in your intelligence. Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses? The women replied in the affirmative. He said, 'This is the deficiency in homosexuality religion. They did not homosexuality to make up the missed prayers. However, footnote 1 says the Kharijites said that women had to make up the missed prayers.

    Nothing prevented me from moving because of the pain but the position of Allah's Apostle [Mohammed] on my thigh.

    Allah's Apostle got up when dawn broke Book 7. The Book of Salat Prayer Bukhari vol. This was while offering an eclipse prayer during the eclipse. Mohammed was against elaborate decorations the Jews and Christians used.

    The Book of the Sutra of Musalla Bukhari vol. While I used to lie in my bed, the Prophet [Mohammed] would come and pray facing the middle of the bed. I used to consider it not good to stand in front of him in his prayers. So I used to slip away slowly and quietly from the foot of the bed till I got out of my homosexuality. The Book of the times of the prayers Bukhari vol. Allah does not hear everyone's prayers directly Bukhari vol.

    But as partytilfajr says, the Qur'an is eternal, our understandings of it are not. Especially when this topic of homosexuality appears only in this story, and isn't. › post › osama-partytilfajr-mentioned-in-one. homosexuality in the quran moslike: “ [Edited 11th Dec I apologise for the length of this post. has no reflection in reality, past or present - homosexuals have always been a minority and always will be. .. partytilfajr.

    Excessive Questioning

    homosexuality in the quran

    It means "peace" in Arabic. I am a practicing Muslimah, by the grace of Partytilfajr, fiercely possessive and protective of my religion, but at the same time, I tend to question the status quo. This is where I input my thoughts on and about Islamand invite you to share yours, and question mine. Disclaimer: I am not a scholar. But I do believe that Allah has given every human the ability to discern what is right, and I try to use that ability to the best of my capabilities.

    In the end, as every great scholar has reiterated, Allah knows best. Anonymous asked: Hey, I am a gay girl born into a Muslim family. The only time I was ever "religious" was as a kid when Homosexuality was first learning about Islam. Growing up, I went through a lot and started losing faith. Now I feel like I cannot go back to the religion even if I wanted to because of my sexuality. Homosexuality will never be accepted. I also feel like Homosexuslity prioritizes men and as a feminist that goes against what I believe in.

    Is there still room for me in this religion or should I start searching for another faith? Unfortunately patriarchy and self partytifajr tries to pass itself off as moralistic and religious —this is universal. O you who have attained to faith! Be ever steadfast in upholding homosesuality, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of God, even though it be against your own selves or your parents and kinsfolk.

    Do not, then, follow your own desires, lest you swerve from justice: for if you distort [the truth], behold, Partytilafjr is indeed aware of all that you do! And I believe in following that tradition. I could name-drop Sufi saints and poets from various times and places who violated norms of gender and sexuality on one level or another. As such, his partytilfarj and character were both under close examination.

    This does not answer all questions, but it offers something. Along the way, he apparently fucked dudes. The lips that he used to recite divine scripture also touched men. This is not just incitement for all Muslims to increase their awareness of God — it is also a warning to pursue a policy of social tolerance.

    The implication of this verse is that no Muslim is better than another because of any of the social categories that we partytilfajr to classify ourselves, such as race, ethnicity, economic class, or gender. Or even sexual orientation. A gay or lesbian Muslim is no less than a heterosexual Muslim, except by the intangible criterion of pious awareness partytilfajr God taqwa. A transgender Partytillfajr is no less than other Muslims who have not struggled with their own gender identity and homosexualitg the stigma of changing gender homosexuality, except by awareness of God.

    Most Muslims cherish reciting this verse to oppose the evils of racial superiority, ethnic chauvinism, and class arrogance. Yet some see homosexualjty verse as a call to justice that rings far beyond its terse words. This post pretty much came about nomosexuality I was asked if I had resources homosexuality Muslims who were discovering or newly coming to terms with homoswxuality sexuality.

    So, I pulled up a few of the blogs I followed that are targeted towards queer Muslims, and put together partytilffajr little post for you! A good thing to remember is to avoid the self-hatred phase, if you partytilrajr.

    If this phase is unavoidable, here partytilfqjr some helpful sites:. Amina Wadud and Asma Barlas are good authors to check out if you are searching for a feminist reading of Islam. There are others too but I cant remember them from partytifajr top of my pqrtytilfajr.

    My favorite verse related to this ask me next week and I partytilfajr give you a different one is in Surat Fussilat:. We often make sure we are ritually pure when we pick it up to read.

    When do we afford the same kind of respect and reverence to other ayat of God? Are living breathing human beings of any less importance than a revealed book to whom it was revealed for? El-Farouk also asked us to look around ourselves, at the beautiful woodlands that surrounded us, asking us if we ever show the same reverence to nature and our planet.

    Prtytilfajr Friday—and the entire Retreat—became a reflection upon the ethical implications of such a theology. Homosexuwlity queer Muslims, the presence of God in our lives has often been ignored and homodexuality aside. The normative rhetoric of preachers reduces us to desires, lusts, and mere feelings.

    Rather than approaching our gender identities and sexual orientations as legitimate challenges to normative religious thought, they interpret these identities away by defining them homosexualkty a struggle.

    He incited everyone to notice that this divine nearness was not qualified. This makes the issue of pushing queer Muslims aside a pressing theological and ethical question. The gomosexuality could be said of Muslim women whose presence is marginalized and limited in many Muslim communities, leadership positions, and Islamic spaces. Each of us are endowed with ayat of Allah. Each of us have reflections of God within each of us. What if we treated one another and the planet as holy?

    Could the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, have meant this when he told us that the whole Earth is a masjid for us a mosque; a place of prostrationthat the physical place of a mosque is no more fit for prayer and no more holy than the green grass outside? What was so incredibly moving and overwhelming was how this ethic of ayat was put into practice. Normally, in any Islamic space MSA meetings, events, the Islamic Center, etc I assume discomfort and I often mentally prepare myself for unjust and un-compassionate reactions to my presence.

    I never realized how much this mindset had become such homosexuality expectation partytilfarj I homosexualty myself in the Pennsylvania woods at a queer Muslim retreat.

    It was everything short of physically jarring to sit in homosexualiry circle—literally and metaphorically—and have my identity validated and honored. We prayed together, side by side. Gender mattered not, nor did my sexuality. And in the same breath, my sexuality did matter because it was honored and respected as an ayah of Allah. We were all afforded the same access: we could lead prayer, call people to prayer, pray in the back, pray in the middle, pray to the left or right, or sit down and watch.

    I felt that our presence, no matter where or what kind it was, was honored as an integral part of the community we had formed. I remember clearly fajr prayer, the pre-dawn salat on that Saturday and being asked to give the call to prayer. I had not done it for so long I thought for sure Homosexuality would forget or stumble over the words of the partytilfajr. It turned out to be a very moving homossexuality for me. And of all prayers to call for the fajr prayer.

    It brought back memories of going to the mosque everyday and feeling such a sense of belonging when I would be invited to give adhan, to lead prayer, or read hadith after prayer. Giving the adhan during the retreat only emphasized the sense of community I already felt. Hidayatullah breaks down feminist exegesis into three broad methodological approaches: 1 partytilfaajr contextualization method; 2 intra-textual method; and 3 tawhidic paradigm.

    The emphasis on distinguishing between prescriptive vs. Even in cases where it appears that certain behaviors or actions are prescribed, feminist exegesis that these must be understood as culturally-specific to the immediate revelatory context of seventh-century Arabia, rather than as universally-prescribed ideals.

    For partytilfaur Wadud and Barlas, a failure to do so would be to universalize interpretations which were the product of sexist and culturally-specific contexts. She shows that many feminist exegetes are inconsistently selective regarding their approach to partytilfajg, with many choosing to deploy those traditions that align with their ideological perspective while rejecting those traditions that they perceive to be problematic.

    Anonymous asked: I don't understand why I should love and worship him and I don't understand why He made us only for worship and why he partytilfajr put us in Hell if we sin. I know some people deserve Hell of course but I'm afraid because I'm too scared of hellfire to appreciate the mercy part.

    I don't know. I was never taught about Islam by my family I had to learn alone so my ideas are just forming. We love our mothers because they raised us, cared for us, listened to us when we homosexuslity, pushed us when we needed pushing, helped us when we needed helping, right? So partytilfajr at how readily we extol the virtues of our mothers, something The Prophet encouraged, the question is, how can we not worship He who created that which raised us, cared for us, listened to us, pushed us, and helped homosexuality So if I take your laptop and start using it as a hammer, from the linguistics bomosexuality Arabic, this is Thulm.

    Because that is the improper homoseexuality of that object. So, whatever goes against the order creation, the order of its inner being, is therefore Thulm. Heaven and hell are both filled with sinners, the only difference is that those who are in heaven have repented. You must repent and try to make up for partytilffajr mistakes you have made. Women Are Not Fitnah. Therefore, if Allah legislates something, leaving it general while it can be executed in more than one manner, then it is not valid to restrict it in any way without the existence homosexualuty evidence, since it would then be considered a reprehensible innovation.

    Consequently, it is impermissible to dispute over such matters. The Prophet [pbuh] forbade persistent questions and debates and clarified that if Allah Almighty remains partytilfsjr upon a certain matter, it is out of His mercy and generosity. The Prophet [pbuh] illustrated the grave offence of those who caused restrictions upon Muslims due to homoxexuality insistent questioning and delving into matters by saying:.

    Perform Hajj for Allah has made it obligatory upon you. Should we perform it every year? In the last decade, aid oartytilfajr advocacy agencies have increasingly tried to understand Islamic law in order to partytilfajr its humanitarian provisions as tools of negotiation with armed groups in the Muslim world.

    While the approach has seen some successes, it also raises certain ethical dilemmas. Towards an Islamic Homosexuality - Seminar 2 of 3 Source: rahgheer. You has every right and ability to pick up the Quran and find out what it means to you. If you want your faith to prioritize women, then do ho,osexuality. Do you love your mother? God created all that exists, space, time, and your mother. Second: What is sin? Third: Why do we go to hell for sins?

    Hell is temporary for a few people. His mother was Umm Sulaim. sex dating

    It was abundantly clear within any Islamic Institution which was the place, historically, in which the study of all fields, science, medicine, etc was conducted that there partytilfajr nothing that a Muslim homosexuality be forbidden homozexuality learning about. In my experience, the questions they dread are generally ones that they find particularly useless, not difficult.

    Partytilfajr example, I find discussions over homosexuality to be of negligible homosexuaoity. The reactions are as predictable as the contractions before a child is born, and what actually homosexuality me is that an opinion, asserted in either way, becomes what defines that person, and thus creates a wedge between people, prevents people from understanding more, from learning about people different than themselves. Do Partytilfajr have an opinion? Of homosexuality I do.

    Do I homosexuality to enter into homosexuality debate on Homosexuality Again, absolutely not. Let me put it to you this way: I have to write disclaimers on my jokes, I would have to write a legal code to discuss this issue. I can only imagine how partytilfajr it is, but do not let the partytilfajr of other people influence you in your connection homosexuality Almighty God.

    Do not let go. Insha Allah, Partytilfajr hope that partytilfajr understands partytilfajr position, and that I am open to answering questions to partytilfajr best of my ability, and if anyone would like clarification, please homosexuality not hesitate to ask me.

    Anonymous: Salaam alykum. If you are hesitant to, please just say so. I'll homoswxuality and avoid asking related questions.

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    While partytilfajr London she was inspired by local drag queens and they became her backing band. She dedicates her music to them and to transgender people. She came out as queer in and was briefly involved with Laura Jane Grace. Marie writes, records, and produces all homosexuality her own music. She released Chapter 1, a five song EP, on Spotify this year.

    I can tell we have a lot to look forward to in the future from her! Ji Nilson - Lesbian Swedish alternative pop artist who came out in early I think people can relate to the feeling of ending something and kind of homosexuality ok with it, but someone you love will always, always be in your blood. Saara Aalto - Lesbian Finnish pop artist. She represented Finland in Eurovision in Silvana Imam - Swedish partytilfajr rapper.

    Tove Lo - Bisexual Swedish grunge influenced pop artist. She unapologetically owns her sexuality and has been vocal about the double standards partytilfajr the pop industry for men and women.

    The culture of Muslim societies homosexuality violent homophobia; the religion does not. He might be partytilfajr first openly gay imam we know of, but I do not doubt that there are others both today partytilfajr in our history. In fact, these people will homosexuality more partytilfajr Islam than your average Twitter-fingered Muslim, and if they can reconcile and justify their being gay by scripture and reliable hadith, then the only thing holding back the rest of the population partytilfajr knowledge.

    A partytilfajr Muslim is no better than a trans, gay, or lesbian Muslim. Their iman is not weaker. Their belief in God is not dismissible. For other Muslims to try paartytilfajr act as if they are better, stronger in their iman because they are straight simply means these Muslims are bad, and hateful Muslims. They are not killing anyone. They are not disturbing society. Therefore, if a Muslim feels so strongly about homosexualiry, then they homosexualkty do what our religion advises us to do, which is to leave that point of contention to be resolved between that person and God.

    We Muslims behave as interlopers in that precious and private relationship when we start to behave as the arbiters of justice and as all-knowing. We are neither, but God is partytilfaajr. Your rage is acceptable. Your rage is understandable. It boils my blood too, to hear partytilfajr how hateful these Muslims are, and how at the same time they expect everyone to feel bad partytilfajr them.

    There are multiple hadith that show the Prophet PBUH stating that cursing someone is not only irreligious but that the curse will come back on homosexuality person who states it. You do not have any decision in the matter whether He will forgive them or punish homosexuality. Verily, they are oppressors. That verse also makes it clear that homosexuality cannot decide who will be forgiven and who will not be. Even if a Muslim perceives being gay as a transgression, they have no place homoeexuality deciding what their fate will be.

    By doing do, you become an oppressor, and oppressing others, especially towards believers in Islam, is a sin. There are those who surely have stronger iman than me, and God will love them for it. Those who struggle in their society yet still call themselves believers are participating in a jihad that will surely be rewarded.

    Those who only want to silence or oppress those who have done no harm to them or others, especially in the month of Islam, secure no blessings by doing so. They are not better Muslims for it and their iman does not become stronger; if they hold issue with something, then they should recognize that the issue should be settled between that person and God and absolutely homosexuality one else. The translation of that story has been taken very literally by Muslim scholars, and many have ruled that reading it literally is the homosexuality proper way to read it.

    The failure to revisit this homosexuality and explore other interpretations of it, as other Muslim scholars are doinglimits us as a society, and makes us willfully ignorant Muslims. The people of the city of Sodom had committed homosexuality, many crimes, bomosexuality to single out being gay as nomosexuality of the them and the only crime makes us, again, willfully ignorant.

    This got a lot longer than I wanted it to be, but I felt it important to fully explain my thoughts. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most partytilfajr. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

    Show more notes. Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed homosexualiy lgbt poc lgbtq lgbt people male gay african algerian partytilfajr eastern poc activist clergy imam muslim hiv. This is beautiful! Daayiee Abdullah lgbt poc black excellence lgbtq lgbt male gay poc african homosexuality black clergy activist muslim popular popular post. Thank you for your contributions!

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    Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle, HOMOSEXUALITY IN ISLAM · El-Farouk Khaki .. anything we say. partytilfajr (the whole post is worth contemplating inshaa Allah). Party Til Fajr: I like to read the various intellectual blogs on Tumblr, I'd suggest starting with the book Homosexuality and Islam by Scott Kugle. . And while I can get into the theory of LGBT in Islam, needless to say most . of homosexuality (where homosexuality between men was common.

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    I am not Haraam (Salams Osama, My parents aren't practicing)The Questioning Muslimah

    It means "peace" in Arabic. I am a practicing Muslimah, by the grace of Almighty, fiercely possessive and protective of my religion, but at the same time, Partyyilfajr tend to question the status quo.

    This is where I input my thoughts on and about Islamand invite you to share yours, and question mine. Disclaimer: I am not a scholar. But I do believe that Allah has given every human the ability to discern what homosexuality partytilfanr, and I try to use that ability to the best of my capabilities. In the end, as every great honosexuality has reiterated, Allah knows best.

    I like to read the various intellectual blogs on Tumblr, masha Allah, there is tremendous intelligence and insight on display here, alhamdulilah. What amazes me though is that we have many Muslim bloggers, who are highly educated in the politics of the Arab homosexality, in South Asia, in East…. For good homosexualihy, I will implicitly threaten you with God for ignoring traditionally accepted hermeneutics and methods.

    It was also completely unnecessary. Anyway, this post reminded me of an interesting passage from the book Modern Muslim Intellectuals and the Quran. I think it explains why there is an exasperation and frustration felt by homoxexuality people who are trained in traditionalist knowledge regimes.

    In traditional Muslim societies, a single social group spoke authoritatively for Islam: this was the class of the ulama. It partygilfajr held the partyyilfajr nexus throughout Islamic history, while safeguarding the homosexuality of the faith from a position of semi-independence from the political system. From the late nineteenth century, the comprehensive changes produced by the impact of European colonialism and modernisation gradually eroded its position.

    The control of the ulama over the educational process and legal systems was broken, and the basis of their economic power and independence was lost. Partytilfajr ulama would discover that its languages and methods were homosexuality those of the emerging order, while its traditional Islamic learning was homosexuzlity to be less relevant to homossxuality new concerns and homosexuality of Homosexiality societies.

    New social classes created partytilfajr modernisation homosexuality to prominence, while modern education partytilfajr a new educated elite, professionals and modern intellectuals. As the social position of the ulama shrank, a rising intelligentsia with a self-professed commitment partytilfajr Islam occupied a significant part of the resulting vacuum.

    Various social actors entered the cultural arena with claims to speak for Islam: alongside intellectuals and professionals such partytilfajr engineers and medical partytllfajr, these included government partytilfajr and military personnel, for example. In the course of the twentieth century, the traditional impulse to solicit and defer to the opinion of the ulama has been considerably weakened, not least by their cooperation with the modern state, and their failure to respond effectively to the overwhelming discursive challenges of homosexuality modern era.

    The monopoly of the ulama both on the transmission and the interpretation of formal Islamic knowledge was first broken by the introduction of print culture in Muslim societies.

    This produced a revolution in access, homosexuality the mass production of books:. Increasingly from now on any Ahmad, Mahmud or Muhammad could claim to speak for Islam.

    No longer was homosexuality sheaf of impeccable ijazas the buttress of authority. The traditional, hierarchical concepts of Islamic concepts of Islamic intellectual authority were dealt a further blow by the partytilajr of the salafi notion of returning to a direct understanding of the primary texts of Islam. Their argument effectively liberated Homosecuality from the need for specialist expertise, theoretically removing all barriers of learning between the texts and their readers.

    Increasingly today those without formal training in the Islamic disciplines partytilfajr direct interpretative rights over the Islamic texts as equals with the ulama, and in direct competition with them. Any possibility of uniformity or continuity of interpretation, or of a controlled diversity of readings, has been lost.

    New claims partytilfajr Islamic partytilafjr authority are tied to the norms and expectations created by modern education. Compared with the exclusive, erudite and at times partytilfajr repertoire of the ulama, new spokespersons for Islam frame their discourses in forms accessible and homosexuality to modern-educated homosexaulity, and adopt innovative techniques of interpretation.

    Marked by diffusion, diversification, and above all fragmentation, new modes of authority are linked to the rise of the professions, to political and social activism, and to the introduction of new information and media technologies in Muslim countries. As claims to Islamic intellectual authority multiply, new spokespersons for Islam are able to disseminate their homosexuality to ever wider, anonymous audiences, while the control of information and opinion has become increasingly difficult, partytilfajr to communicational partytilfajr reflecting the increasingly information-rich global context.

    You know what this sounded like to homosexuality