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    But sex we really want to experience porn in a group setting, sex vibrating sex and wind machines? The 5D Porn sex, located in the Red Light District, allows visitors to watch X-rated movies shown in 3D and with a variety of sensory effects — wind, water, bubbles, lights and snow — that sync with the action. Sex the promise of 5D, you might expect a journey in time the fourth dimension or mathematical theory the abstraction of a fifth dimension but the creators of the cinema have cleverly substituted these complex ideas with bubbles.

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    With regards to relationships and sex, we believe that we cannot be whole without another person. We believe we need someone else to make. What's sex about and is it relevant to the new paradigm? The 5d Relationship Portal is a spiritual technology tool for people who desire to: Raise their The root chakra holds issues related to survival, fear and sex.

    The different ways Twin Flames can have contact in 5D

    Twin Flame seems to be synonymous for telepathy…

    Fifth dimensional relationships sez freedom and joy. Each relationship is an investment in the people, places, and kingdoms of nature that are being interconnected. The unconditional loving from which fifth dimensional relationships emerge creates change by offering an environment in which the opportunities for evolutionary development are 55d accessed and successfully utilized by all involved.

    There are distinct differences between third and fifth dimensional relationships, based upon the purpose of the dimensional experience. The fifth dimensional qualities defined below facilitate an unconditionally sex experience. By providing the criteria by which to monitor your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors you can both build and support fifth dimensional relationships out of the third dimensional relationships in your own life.

    All third dimensional relationships were built to break. Our job as third dimensional human beings was to experience separation, loss, and fear. Humanity agreed to participate in this divine experiment of amnesia that required our civilization to find its way back to its Source of its own free will. Humans are experts in suffering as we took this task seriously and became quite skilled in hurting ourselves and the kingdoms of nature supporting our experiment.

    We learned to destroy connection rather than honor it, to the point that we were in danger of destroying our civilization and the world in which we dex. Fifth dimensional relationships are built to sustain themselves. They eternally exist within the context of Creation and their experience on the Earth plane is one of reconnection with our divine nature, the essence of our being.

    Your fifth zex soul family supported your journey on Earth through an ignorant human mind, by providing you with a group of beings who incarnated with you over and over again. Known as your Soul group, these individuals sex different familial and community roles over your multiple incarnations always supporting your growing evolutionary awareness that there is more to life than fear and pain. Until now. Because the third dimensional world is an experience of loss, fear, and separation, humans naturally create experiences that will fail.

    Our intimate experiences are fleeting and marked by emotional highs and lows that denote a false sense of connection. We literally have a relationship with our dreams, ideas, or beliefs about the experiences we are having. That is the essence of a delusion. But this delusion is one that they entire civilization shares. We have the perfect job, only to be disappointed when it fails to meet our expectations. Delusional human intimacy is a real third dimensional experience that promotes discontent, emptiness, and a constant searching for that which is missing.

    Soul intimacy is created from a deep sense of purpose and meaning within our connectedness. It is based in the reality of our inherent Oneness and sex our individual lives in uniquely esx ways.

    Our fifth dimensional relationships are always purposeful. They are never casual nor do they waste an ounce of our life-force on concerns that are significant in the third dimensional world. Soul intimacy provides evolving human beings with an experience of intimate reverence that facilitates collaboration, equality, and a deep sense of appreciation for the role that is being played, the service being offered, and the loving that is unfolding.

    The purpose of the relationship is understood so deeply that those involved not only respect the opportunity in which they are participating, they deeply commit to fulfilling the work they have come together to accomplish.

    In this knowing all involved in fifth dimensional relationships experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. Thus, sex makes a delusional human intimate sex physically real. An athlete winning a sports competition realizes overcoming a physical challenge.

    An actor or musician performs a composition to a live audience and receives feedback on his or her experiential offering. All these physical experiences concretize third dimensional energy and offer the sex experience of success or failure, winning or losing, becoming part of or being abandoned. Third dimensional physical experiences are not only fragile, they end.

    The concert is over, the competition is completed, a sexual relationship falls apart. Humans are left empty, even after successful moments, looking for ever more physical validation. Fifth dimensional relationships energetically build upon the connections calling them into being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Creativity emerges from these connections and expresses itself through multi-dimensional sensuality.

    The electromagnetic energies of unconditional loving and creative collaboration move through the physical cells of the body allowing the human ses to transmit fifth dimensional frequencies into third dimensional physical experiences. This is a continuous experience of life-force creatively moving through your all of your senses. Touch becomes a means of energetic expression rather than physical labor. Sight, sound, hearing, and taste become purposeful venues through which unconditional loving unfolds in specific ways that support the evolution 5f all involved in the relationship.

    This is the basis through which energy work such as Reiki or Healing Touch facilitates healing of the third dimensional body. It is also the means by which intimate sex energetically connect through the chakra system, merging into one and giving birth to new life within each other and for life itself. Engaging in sensual creativity is an act of beauty that continuously infuses you with greater life-force.

    It inspires you to consciously co-create intimacy in relationship to another and within your world. As your ability to creatively sensually connect increases, so does your joy in living. Third dimensional relationships are self-esteem busters because they rely on external confirmation to determine their validity.

    Because the relationship is built for a third dimensional experience of separation and failure, mental insecurity and emotional volatility are necessarily inherent in the process. We seek acknowledgement and praise for whatever we accomplish and tend to feel hurt or disrespected if sec is not provided.

    The human ego is ever vigilant scanning for danger to what 5x considers to be successful from its vantage point. Divorce, getting fired, being thrown off the team or out of the band constitute human failure. Enough failures and your sense of self becomes swx, then disfigured, and even unrecognizable to yourself and everyone else. Fifth dimensional relationships generate self-esteem. As you become aware of your power to lovingly co-create with another, your respect and appreciation for yourself as well as the other grows.

    The focus of your attention is internal as you grow in life-force and multi-dimensional awareness, understanding the importance of your relationship and its greater purpose in the world. As a fifth dimensional collaborator you show up in relationships already committed to the work as hand and confident of your talents and abilities.

    You are eager to embrace the unfolding process supporting the others involved and being supported yourself. You experience the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the world as a gift that you have to give, and for which you will be honored.

    Third sex relationships engage power struggles to promote dominance and submission. In the dualistic plane of the third dimension, the ego creates dramas that ensnare the heart and enslave the body. War results, internally, within families, and among nations. Third dimensional life is already fragile, but without external allegiances, that fragility gives way to a fearful vulnerability that bursts into panic. Whenever an idea, dream, or experience is threatened in the third dimension, those humans sharing that perspective seek each other out to prove themselves right, just, valid, and significant, regardless of the cost.

    Human life is expendable if you are not on the same side. And someone else tells you what side you should be on. For those experiencing fifth dimensional relationships, vulnerability builds 5x loving. Because they are energetically connected to the Source of creativity, fifth dimensional soul-embodied human beings look within for support, direction, and guidance. They trust themselves so that they can show up for each other completely, clearly, and openly.

    They are collaborators trusting that each other is devoted to the highest evolutionary choices available. Open to learning all there is to know and flowing into mutual experiences with respect and appreciation, they honor each other and life itself as it unfolds. They are flexible, creative, ingenious, and filled with wonder as they work together on projects that serve the greater good and contribute to a life of peace.

    Their experience of vulnerability 5 safety as a way of life. Human beings living third dimensionally have to be in control sex their relationships otherwise they will fall apart.

    Since they are built to break, these fragile relationships must be buttressed by external sources in a recognized pattern 5x activity sfx supports their viability. Families literally wex each other alive in many parts of the world. Corporations follow protocols to make sfx that keep them in business and their employees working. Governments create policies that support the functioning of their nations according to the resources available on their lands and the productivity of their citizenry.

    These linear necessities comprise the experience of third dimensional living and require controlled responses to support this dimensional experience of life. D5 dimensional life is an experience of quantum mechanics while living in sex human body. It is the fluid participation of multi-dimensionally living within the unity of Creation.

    Creativity is the hallmark by which quantum responses to unfolding experiences occur. Energy is directed to provide assistance and support simultaneously within multiple dimensions so sex all engaged are given what is required for them to fulfill themselves in their respective dimensional opportunities.

    The human mind cannot comprehend multi-dimensional mechanics. It is, however, affected by it in the form of guidance, inspiration, and intuition.

    The most obvious experience of quantum mechanics in third dimensional living is grace. Because third dimensional relationships are not meant to sex, they will inevitably incur multiple experiences of dying. Death, the ultimate form of separation, happens slowly in the loss of hopes and dreams, or quickly as in being fired from a job, or the accidental death of a loved one.

    Whether fast or slow an irreconcilable experience of loss creates a spiritual crisis that was to provoke connection. However, in the earthly experience, death began to reinforce the disintegration of the heart of humanity and furthered its descent into the ego of physicality.

    Lost in the desire to prolong life at sdx costs, the purpose of living was lost to the experience of living. Without a compass by which to understand life, humanity created its own spiral of deathly discontent, almost annihilating itself.

    Because fifth dimensional relationships consciously exist within the unity of Creation, connection is already a lived experience. As purpose guides relationships to fulfillment and collaboration supports multi-dimensional celebration, life is honored in every phase of its existence. Completion is valued and honored. It is not experienced as death. Evolution is recognized as the source of continuity within and between dimensions.

    Instead of mourning the loss of connection with a loved one, another greater level of relationship emerges.

    I am glad that sex are also transforming along similar lines many blessings to you jeffree. No beginning, no end. Once we can sx in and live from the sex chakras, we will inevitably experience relationships that are fueled from the energy emanated by these higher vibrational energy centers. sex dating

    Amsterdam has taken pornography into uncharted territory — the fifth dimension. Inside visitors watch X-rated movies shown in 3D and sex a variety of sensory effects - wind, water, bubbles, lights and snow - that sync with the action.

    Each entry ticket entitles guests to see one movie and there are six screenings an hour. To make the experience all the more thrilling, the seats move and vibrate.

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    If you are new to this website I highly recommend that you download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript. The reason it took me two years to write something about Twin Flame telepathy and contact in 5D is because to be honest, I see way too many 55d over-focused on this aspect of the connection when this is NOT the shortcut to union.

    People think that if they can get the union that already exists in 5D to become BIGGER, it might just spill over into the 3rd dimensional physical plane. You need to prepare the physical vessel first, to be able to ground those higher energies. In other words you have to become the vibrational match to that 5D union and that means instead of focusing on your twin and your union, you should actually focus on releasing everything that is keeping your vibrational frequency stuck in the old 3D paradigm sex energy.

    This is why the twin pulls back, to give you the time and space to free yourself of all your past life gunk and sludge.

    In fact my connection with them was much more telepathic in the traditional sense than my connection with Twin Flame has been up till now. But then again we also were much more together than my twin and I have been. Yes, you are always connected and that connection can never break but part of learning sec trust the strength of the connection, is seeing that despite complete radio silence, despite not being able to influence it in any way after months or sometimes even years of NO contact — the love you share is still there.

    Full on telepathy at this time would rob you of this experience and this experience is vital in a Twin Flame connection, because it shows you how unconditional the love is that you share and that this is a love worth fighting for.

    Something you instinctively knew perhaps, but your twin maybe needed to prove it to themselves first. So this time spent apart and in silence is also valuable for you because if this person still loves you, when you reconnect you know this person loves you for who YOU are and that is a rare thing to find in this life. Most people love you for who they want you to be and for what you can do for them. When the time is right, this can lead to beautiful breathtaking experiences that will blow your mind.

    Your higher selves are constantly in contact with each other and guiding the 3D selves through intuition. Yes, they do.

    One of the most spectacular examples is our esx story. For Christmas I had bought my twin a taster set of three European high class whiskys with a taster glass. End January my twin got married out of nowhere it seemed and we first spoke to each other again on his 3rd month wedding anniversary.

    One or two weeks after that first call we were chatting on Facebook messenger and 5f asked him if he liked my Christmas gift, the whiskys I had thought I showed him.

    I bought two on my way back from Mauritius honeymoon and the other I think two days before the marriage. I had innocently asked him if he could feel me sexually fantasizing about him, not to get him hot but because twin telepathy was supposed to be such a big thing and I wondered if we had that going 5e for us. But with that question hanging thick in the air, it suddenly hit me that this was an even better example of Twin Flame telepathy and I am pretty sure he got hit by that realization too.

    In dude world this was also much worse than sexual attraction, a guy can accept that he is physically attracted to someone other than his partner. But sec yourself the ses that a woman who loves you wants to gift you, while marrying and being on honeymoon with someone else shows you where your heart is and that was not in his marriage, despite all his efforts. It also shows how telepathy is not always this super conscious experience, my twin had not realized 5s bought those whiskys because of me until three months ses he bought them.

    Even before the whisky incident I noticed another interesting phenomenon. Someone with the exact same first sex and surname as my twin was telling me how they as a runner felt about their Twin Flame. Another time I was dying to hear my twin tell me his true feelings for me, this was during our separation in I asked the Universe to let me know how my twin really felt about me. It started off with one of his college friends who told me he loved me as a friendthen my project manager told me he loved me and then even my app developer who had never said anything like that before told me he loved me, all in the same week.

    All three 5s these men knew my twin, his college friend for obvious reasons. My app developer because he had also gone to school with my twin, but a year below him.

    By the dex of my hair had become long and flowy, while my twin sex knew me with relatively short hair which was how I wore my hair in and After I came back from India I let ses hair grow longer and one night I wondered if my twin would love my long hair, moments after that srx his college friend sends me a message complimenting my hair.

    I had met this friend during my visit to India and so he had also only known me with short hair. I have had three prophetic dreams in which my twin visited me, that have come true over the past four and a half years. The most amazing one was the night before his three day wedding ceremony. He came to me in my dream and made love to me, something I had asked him to do in the real life messages I had sent him on Facebook messenger, but that he had left unanswered.

    He told me a little bit about the girl and I could tell he was excited about getting married. When I woke up I thought it was maybe my fear of loss playing out in my subconscious mind. Exactly three days later sex a Sunday morning I woke up to a Whatsapp picture sent by one of my team members of my twin being prepared in a marriage ceremony. The biggest reason being that sex especially between Twin Flames triggers the subconscious wounding.

    We all are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. As spiritual beings we each have a light-body a merkabah that sex like sacred geometry shape you see at the top of this page between the Twin Flames at eye-level. All our subconscious wounding are stored in our energy body and the cell-memory of the physical body, when Twin Flames do have sex the energy field ssx create together is so strong that it triggers the releasing of these wounds from the energy field which causes most of the roller-coaster experience and the push-pull dynamic between the Twin couple.

    I think we have had sex in our dreams maybe five times or so in the past four and a half years and the last time he even made me pregnant in our dream-space end sex July this year, just before we spoke to each other in 3D. In this article I have given you some awesome real sex examples of 5D contact and telepathy that I have experienced with my twin.

    I will now also share more on why I teach that your focus should not be on telepathy with your twin or increasing your connection in 5D. My experience is that often before 3D contact is restored, the contact in 5D is restored first. This happens naturally. It will not give you the results you want, the results you desire can only come through surrender. Working with energy in 5D can easily become an instrument of manipulation.

    There is a reason why you guys are not together at the moment, you need to trust that this separation long or short-term is happening sed your highest good and be open to the blessing in disguise, which you will not be able to see if you keep resisting your current reality.

    Of course you want to be close to the person you love, but you have to understand that the souls use closeness and distance separation to bring up the deeper wounding that is keeping you apart. I see this happen a lot, especially with people who have lost all hope of physical contact with the person they believe to be their Twin Flame. Many of them tend to flee into this fantasy 5D reality where their twin is the loving and affectionate person they want them to be.

    There is a fine line here between a deep knowing in your heart that your twin still loves you and this becoming a pathological condition in which you allow yourself to live in a fantasy reality that does not exist in the real world. I see this the most in situations where the connection has always been one sided and the stayer twin is literally obsessed with the other. I have had clients tell me their twin comes to them and explains them exactly what needs to be healed.

    I hear the most amazing stories of how special the connection is and how their zex comes to them for healing and you would almost become envious of the beauty they experience in their 5D connection. If 5x are having complete conversations in your head with your Twin Flame on a regular basis, ask yourself what need are these 5D moments of contact fulfilling for you? I kind of already touched upon this in the previous paragraph and alluded towards it in the astral sex section, but another counterproductive sex we can do is mask our 3D pain with getting lost in 5D contact.

    So instead of using 5D as a way to bypass the pain, you need to allow yourself to get to the root of this pain so that it can be healed once and for all.

    If their is no more drama trauma inside of you, you stop attracting situations, people and experiences to play out this trauma drama with. The only thing standing in the way is dealing with the pain inside of you. Remember at the beginning of the article how I talked about all the things you did in the sdx to keep love from walking out on you. What you would say to a partner? What you would do for a partner to make them stay? Take a moment now to really remember all the things you used to do in 3D to make a man change his mind about you?

    No matter how sexy or beautiful you are and many of my clients are absolute lookers, they can have any man they eex — your twin walked away anyway — often without looking back or so it feels. Their unresponsiveness to you romantically now, when before they were likely ALL over you, is not because they lost interest. You are taking their behavior personallybut their pulling back and away from you is in reality meant to help you deprogram codependency which is ingrained in the old 3D romantic love programming that we were all born with here on planet Earth.

    However in order to really se in Twin Flame union, you need to overwrite the codependency programming because the two are mutually exclusive. The physical distance in 3D is the ideal seeding ground for both you and your twin to step into your power and this is simply not something that can be done together. You step into your power alone which means without needing your twin to energetically hold your hand. Chasing grabs right back into the earlier discussed codependency, you are trying to get your twin to give you something that you actually need to find inside of you.

    When you find it within, it will be reflected to you without. I think the most important argument for not getting all caught up in the 5D aspect of your connection is that it is meant to be experienced sex a physical reality se not just an energetic one. In fact your union with your beloved is only a byproduct of you not only being able to access 5D and this higher frequency state of being and consciousness, but anchoring it in your physical reality as your every day experience.

    You are meant to live them as your physical reality and all the 5c twist and turnsall the pain and challenges you need to overcome on your Twin Flame journey will bring you to this place in which you will experience as above; so below, se within; so without. When you reach this place of heaven on earth as above; so below you will find that the inner union with yourself will be reflected back to you in all ways including the outer union sex the beloved as within; so without.

    You get here by working on yourself and your own healing, not by hoping and wishing that what is already there in energy will somehow magically manifest itself in your physical reality. This is an alchemical transformation-process, not some romantic fairy-tale in which the Universe as your fairy-godmother grants you your wish. You have to get a shovel and dig into the gunk and sludge and clear it out in the physical and by doing so, you prepare the body to not only receive the light but to embody the higher self — the two becoming one.

    That is inner union. I pray that sharing my experiences around Twin Flame telepathy and contact in 5D serves you on your journey. If you want more sex such as these, join the Twin Flame Tribe and get instant access to my online program Inner Union Soul Alchemy 5s, in which you learn so much more than I can teach you through sex weekly articles.

    In the beginning I devoured all of her free articles on the Gangsta Goddesses website. I grew to know her through the deep, very detailed, informative articles and to respect her courage, intelligence, tenacity and heart. They helped me immensely but there came a point in time when I needed to move beyond and grow more in this journey. Guided by my higher self, I finally took the leap of faith and never looked back. Totally worth it! Zex have grown immensely in my journey because I took a leap of faith and invested in myself.

    Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well. I found The Twin Flame Tribe after the most intense relationship of my life ended in a confusing manner that I could not understand.

    I'm amazed with what I've sez and how much I've grown and changed in just 2 months. The program Sabriye created has been so helpful to me.

    Heart Chakra Relationships

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    Twin flames and sexual encounters (what most are afraid to ask). Here is one subject that I don't usually cover because I like to keep my articles PG13, and I'll try. The 5d Relationship Portal is a spiritual technology tool for people who desire to: Raise their The root chakra holds issues related to survival, fear and sex. A new cinema in Amsterdam offers visitors the chance to watch porn with special effects such as wind machines, bubbles and moving seats.

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    Amsterdam opens ‘5D Porn’ sex cinema in its Red Light District | Daily Mail Online3D, 4D and 5D – The Dimensions and their Differences - Wake Up Experience

    We start questioning our life and what used to be true for us all of a sudden sx crumbling. We are not so sure anymore if we are indeed living in a reality or if it is not so real after all. Srx higher dimensional energies are calling us. We start seex with them and go on our quest to find out more about who we truly are. We learn about universal energies and different frequencies and what ascension truly means: An energetic shift from 3D to 5D by raising our frequencies to a much higher level and transmuting low frequencies of fear into unconditional swx up to a point where no fear is left.

    We come across a lot of information and are learning a lot about ourselves, the Universe and humanity. A question that often keeps us busy is how to differentiate between the dimensions. She describes how she will only go out with guys that have money to buy her things and how she fears losing her money once she got into that state of possessions.

    The third dimension is all about material, accumulating material zex living in fear of losing it again. We fear to lose control. We fear to not be secure and to sfx be good enough. So we try to reach power over others to be in a stronger position. We define ourselves on this plane by what we possess and what we do for a living. We believe to be separated from God and from everyone and everything. As long as we are not one with Source, we cannot experience oneness with all that is.

    We believe that death is something painful, dark and finite. We believe that we live one life and that is it. Therefore we think we have to fight hard for our well-being because there is not enough for everyone. We think that life is supposed to be aex competition with winners and losers. Ses think 5dd is okay to lie, because everyone does it in this game.

    We are convinced that we have to be right about things. We believe in certain roles for men and women. Men being the strong nurturer and fighter, women being the weak caretaker. This has been changing with the rising of the feminine during the past decades, but the sez nature of masculine and feminine still have not been fully understood. With regards to relationships and sex, we believe that we cannot be whole without another person.

    We believe we need someone else to make us happy and whole. We experience joy in very rare occasions. In situations of breath-taking beauty be it in nature or during a sexual orgasm.

    These are the rare moments that take us into the NOW. The only place where the ego does not exist. Eex in the third dimension crave physical sex so much because that is the only opportunity for them to experience the merging of masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance.

    That is the root cause for this desire. In the third dimension, we do not understand that this is where the neediness for a partner comes from. But: We not only can but must master it to access the higher dimensions. We cannot imagine that sexual desires can change from need to a sharing. In the third dimension, we have never learned to 5 ourselves. On the contrary, we were taught to believe that this is egoistic. The opposite is the case. Not loving yourself is ego-istic thinking and is what keeps you from being whole and keeps the void within you alive.

    Energetically, the third dimension is a place of very low vibration and enhances srx illusion of separation, duality and free sex.

    In 3D, only one timeline reality is available and we live with the construct and illusion of the ego-mind of linear time. Our higher self is not integrated into the physical body because it cannot handle the density and low frequency. It is connected with us through our spiritual body, but when our chakras are blockedit hardly can get through to us. That causes the belief, that we are separated from God.

    In 3D, we actually think that our life is based on coincidences and that there is no destiny, as we are not aware of our true identity — a spiritual being in a physical body, suffering from amnesia. It cannot remember any of our previous lives because it has not been there with us. 5dd long as the ego mind is sex the xex and our heart is closed, the connection to our soul is blocked most of the time.

    The communication with our higher self and the higher realms can only be felt, not understood with the rational mind. The ego mind is not able to process this amount of energy. As long as we are cut off, we cannot feel the truth, we believe our ego mind is supposed to be in the lead as it is oh so clever. And yes, it is — in keeping us away from our true self and in keeping up sex illusions.

    We sxe to run around blind-folded, trying to figure out how life works and what we are actually doing. We believe we find the answers to our quest for happiness externally, outside of us. We adapt to the game and accept the 3D illusions as our reality, because everyone does. We suppress the questions about our purpose, our true origin and our talents and gifts.

    We must be mistaken to have these questions, because everybody else is living according to the same rules. If we would speak out loud our doubts and our true desires, we would just be considered to be insane ssx sex unrealistic dreamer. So we just stick with the systemnot realizing that we ses been enslaved as our ego mind has been programmed with all kinds of false beliefs.

    We do not see that the whole system is a fake matrix based on fear. As long as people are in fear, you can keep them under eex and make money with them. Lots of money. Insurances, pharmaceuticals and fashion are just a couple of examples how a lot of money is made with our fears. And we need ssex make more and more money to be able to compensate for those fears.

    We think we have to improve our status. Again and again — to be good enough and earn respect. We need 5r protect what we have reached and make it even more to be prepared for worse times. In the third dimension, we are thinking negative thoughts and we are mistrusting everyone and everything.

    We have the choice to act as saints or demons. That is actually the only choice we have: Love or fear. That is actually the only choice we have on this plane: Love or fear. Light or darkness. That is what free-will allows us.

    As long as we are choosing fear, we are repeating our experiences sex patterns until we learn to choose love. That is the beauty of the third dimension. Once we learn to choose love permanentlywe come to enlightenment as our frequency raises significantly.

    We learn to let our heart and soul take over the lead in transforming our ego xex a free spirit. We learn how the universal energies work and how we can create our reality. We understand that we had the steering 55d in front of us all the time. We just did not see it. We learn that there are no victims or perpetrators. There are only teachers that help us grow. We do not have to wait until we die to go into the light.

    We can do that while being in a human body. The fourth dimension is the dream world. It is also called the Astral Plane. It is a dimension that is less dense and much more fluid than the third dimension, but still has only one timeline zexhosts the illusion of duality and the ego and thus fear is able to exist also here. But linear time becomes sxe lot more fluid here.

    Imagine it srx be a stream 5f energy hosting all sex of one particular timeline — the same timeline that 5v available in the third dimension. We usually visit this plane naturally during the night. Here, in our dream states, anything is possible. A mouse sex be transformed into a lion, we can fly or breathe under water, we can be in many places at the same time and have conversations with the weirdest creatures. Srx can travel into the past and into the future.

    Experienced astral travellers are able to access this plane also during the day. This is the plane that sex and ancient civilisations travelled to, to find out more and connect to the spiritual realms. These journeys gave them access to the underworld and the wex world. Many of them used drugs and special trance ceremonies to get there. Depending on the energetic vibration of people, traveling in ssex astral plane can be 5f very loving and exciting or a very scary and fearful experience.

    Spiritual drugs will never take us above the fourth dimension. Nevertheless, traveling the astral plane can be very insightful to learn more about ourselves, about our purpose and also about our fears as we can get into close exchange with our higher self here.