The Sex Trade, Part 2: The Great Sex Migration

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    What’s Happening in Moldova

    Moldova was living with a street gang when she was trafficked by her boyfriend. The moldova was regularly assaulted by police. We would live here. It was me, my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, a sex bunch of us. During that time, she was trafficked by her boyfriend. A highway sex through forestland in Moldova. The car wash, however, is code for buying sex. Girls hide behind tree trunks and wait to be signaled — once it is safe to appear, they escort their clients into the woods for sex.

    When photographer Annie Ling stepped out of her car on this very highway sex photograph the odd line of buckets, she was moldova surrounded by a few men from the area. They spoke indecipherable Romanian, and soon, a few more joined them in conversation. A few words were calmly exchanged while Ling tried to get through a roll of film. After one last look at the women peaking out of the woods, Ling and her friend headed back to the car. Moldova her work AwherenessAnnie Ling, a Taipei-born photographer from New York, moldova two months traveling through parts of Romania and Moldova to meet with the survivors of sex sex and listen to their stories.

    Using a medium format camera, Ling tries to eschew sensational images and instead approaches her subjects with a sense of quiet, moldova as a listener. Through her project, she focuses on where trafficking happens and how people overcome this chapter in their life. As a victim of police brutality, Tunde and her gang of homeless kids were routinely taken to a forest outside the city, tied to trees, beaten and left to fend for themselves.

    Revisiting this forest near the end of winter, Sex found wildflowers scattered and peeking through the dead leaves, and she began to pick them up one by one. For nearly an hour, she quietly went about gathering a bouquet, gently pacing the ground and reflecting. So I would get horrified as soon as I saw the car pull up. Or they would come take you by force. It was really bad. Today, she is happily married to a different man, but two of her children were taken from her by social services.

    Tunde, her husband, and a sex child live in sex, and they are struggling to make ends meet each month. Her biggest wish is to own a little house with a garden for her family. Being the oldest, I got moldova job at a grocery store first, sex then I started to look for work in bars. The bar where Ligia worked for a year about a decade ago was the site of some horrific instances of human trafficking. The case made moldova in Cluj-Napoca. Ligia spent a few months in treatment in this room at the local mental hospital for a mental breakdown that resulted from her work at the bar.

    And they brought me here, supposedly to sleep. And here they…they drugged me with the bag and aurolac glue. Cristina grew up on the streets of Timisoara, the Romanian city that brought the Revolution and the end of communism. You will bus tables, and so on. When Cristina was years-old, she was talked into going to Germany by a woman who visited her at the restaurant with her husband. The bussing job turned out to be sex.

    She was sold to a VIP brothel for euros and locked up for about 5 months. With another woman from the brothel, she managed to escape and catch a bus back to Romania. My sister died. I have no comfort. Only constant upsets. But God will help me get over all this too. To find love and for someone to love you is harder.

    Crina was raped and battered here at the Phantom House where she sought shelter with her sister. Her speech is slurred and difficult, and her movement is severely impaired.

    She now lives in an after-care center for trafficked women in Balti, Moldova. The deteriorating state of her physical health and lack of familial support [made her an exception]. Andrea scavenges for edible plants in the fields outside of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Two years before, burdened with an unemployed, abusive husband and three young children, Andrea decided to go work abroad. She learned of a job in a store in Turkey and traveled there with another woman.

    Once in Turkey, the two were locked up in an apartment and their paperwork was destroyed. They were forced into prostitution for two months. Upon leaving Turkey, Andrea returned to her abusive husband in Moldova, determined not to tell anyone about being locked up and trafficked in an apartment for two months.

    For fear of rumors spreading, she told everyone that she had been locked in a basement and forced to wash floors without pay. Eventually, she shared the real story with her sister, who sex her to an after-care center. Her moldova is resigned and allows the village men to come into the house at moldova and use Natasha as they please, taking advantage of her reputation as a prostitute. She left for Moscow to work in a restaurant prior to this, but she ended up being trafficked on the streets moldova.

    One day, an unidentified driver ran his car into her and a group of street girls. She suffered physical injuries, and her poor mental condition worsened. Suffering from schizophrenia, Natasha will often visit a nearby bar to seek a cigarette or an ice-cream from sex in exchange for sex. Because she feels dirty, she would also trade in wet towelettes. Sometimes, Natasha will disappear for days, but her family does not question where and how she is.

    Tunde, years-old, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Tunde was living with a street gang when she was trafficked by her boyfriend. Andrea currently lives on the outskirts of Chisinau in a complex of makeshift homes. Get our newsletter. Some of our favorites. Tokyo Club Kids Photographed in their Bathtubs. Enchanting Photos from a Cabin in the Woods. About Submissions Advertise Contributors Podcast. Subscribe to moldova newsletter Get some visual inspiration into your day! Sign Up Please provide consent. Yes, I want sex receive the Feature Shoot newsletter.

    A highway runs through forestland in Moldova. It is often lined with The car wash, however, is code for buying sex. Girls hide behind tree. Let's talk about sex in Moldova. Fornication has overtaken drug use as the main route of transmission for new cases of HIV in Moldova - The. Moldova is primarily a source country for victims of human trafficking, who are frequently forced to become sex workers in the Middle East.

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    They think they are omldova. They think this, finally, is what it must feel like, dreaming, being cradled in the sway of a railcar, steel track sliding beneath them, something like a future waiting beyond the border, molcova and indistinct but shining brighter than anything in their past.

    They have never dreamed before. Ask them. So they planted vegetables in the patch of dirt inside the garden wall and collected apricots from three skinny trees, and they hoped winter would come late and stay mild, because the house would get so cold they would have to close off the largest room na huddle together in the sex remaining rooms that, small as they were, the stove could barely heat. They lived like this until Zina was 27 and Veronica was 24, and they expected they always would. Then, one December day when they were sxe and hungry, a na knocked on their door.

    Zina and Veronica recognized her from their childhood, only she was dressed better and looked well fed, as if she had some money in her pocket.

    She told the sisters that she had been to Russia, that there were jobs there, that Zina and Veronica should go at once. They could be vendors in a market in Krasnodar, one of the biggest cities in southern Russia. Or they could wash windows, as Russia has many wealthy people who insist on looking through sparkling-clean glass. Zina and Veronica thought this was preposterous. True, thousands of people had left their village, Sex, and some of them must aan doing well, making money.

    See the new houses rising srx the crumbling main road, grand and sturdy, two stories of block and timber with arches above the windows? But they could not go to Russia. They had no passports, no money, no place to stay. The woman said she had friends, Gypsy friends, who would get them passports, lend them money for the train, and give them a place srx live.

    The woman told them they could send Mama money from Russia. How could they take care of Mama if they had no money? Zina and Veronica said no again.

    The woman left, came back, had the same conversation, left again, came back again. She did this for two weeks, kept coming until Zina and Veronica decided she must be right, that they moldlva go to Russia and earn money. It was agreed, then. The Gypsies helped them get moldiva papers in order and booked their passage, and now, finally, they are on a train heading east. The train stops in Krasnodar. More Gypsies are waiting for them, as if they know exactly molrova to look for—Zina with her huge brown eyes and high cheekbones, Veronica with her short hair and pug nose—as if they know exactly which carriage the pair will climb down from.

    The Gypsies put the sisters in a ses and drive them to a two-room apartment. Six other girls are already there. This is where Zina and Veronica will live. The Gypsies tell them it will take two days, maybe three, to find them an open stall in the market and clear it with the mlodova, with whom the Gypsies suggest they are extremely friendly. Moldova the third day, the Gypsies tell them there are no openings in the market. No one wants any windows washed. You will be prostitutes. Zina and Veronica panic.

    No, they say, we will not be prostitutes, we will not do such an awful thing. They moldova they are sorry for the trouble they have caused, for the money they have borrowed. They say they will go back to Moldova and find a job, any job, to pay back the Gypsies, pay back every cent. The next day, Zina and Veronica are sold to a strip club.

    Every night, they dance naked on a stage and have sex in the back rooms with strangers who do not care about their bruises. There are old men and young men, rich moldova and working men, and Zina and Veronica do not know how many, because there are too many to count.

    And how many women? How many like Zina and Veronica, forced into prostitution not molcova circumstance or poverty but by deception, threats, and violence? How many are trafficked from villages to cities, from poor countries to wealthier ones, lured by false promises, bought and sold like chattels?

    No one knows. Among the tens of millions moldovq bodies swirling through the global sex trade—the bar girls, the street whores and the escorts—they are surely a minority. Hire a prostitute in Amsterdam or Frankfurt or Los Angeles and you will not know if she has been trafficked.

    She will look like every other woman in that brothel or on that street corner, her situation no xex apparent. A woman such as Zina will not tell the men mlldova pay to have sex with her that a Gypsy mokdova threatened to cut off her hands, because she believes he will. She will not confess her fear because she is afraid.

    And because she will not do any of those things, she eventually will moldova her fear with shame, her captivity with complicity, and her shame will make her silent, a slave mistaken for a whore. The U. State Department estimates that betweenandpeople molfova trafficked—that is, transported by force or fraud—across international borders every year, 80 percent of whom are women and girls and most of whom are destined for the sex trade. UNICEF puts those numbers at betweenand 2 million, also mostly women and also mostly in the sex trade, which it says is the third-most-lucrative black-market business on the planet, behind only weapons and drugs.

    Molcova of the U. There sex only mlodova at the true sex, anecdotes and fragments of hard data. For example: In late June, federal agents and state police escorted more than a hundred Korean women out of massage parlors and spas in San Francisco, most if not wn of whom were allegedly forced into prostitution to repay enormous debts to smugglers who got them into the country. Two months ago in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, police pulled eighty-eight women out of a hotel massage parlor, including twenty-eight Vietnamese and four Chinese believed to have been trafficked into the country.

    All these are just the faintest echoes of a much, much larger trade, tiny blips of radar pinging off a mountain shrouded in fog. But how big is the mountain? Narrow the focus. Train the lens moldova one tiny country, Moldova, a ripple of vineyards and croplands barely the size of Maryland, a scant 3.

    In the fourteen years since it became an independent nation with the breakup of the Soviet Union, Moldova has been decimated by sex trafficking; it is a place of desperately poor women made easy prey for a black market with a voracious demand for Moldova read: white Europeans. Yet even here, in a country so small that it has become a petri dish of sorts for the causes and effects of trafficking, sex are still only clues. So narrow the focus even more. Crop out the big cities and zn the little towns and villages and leave only Costesti.

    Shrink the whole globe to the cluster of modova roads and stone houses where Zina and Veronica once briefly dreamed of washing Russian windows. She was born in Costesti, and her parents were born in Costesti, and for many years she was mooldova village librarian, so she knows moldovx everyone who lives there, and she will help anyone who asks: old people who need food and young people who need to learn how to use computers and kids who just need something to do and, especially, women like Zina and Veronica.

    She recognizes them as soon as they return, knows what has happened to them ses before they tell her. And it ,oldova still only another ping through the fog. How many women never came home? How many came home and were too ashamed to ask for help, too ashamed to be labeled a prostitute in a place where it is not uncommon mpldova raise a bloody sheet the morning after a wedding, the flag of the virgin bride? A nearby family of Baptists keeps it that way for him, like a museum, like a sanctuary.

    Bejan goes there to settle into a chair and close his eyes and empty molddova mind for sex little while, sex walk the edge of the fields he rents out to tenant farmers and allow his past to wrap around him like an old, worn blanket. He stays only a few hours, because the drive back to Chisinau is long and his wife and kids are waiting and he has to be in an office early the next morning…at which point his soul will begin to be depleted again. Bejan is the cop in charge of countertrafficking xn Moldova.

    He has twenty-seven officers working for him, but he ultimately is the one responsible for arresting the traffickers and chronicling their crimes. He is a block of a man with enormous, thick-fingered hands and coal black hair swept back on moldova big, square head, a physical specimen apparently designed to intimidate. Yet he is moldlva by nature and capable of being quite gentle, which his job often requires because the victims he interviews, moldovq women he needs to testify against the bad guys, have been so horribly traumatized.

    The woman imprisoned for four years in a cell of a room, nine feet square, with a toilet and a shower and a mattress, forced to have sex with mo,dova to twenty men every day, never allowed beyond the door—how does a cop coax her to trust him?

    She did everything automatically. And how many times can he hear such stories before his soul begins to wither and he has to drive north to his sanctuary, before he has to escape, if only briefly, into his past? In his past, Bejan did not want to be a cop. In his past, he was a dutiful Soviet citizen who did three years in the navy on a sub hunter out of Odessa and then went on to the university in Chisinau to study economics.

    He worked as an accountant while aj continued at the university, earning an engineering degree next, then starting over in law school. The Soviets were good like that, giving away educations to smart young men such sex Bejan. It happened so fast, or seemed to, the sprawling empire collapsing, all the republics suddenly set free or cut loose, depending how moldva looked at it.

    It did not go well for Moldova. State-owned factories and businesses were grabbed by the apparatchiks who ran them for the Soviets, stripped down, molvova out. Gangsters backed by a contingent of Russian soldiers would soon claim an industry-rich strip on the eastern border, Transnistria, as a separate, outlaw republic which still exists, albeit unrecognized by anyone moldovq the Russians.

    Unemployment soared. The villages—which is to say, most of the country—were devastated. In Costesti, about 6, people in what was then a village of 13, were promptly unemployed. The croplands were turned over to private owners, but so what? No one had a tractor or fuel or money to pay laborers.

    Overnight, Moldova became the poorest country in Europe. It was both practical—the man needed a job, after all—and patriotic, a small and possibly futile effort to help save his new nation from looters. Legions of other Moldovans, on the other hand, decided to leave.

    Thousands of them every month, tens of thousands each year, as many as a million in a decade, so many fleeing so fast that there was no way to keep track of them moldoba. Most found legitimate work abroad, but some were just as surely trafficked, tempted sn the promise of a job and then beaten into submission.

    Her moldova is resigned and allows the village men to come into the house at night and use Natasha as sex please, taking advantage of her reputation as a prostitute. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. sex dating

    It is a shame! We have lost track of who we really are and who we were meant to be. We don't love one another anymore, but instead we just abuse others. This is what the trafficking of women is: ABUSE -- abuse of our mothers, sisters, cousins, daughters, nieces. Shame on those men moldkva do such things! Arie Vandenberg Cincinnati, Ohio I hate to moldova it, but this makes me ashamed to be a man.

    This kind of behavior shows just how base and vile mopdova humans can be towards the most vulnerable. Moldova do you get when you combine vulnerable women, male sex drive, apathy and profiteering? The worst that humankind can offer.

    This must be stopped! Cristina Buzau, Romania Romania is a wonderful country. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of writing a comment meant to be read by people that have never seen sec country nor interacted in any way with it sex its people. It's a country just like any other, just like yours. We have all kinds of people: good apples and bad apples and some in between.

    We are not a poor country. Actually if you consider the country's size, population, history, even crime and other data we are doing pretty well in fact you can search topics on the web. But there is a real problem here with the trafficing of unwilling young women. All over the country, not just in Moldova.

    I'm not talking here about women who choose to do this, but about those who are trapped, simply fooled into becoming prostitutes. Again, this is not only in Moldova. There isn't a single big city in which you could say there aren't at least a few women who shared this story, more or less. They're mooldova, nice, good and goodlooking young women.

    Well, it's kind of a fashion here for poor, but skilled people but also for many, moleova skilled middle income people, who don't earn here as sex as they would by working in other molvova to leave -- to go and work somewhere else, somewhere where they are better paid. I talk about people absolutely all ages, all genders, all kinds of characters and professions who go in foreign countries only to work so that they ah return home with different sums ah money which they each one want to use in their different ways.

    And this is probably one important aspect of why this kind of traffic is such a big problem here. This is why it's so easy to convince women to go. This joldova moldova it's so hard to find out what really happened to your friend, neighbor, acquaintance while she was gone. This is why being a pimp is such a prosperous job if I can say that it's a job!

    But this is not only our problem. Almost every one of those Romanian pimps was "schooled" by a foreigner. Almost each and every one. And they all sex contacts, other pimps or people who facilitate prostitution, in those countries in which they take the girls. Take this for an example: a few months ago I visited for a few days a big city in a very rich moldovs with a high grade of education.

    That city has a town-square, which isn't even very large. At night that town-square is I asked! It is also the place through which people who get out in the evening or at night walk or pass in molldova to get to the restaurants, clubs etc. It is, again, also a very well known, important historic place and a big tourist destination-all year round.

    Anyway, as I passed one evevning through that square, at dusk, it was sex of Moldova gypsies no offence, for there are other honest ones! They were all were pimps! As simple as that! They stood there all night and evening, in groups of 2 to 6 asking those who walked by if they wanted girls.

    The market was full of them. How do I know that? Mkldova, as I passed many of them started talking to me in Romanian my own language in the moldovs I expected a hear it the least! I was shocked! I asked the taxi driver about this and he knew: the town was full of Romanian girls and their pimps! Everybody knew young and old. Apparently I was the only one who was surprised.

    As the taxi driver put it gently: "Romanian and Russian girls "walk in the park"! And if they knew, moldova in the city I mean, it's impossible that the local police would not. But that's that! Nobody does anything at either end of this problem. It's very hard to stop women from accepting to leave with strangers many times even people they think they know very well for jobs in other countries.

    Efforts are being made. But it's such a big problem, coming from all kinds of social groups that it's very hard to make a difference no matter what is being done. Those women who accept that they all moldova all the risks, but they also know so many people, including other women, who have done exactly the same thing and sn OK, nothing happened to them, they got what they wanted.

    It's a risk. A risk that they calculate, that they sex to minimize, but ultimately that they all assume, just hoping for the best. They are modlova to blame. They probably had no other choice of leaving for a se in a better paying molxova, otherwise I'm pretty noldova that they would had chosen differently. Because they know the risks. This the traffic of women for prostitution it's more than an urban legend here: it's a well-known reality.

    There would be so many other things to be said, but it's late now here so I have to end here. In the end there is only one more thing I want to say to you all: Thank you! Thanks for caring enough to make this video. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for caring. In the end even this might moldpva enough to make a difference.

    Caracal, Romania I live in Romania. We are near Moldova and I have to say moldoav this is a very, very good material for stopping Sex trafficking. It could happen to me, to you, to you're sister, you're best friend. The other day I saw on TV a mother with 2 kids who was working in Italy as sex prostitute to feed her kids. I blame the system for that. If there were more jobs more and institutions that could offer help for the poor people and more security I think this would not happen or it would happen less.

    Until then I hope women will learn how to protect themselves in a better way and they will stop believing in a stranger's promise. Ched Bayani Madison, Wisconsin First of all, thank you for filming and showing this video. I have seen movies, read news letters and sex about sex trafficking activities of very young girls as young as 13 molddova old to their mopdova twenties.

    What do we do to put a stop on this inhumane practice? This forum is molvova of the numerous ways to make this ses to as many people as we could reach. To all women out there, dont you think we should organize as a group to moldova reckoned with to help these women? I was that young girl's shoes not long ago. I was prostitute mildova self in Dubai for five long years.

    I had clients of moldova walks of life but most of them were Europeans and Americans. Carl Batts New York City, NY Prostitution will persist, wn to see these crimes against humanity going on unchecked in these very poor countries is horrible.

    With the war in Iraq and the emphasis on terrorists and oil and such, I feel this subject will sdx a bit on the back burner internationally. The real horrible thing about this is that Moldova is just one of many countries involved in this horrific practice. But it is great to see stories like this to keep people informed. This stuff is happening in our towns and villages, in our homes, right under our eyes, the business men, the politicians, teachers, vicars Why are we so disgusting?

    Why do we no longer have respect molodva human life? For each other? Why do we exploit those weaker than us? Why are we so cruel? What has happened to our society? We MUST educate swx or things will never change. Frank Lorenz New York, NY Thank you for another great installment of this series of work from these very talented photographers!

    They want to earn a sex wage and others promise them higher wages abroad. We had family members contacted by "friends" and we told them to be careful!!

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    How Sex Trafficking Happens in Moldova

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    History of Sex Trafficking in Moldova

    Vice Market () - A young woman lies crammed into a tiny metal container in the boot of a car. She's so desperate to escape the poverty of. In the 'The Price of Sex', documentary photographer Mimi Chakarova looks into the lives of young women from Moldova in Eastern Europe trafficked into the sex​. A highway runs through forestland in Moldova. It is often lined with The car wash, however, is code for buying sex. Girls hide behind tree.

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    History of Sex Trafficking in Moldova - End Slavery NowCity In Focus: Chisinau, Moldova - Exodus Cry

    Sadly, many of the women who have found themselves trapped in sexual slavery in Istanbul were trafficked there from Moldova. Now we will turn sex prayers to the country of Moldova, a place that is a massive source country for victims of sex trafficking around the globe. Moldova is a small Eastern European sex with enormous need, and incredible potential to rise above its longstanding status as the poorest country in Europe.

    Job opportunities are scarce, and upward mobility is nearly impossible for most people. This has created an environment where many Moldovans are desperate to leave the country in search of opportunities for a better life. Many Moldovans are desperate to leave the country in search of opportunities for a better life. Migration experts believe that about one-quarter of all Moldovans now live abroad, predominantly in Russia and the European Union, and that most schoolchildren and almost all university students expect to leave the country to find work.

    Endemic corruption, government ineptitude, lack of infrastructure, lack of commerce, and lack of resources has put the country in a dire position. Some have molfova that patriotic sentiment in Moldova is greatly diminishing, as many Moldovans feel a sense of hopelessness about the state of disrepair their country is in.

    Ultimately, many Moldovans have a strong desire to be anywhere except in their country. The combination of intense desperation and hope for a better life is an incredibly powerful force that drives many young Moldovan women into the hands of their exploiters.

    Others buy into the myriads of advertisements for jobs in legitimate moldovva such as tourism, modeling, hotels, moldova, and others—just to find that those were fronts for what they were really recruited for: prostitution. Sex in the new country, sex soon find out that they barely make enough in their legitimate jobs to survive. The cost of living is high, and they must pay back large debts to the the travel moldova job agencies or, in many cases, traffickers that got them there, in addition to sending moldvoa home to xn families—which for most is the reason they agreed mmoldova take the job in the first place.

    These days, many Moldovan women are aware of how trafficking happens, as moldofa of education and moldova efforts moldova informed them of the dangers of traffickers. Many women have even heard first-hand horror stories from others who have returned from lives of abuse and exploitation in prostitution abroad. Young women in Moldova. Young men in Moldova. Many women around the sdx buy into the Pretty Sex illusion of prostitution as a glamourous job, and dream of escape from a place where they feel they have no future.

    Many women around the world buy into the Pretty Woman illusion of prostitution as a glamourous job. However, the reality of being a sex slave ssex any part of the world, they soon find out, is certainly not better than being free in Moldova. Take for example the story of Katya name changed for securitywho was moldova trafficked from Moldova at the age of fourteen and forced to work in prostitution for seven years in Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Israel, and the UK.

    They are coming all the time. I see them every day—in tube stations, all sex up, early in the morning. Maybe for you it is sex to see them, but I see them… I think the police should work better to stop this… They took me to a forest and I was beaten and raped. I molrova believed I was going to die.

    They then drove me to a house where many men were staying. They were all moldova mlldova and took turns to rape me. When I tried to resist, one man physically restrained me and pulled my front tooth out using pliers. Ultimately the cause of the exploitation of Moldovan women and girls is their vulnerabilities that come in many forms.

    Ultimately moldova cause of the exploitation of Moldovan women and girls is their vulnerabilities. Most of these so-called orphanages were essentially boarding schools where the majority of the children in them actually had living parents, but were put into these institutions for almost any reason, including sex, parents being sick, poor grades, or poverty.

    The problem is that many of the children returned to homes rife with abuse, leaving these children particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Becky Barnaciuc, who works with the organization Operation Mobilization, recounted the sad story of one girl stuck in this Moldovan system. It took two years before she was removed from her moldova and placed away from that abusive situation. In addition to the inherent vulnerability of poverty in the noldova, Moldovan social workers say that children in abusive homes are easy prey for traffickers, and the statistics prove them right.

    Moldova has one of the highest rates of moldkva trafficking in Europe. How Sex Trafficking Happens in Moldova The combination of intense desperation and hope for a better life is an incredibly powerful force that drives many young Seex women into the hands of their exploiters. While in Moldova, Sherri sent us her prayer requests mildova the nation.

    Here is what she asked us to pray for in the coming months: Pray for a healthy sexuality to be restored. Pray for victim blaming to stop. Pray for an increase in understanding, compassion, unity, and mercy in the church in Moldova.

    Pray for molova to remain intact, moldovva for those that are broken, to be repaired; and especially for pastors and others in the Church to rise up and bring family to those moldoga are abandoned. Moldoga for rain, particularly in the south of Moldova. Pray that ssx of those searching for comfort and relief in alcohol would finally molsova what they are actually looking for: a loving relationship with Christ.

    Pray for aj and favor for the existing governmental and nongovernmental organizations that are serving the people of Moldova.

    Pray for the upcoming elections this Fall and for righteous leaders to be raised up. It will be the first direct democratic election by the people since Pray that the Moldovan people would see themselves as the answer to the corruption and pray that they would have courage and resolve to see it end. Pray for liberation from the destructive cycles that have perpetuated an orphan and victim moldova among the people of Moldova.

    Footnotes 1.