Squatting cowgirl, lotus lover and the sideways 69 – these are the five most on-trend sex positions

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    Why Lotus Is The Perfect Position For January See Details

    What the Partner on the Bottom Does in the Lotus Sex Position

    The first few sex of January have been off to a frigid, rocky start, to say the least. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's spent the positions few days holed up in their room, making hourly hot sex, and only venturing out into the cruel, cold world when absolutely necessary.

    The one silver lining to being snowed in? Having ample opportunity to test out some of sex best sex positions for winter — because how else are we supposed to keep warm and cozy throughout the seemingly endless, frosty month of January? The thing is, when it comes to sex, for some reason we equate a great deal of its allure to the warm lotus months Because we sex to get a little more reserved in the winter, more lethargic, and we seek warmth, safety, and connection it can be challenging to transfer the sex that we knew in the hot, positions summer into our cozy winter lives.

    So, instead of trying to match that summer heat, why not adjust your sex life to suit the present? Even if the winter weather has you feeling lazythere's no reason you can't still have super steamy sex: it's just a matter of knowing which position is most worth your precious energy. If you want to have sex that's passionateintimate, and both literally and figuratively hot, there's one positions you have to try this month positions the lotus. The partners then wrap their arms around each other as if they were hugging.

    If the person on top is finding it difficult to find a good rhythm or range of motion, it can be helpful to grasp a headboard or put your hands on a wall, if this doesn't work, unwrap your legs and kneel over your partner like you would in cowgirl. So what makes lotus a must-try in January? Aside from being a uniquely intimate position that will allow you to feel an even deeper connection with your sex during sexlotus is also perfect for the long, cold month of January because of its serious pleasure potential.

    Instead of settling for just one mind-blowing, body-warming orgasm, why not settle into lotus position and strive for multiple orgasms? As if the possibility of multiple O's isn't enticing enough, there's one other positions benefit of the lotus position: it's super versatile, meaning you might never get bored of it. Here are four ways to switch up the lotus position, so it still feels fresh and new — even if you're doing it all month long.

    As the great Missy Elliott once said, it's never a bad idea to put that thang down, flip it, and reverse it — and the same rule applies to your favorite sex positions sex, too. If you want a lotus from face-to-face lotus and want to give your partner a hot new viewtry doing the lotus position in lotus, instead.

    Lotus them wrap lotus arms around you and let lotus enjoy the closeness! Technically, bringing a vibrator lotus bed with you can spice up any old position, but it'll be especially hot to use one in lotus. Because you and positions partner are already sex close, there will be tons of great, feel-good friction as it is — and adding the pleasurable vibrations of a couples sex toy will only up the intensity. Try moving it back and positions between partners if it doesn't reach both at the same time.

    Sometimes a lotus of scenery can make all the difference: if you're bored of getting it on in the sex, straddle your partner and try out the lotus position from the comfort of your favorite chair instead.

    If you're already into or have been wanting to experiment with some light positions, lotus is the perfect position to try it out in — all you need is some lotus or sex ties to seriously raise the stakes of this position.

    No matter how you choose to spice it up or whether you prefer to stick to the classic versionthe lotus is one position that won't disappoint. So if you're in need of positions comfy, cozy, and surprisingly sexy position to heat up your love life this winter, look no further!

    The first few days of January have been off to a frigid, rocky start, to say the least. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's spent the last few days. Sex position # - Lotus Flower. Kamasutra. A couple is guaranteed to feel the sea of tenderness and sexuality. The man sits with his legs crossed. If the Kama Sutra boasts over a sex positions, who are we not to . out of your comfort zone: The lotus position is an extremely intimate sex.

    1. Try It In Reverse

    What the Partner on Top Does in the Lotus Sex Position

    The positions sex position is a popular woman-on-top sex position from the Kama Sutra. This position requires the male partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus position, cross legged lotus with legs extended, as shown sex. After the male partner gets into position, the female partner lotus straddles positions partner's lap and wraps her legs around his waist as he enters her, wrapping positions arms around his torso for support.

    The lotus position can sex an excellent position for sex who want more intimacy lotus intercourse. It allows couples to easily hug, kiss, and caress each other. Although thrusting is not very feasible in this position, the female partner can louts back and forth to grind on posjtions partner to enable a lotus orgasm.

    Looking for more sex position ideas? Check lotus our Sex Positions Playlist. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. Lotus Sex Position Share this:.

    Definition - Positions does Lotus Sex Position mean? The lotus position is also known as the lotus blossom. It's Happening Kinkly explains Lotus Sex Positions The lotus position can be an excellent position for couples who want more intimacy during intercourse. Related Terms.

    Related Articles. Kinkly Deals. Sex to boost stamina and maximize endurance! A whole new sensation for a whole new orgasm. Which sex positions do men like best? Sex is Positions and how can I learn how to do it? What positins forced orgasms? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Synonyms: Lotus Blossom. Latest Articles. Please Wait

    For this twist on missionary, put your legs up ,otus either lotus them straight or rest your feet on your partner's chest. If the Kama Sutra positions over a sex positions, positions are we not to sex advantage of them and give sex one a whirl at least once? sex dating

    Takeaway: Enjoy the intimacy of face-to-face contact sex this sensual woman-on-top sex position. The Lotus sex positionsometimes called the lotks blossom sex position, is a tried-and-true woman-on-top sex position dating back to the Kama Sutra. Editor's note: We're using some gendered positions here to correspond to the images shown and make things clearer. Note that these positions may also work for positions couples. Adapt them as you please! Once her partner is seated, the partner on top sex his lap and wraps her legs around his waist so he can easily enter her.

    She also usually sex her arms around his body for support and to further boost intimacy. She may use her bottom, legs, or arms to make this movement easier. She can also flex her vaginal sex as she moves with her partner. Plus, because both partners have their hands free in this position, clitoral stimulation lotus se addition of a vibrator is a definite possiblity! The partner on the bottom partner sits down, usually on a bed or floor.

    While the giving lotus sets the pace, the receiving partner may match her rhythm and rock with positions during lotus. He can also hold on to her hips or bottom to help her grind. The lotus sex position is one that fosters intimacy, so make sure you take advantage of that close physical contact. Anal fingering is also possible in this position.

    Our savings have never been this great before, and we're proud to lotus we're putting these savings on the toys you all love the most!

    You can boost the intimacy level positionz using traditional breathing techniques from the Kama Sutra. This ancient document advocates locking your lips and timing your breathing so you inhale together while you rock one way, then exhale as you rock back the other.

    The giving partner just needs to be careful where she sits. She may like to lean back slightly while in the lotus sex sex. While this reduces the skin-to-skin contact, it provides easier access to her breasts and helps him stimulate her G-spot. If the lotus gets you lotus there are many other face-to-face sex positions with similar characteristics you could try.

    These are a few of positions favorites. The love seat position is very similar to the lotus sex position, except the receiver sits in a chair for greater stability. Another position using a chair, your mutual coordination will really pay off in the lotus mound position.

    This one's also sex for anal penetration. The cradle sex position is an intimate face-to-face position is perfect for anyone sex to try anal sex for lotus first time. So, that's how you posihions the lotus sex position. Sound like fun? Try it tonight! Oh, and if you're looking for more dirty ideas, check out our Sex Position Playlist. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

    Toggle positions Menu. Sex Katulka March 29, Want to try it lotus These tips will help you do it right. The Positions You've all Been Waiting for Posiions Now. Written by Lotus Katulka. Lauren Katulka is a positions married freelance writer living on Australia's Central Coast. When she's not playing around with words she loves roller skating, spending time in the kitchen, watching indie films and cuddling her Devon Rex cat, Gizmo.

    Full Bio. Related Articles. Try It, You'll Like It! Related Terms. Which sex positions do men like best? What are Ben Wa balls? Anal sex hurts. Is there anything I can do? More of your questions lotus by our Experts. Sex Links. Kinkly's Sex Sex Selector. Kinkly Deals. Designed to boost positions and maximize endurance! A positions new sensation for a whole new orgasm. Related Tags. Sex Positions. Passion Play. Sex Positionx.

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    MANY people have their favourite positions when it comes to sex — lotus are they the positions ones that our parents lotus 20 years sex There are some positions that are current hot favourites in the bedroom for the nation, and they might not be what you expect.

    According to sexpert Tracey Positions, millennials are more concerned with getting on the property ladder or finding their dream positions to focus all their attention on sex. Young adults are said to be waiting later for sex, and due to the influence sex social media, are more body conscious and sex to put sex lower efforts. This is why the sideways 69 is currently a hot favourite for X-rated fun — and flips the classic position on its side for an easier fun session.

    Not only is it sex comfy, but it also takes tension of your necks and lotus you both to relax into the pleasure. With the rise in popularity in the vegan and yoga lifestyle, a move sex the Lotus Lover is proving popular among couples. And thanks to the rise in MeToo and women taking control of their sexual positions, women on top has never been more popular. While the acrobatic 69 involves both partners simultaneously getting pleasure, the 68 focuses lotus giving one person the time of their life.

    It works by one partner lying on their back, with lotus knees bent and feet flat on the floor, and then the other person lies on top of their chest, positioning themselves so positions genitals are resting near the partner underneath's mouth. The rates lotus tripled for women since and doubled positions men, so people are all sex looking after themselves in that department. Women positions typically enjoying this move by watching sexy videos on their phones in sex, while using a vibrator.

    Sign in. All Football. Becky Positions. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which lotus be viewed here.

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    1. The Bouncy Chair

    The first few days of January have been off to a frigid, rocky start, to say the least. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's spent the last few days. If the Kama Sutra boasts over a sex positions, who are we not to . out of your comfort zone: The lotus position is an extremely intimate sex. Sexpert Sadie Allison revealed that the love-making position could be a very sensual addition to your bedroom antics.

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    What is the Lotus Sex Position? - Definition from KinklySex position # - Lotus Flower. Kamasutra

    Itching for some lotus and creative sex positions? Even if you feel like you've already tried everything in the book, you'll find some hot AF moves on this list sure to surprise you. We've got all kinds ssx sex positions to try on this master list, with moves from the Lotus Sutra to modern masterpieces inspired by Kim and Kanye you heard us right.

    Don't get us wrong: There's a lot to be said for the old standby moves like missionary and cowgirl—not to mention the endless variations on them. But if you're looking for more of a challenge, these creative sex positions have got you covered. Plus, none of these positions are so weird that pitching them to your partner will be awkward.

    So keep reading and discover creative sex positions that will offer have even the most positions readers of sex tips taking notes. First, tell him to get down on his knees this is lotus, already! Have lotus kneel with his butt on his heels and the balls of his feet on the ground. Straddle his lap, facing him with you feet flat on the floor on either sex of his legs. Once you're in position and his erect penis is inside youbounce on the balls of your feet to control the rhythm and penetration.

    The close proximity will make for some delicious intimate time and you'll get the release you so desperately need. Straight outta the Kama Sutra, the Lotus position is an oldie-but-goodie that's sure to spice things up. Though it calls for a bit of flexibility, the payoff sex totally worth it. Here's how it goes: Lie on your back sex cross your legs "Indian style.

    Maintain the cross-legged position as long as you can hack it. It's a big hip opener, but just the right angle for a g-spot orgasm. You know how sometimes after a hard day, the last thing you want to do is strap on your chaps and ride your way around the bedroom? Well, rest easy, cowgirls, this Kama Sutra sex position is your friend.

    Start by lying on your back and have your man assume missionary position. Then raise one leg and rest it on his shoulder up by his head. Keep the other leg stretched out on the bed. You'll find that with one leg in the air, penetration will feel a lot deeper.

    If you're uncomfortable or your hamstrings are not sex flexible as you'd hoped, ask him to kneel instead. Either way, if he's still on the lookout for that g-spot of yours, "Splitting of a Bamboo" will improve his odds of finding it. Find a chair preferably one without arms and make him sit his naked self down. Then take a seat on his lap, facing away positions him, and lead his hand to wherever it is you like to be touched.

    When you can't take the teasing anymore, re-position yourself so that he's inside of you while you're still sitting on him. Encourage him to keep touching you while you move back and forth until one or both of lotks climax.

    Sounds unbelievably hot, doesn't it? Lie flat on your back. Have your man kneel on the bed with his knees slightly apart, and wrap your legs around his waist. Then raise your hips and pelvis by sex your back and showing off your glorious boobs. Have him support you at the small of your back while he does the thrusting. That's all there is to "Widely Opened. Think reverse cowgirl with a twist. Have your man lie down and sit on top of him, facing away.

    Now reach back and place one hand on his manly lositions. Use your hand to stable yourself lotks you move up and down. This allows you to have complete control over the speed and depth of penetration.

    You can also have him put his hands on your waist if you find you need a lift. The added plus? You'll be able to look back at him looking at you, which is bound to help things along.

    You lay on your side with your bottom leg under him and the other wrapped around his stomach. For his part, he should be kneeling down. This position maximizes the potential for deep, satisfying thrusts, and the sideways angle really shakes things up for new and exciting sensations.

    This one will really get the blood rushing to your head, and is an easy feat for dedicated yogis. Assume downward dog position and then let your partner gently pick up your legs and wrap them around his waist.

    You'll support yourself with your arms lotus for added support, he'll also hold you by your hips as he the light in him honors the light in you. This is a twist on the classic girl on top we all know and love. This version, however, leaves you totally in control. He should lay down on the bed, but then scoot backward so his upper body is draped on the bed and onto the floor at angle. Once he's set, straddle him and ride him as he enjoys the view from below.

    Astroglide's resident sexologist "Dr. Jess" O'Reilly, Ph. You lie on your side with one leg up, and your partner sits on their knees, straddles your bottom leg, positione penetrates you while balancing your ankle on their shoulder. Remember doing the crab walk in gym class or maybe more recently at positions creative Crossfit session?

    Both lotus get into positionss walking stance and meet in the middle. Both the your legs should be inside his legs are outside. Since you're on top, lift up your pelvis to lower yourself on top of your partner.

    From there, you control the rocking. It's called "The Spider" because this one looks pretty much like the name sex suggest.

    Jess recommends this to shake up the classic mutual oral sex position. One person stands upright, and the other goes into a handstand while the other holds them. This should allow you both to reach each other's naughty bits, but you may have to cut it short before all the blood rushes to your head. This might be more of a "just to say we did it" kind of position, really. For this twist on missionary, put your legs up and either keep them straight or rest your lotus on your partner's chest.

    That's when the sex part comes in: Cross your legs to create a tighter fit for more friction. Sex tackle another part of the alphabet, lie on your back with your feet flat poeitions your legs bent, then have your partner slide below your legs so you form a T shape, hence the name another Dr.

    Jess coinage. Doin' it from behind gets a whole lot hotter with this simple swx. Kneel on the bed or couch or dining table or floor or any elevated surface let him enter you from behind. This allows him to hit different angles than if you were just bent positiobs.

    Pro tip: The sensation will changed based on how far apart you place your legs. Play with opening your legs wider and narrower to find out what feels best to you. If you're looking to get a nice stretch in to your next sex session, have we got the position for ssex. Lie on your back with your legs over your head and positions butt positiions as if you were ,otus a backward roll, and have your partner enter you from the side.

    Hey, it ain't called Acrobats for nothing. We don't want you to actually ride a motorcycle while you have sex that would be dangerous! Instead, use some of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's favorite accessories: a mirror, your phone for positions selfies mid-lovemaking, of positionsand assorted swx bags from Givenchy and Balmain strewn about the room to set the mood. Your man sits on a throne or a chair, lotus you don't have a throne handyfacing a mirror. You perch on his lap, stealing glances at potus mirror.

    No actual sex is required; you just get off on how hot you look. It is sex pound sign after all get it? To assume the position: Lie on your side while your guy kneels facing you and lifts up your top leg similar to the scissors position. Inspired by Apple's exciting new launch, this move celebrates the idea that bigger is better.

    Lie on your back and push your hips up into a bridge keep your head and neck on the floor while supporting yourself with your shoulders. Your guy stands on pksitions bed straddling you, positions your hips up. It's an upgrade to your usual routine for sure, but please don't call tech support if things go awry. Instead of dumping a bucket of ice water on him while you're doing the deed please YouTube it, if you dosimply get busy in the shower.

    Extra credit: Melt an ice cube in your mouth to cool things off before giving him some icy oral. The lotue of your cool mouth and the hot water running all over his body will be mind-blowing. Rounding out our list of sex positions to try, we've got "The Twerk. Assume the reverse cowgirl position and lean forward, resting your arms on his thighs. Then simply use the twerking motion arch your back and rock back and forth, popping your booty up and lotus to have sex.

    Positions Hashtag It is a pound sign after all get it? The iPhone Lotsu Inspired by Apple's exciting new launch, this move celebrates the idea that bigger is better. Positions Ice Bucket Challenge Instead of dumping a bucket of ice water on him while you're doing the deed please YouTube it, if you dosimply get busy in the shower. The Twerk Rounding out our list of sex positions to try, we've got "The Twerk.