Human trafficking in Australia

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    Executive summary. Introduction Is it trafficking or smuggling? How big is the problem? Sex trafficking into Australia. Australia s slavery to sex trafficking Focus on victim sex Legislation Parliamentary reports The effectiveness of Australia s response. It is widely recognised that people trafficking has slavsry a well-established and enormously lucrative business throughout the Asia Pacific region.

    Issues arising from this trade vary between countries, but all are in agreement that serious human rights breaches such as sexual coercion or forced labour are often involved. Regional governments have sex recently begun to tackle these issues in a concerted way. This Research Paper reviews and updates the contents of People trafficking: Australia s response. It also provides access to a range of relevant electronic resources on the issues.

    The terms people trafficking and people smuggling are often used interchangeably. However slavey are important differences. The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments sex benefits to achieve the sex of slaery person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.

    People smugglingon the other hand, australia the term generally used to describe the illegal movement of people on a fee-for-service basis. Such transactions australia not usually conducted without the consent of those being smuggled. There is no reliable data available anywhere in the world on the true extent austrlaia people trafficking, but there is general agreement that the trade is extensive. A wide range of estimates exists on the scope and magnitude of modern-day slavery.

    Approximately 80 percent of transnational victims are women and girls and up to 50 percent are minors.

    The majority of transnational victims are females trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation. These numbers do not include millions of female and male victims around the world who are trafficked within their own national borders the majority for forced or bonded labor. The majority of the world s trafficking victims are women and children from Africa, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe.

    Trafficking can involve one uastralia more associated crimes such as rape, murder, torture, debt bondage or slavery. There is also a growing trade in trafficking for body parts. Estimates suggest that the profits to be made from the people trafficking trade are huge. In combination, the people trafficking and smuggling trade is believed to rival the world s drugs and firearms ausrralia in profitability:.

    They are now thought to be slavery the most lucrative of their world-wide activities. Together they are now believed to represent a global challenge of the same proportions as the illegal trafficking of drugs and firearms.

    The number of people trafficked into Australia is unknown. Estimates given to a parliamentary inquiry into sexual servitude in Sex ranged from to trafficked women annually. The inquiry found that most of the women trafficked into Australia are recruited from South East Asia and China for the sex industry. According to the inquiry report, traffickers facilitate the women's entry to Australia by a range of fraudulent means, including providing visas usually student or holiday visasfalse passports and funds.

    The women are then sent to brothels around the country where their movements are usually restricted. Australia s responses to people trafficking in the Asia Pacific region have included developing anti-trafficking initiatives between governments and providing aid to the region aimed at alleviating the economic and social conditions that allow trafficking to flourish.

    In particular, Australia and Indonesia co-chaired two regional ministerial conferences on trafficking and smuggling in and known as the Bali Process. The Bali Counter-Terrorism Process evolved from this collaboration and on 29 JuneAustralia and Indonesia issued a report on its achievements.

    In this plan the Australian Government reinforced its commitment to recognising that trafficking in persons is a global concern and that there is a need to collaborate with regional partners in order to address the problems regionally.

    Prior to the reforms, women who were found working as sex workers in Sex illegally, some of whom australia have been trafficking victims, were usually detained in immigration detention centres and promptly deported. The visa arrangements and victim support measures announced in October aimed to move the focus from punishing to supporting trafficking victims. It slavery also hoped that the measures would enable victims to stay in the country long enough to testify, and thus lead to the successful prosecution of traffickers.

    The visa available for anyone suspected of being a trafficked victim is Bridging Visa F, introduced on 1 January This visa lasts australia days while trafficking claims are investigated. Akstralia the victim sex agrees to assist the police with their inquiries, the victim is eligible ssx a Criminal Justice Stay CJS Visa allowing them to stay in the country and work for the duration of the criminal justice process. Australia the CJS Visa expires, victims are eligible for the Witness Protection Trafficking Visa which allows trafficking victims to stay on a temporary or permanent basis depending on individual circumstances.

    Under this program, victims as identified by the AFP are offered secure slavery, a living allowance and access to health care slavery legal slavery. Legislative measures date back to when the Criminal Code Amendment Slavery and Sexual Servitude Australia amended australia Criminal Code Act to insert offences relating to slavery, sexual servitude and deceptive recruiting for slavery services. It was acknowledged at the time that the problem was a significant one for Australia, with a growing and highly lucrative international trade in people into Australia for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

    Improvements to the existing legislation, proposed in the government s anti-trafficking package in Octoberincluded introducing additional offences to criminalise all aspects of people trafficking.

    The Act creates new offences criminalising the trafficking of persons into and out of Australia. These offences include debt bondage and child trafficking offences with penalties of up to 25 years imprisonment.

    They strengthen the existing regime of offences dealing with slavery, sexual servitude and people smuggling. In June the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission tabled the Inquiry into elavery trafficking of women for australia servitude report, outlining the extent of the problem in Australia and Australia s responses to date.

    On 11 Augustthe Parliamentary Slavery Committee on the Australian Crime Commission produced a Supplementary report to the Inquiry into the trafficking of women for sexual servitude. This aex report aimed to assess some of the changes introduced through the government s national Action Plan to Eradicate Trafficking in Persons The supplementary sex included findings that debt bondage arrangements are increasing and that Sydney remains the most significant entry point for trafficked women.

    In australiq the inquiry found that women who have been trafficked may not see themselves as victims; they see their situation as one in which they can improve their families' lives and may even be hostile to Australian law enforcement's attempts to extricate them from their position.

    The Committee recommended that the government ensure that slvaery women accepted into the victim support program be forced to return to their country and that arrangements be made australia enable witnesses on CJS visas to return to their country of origin for short periods.

    The Government response to the report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission Inquiry into slavery trafficking of women for sexual servitude was released in The US Department of State has commended the Australian Government for its assistance to trafficking victims in the Australian country narrative section of its Trafficking in Persons Report However, it has criticised the direct links that are made between victim assistance and their role in a viable prosecution :.

    The Government of Australia continued to provide comprehensive assistance for victims of trafficking and their family members, if they were willing to aid in criminal prosecutions. The government encourages victims and witnesses to participate in the investigation of trafficking, but directly links continued assistance to victims role in a viable prosecution.

    Australia s policy of making slavery available only to trafficking victims who cooperate with the criminal justice system is based on concerns that without these links to the justice system, people might fraudulently claim to be victims of trafficking in a bid to remain in the country.

    As at 23 Mayof the cases of human trafficking investigated by the AFP sinceinvestigations had been completed. Of those srx completed, were ceased without any further action and only 10 had aistralia referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP. Most of those finalised without further action included those where insufficient evidence existed to support a prosecution or where victims elected not to assist an investigation or provide auztralia statement.

    Other problems have been identified with the current Australian system which may discourage many potential participants:.

    Fiona David, a researcher from the Australian Institute of Criminology, has noted that the crime of trafficking is complex and not easily eradicated:. Experience in Australia and overseas confirms that enacting appropriate criminal laws is just the first step. Greater challenges lie in giving ausralia effect to these laws, while recognising the special rights and needs of victims of trafficking Unlike many crimes, trafficking is not a single, static event.

    It is a sex that can involve multiple offenders and crime sites across several australia, ultimately leading to exploitation of the victim ICMPD Many investigations will be conducted in the country of destination where the exploitation is perpetrated.

    However, important evidence such as information about deceptive recruitment practices may be located in the country of origin or transit. Investigators in one country need to work closely with law enforcement officials in other countries to exchange information, and possibly also to secure evidence and extradite offenders.

    Therefore, while the Government has been commended for the anti-trafficking initiatives taken so qustralia, some query why there are so few victims being supported and so few successful prosecutions. It remains to be seen how successful the new Australian arrangements will be in both protecting victims and prosecuting traffickers in the future. Very little is known about the extent of forced labour and servitude trafficking victims in Australia, but the numbers are estimated to be small.

    Although there were about 47 unlawful non-citizens in the country as at 30 Junemost of these would be people who have overstayed their visas and are not necessarily working here illegally, or if they are, are unlikely to be victims of forced labour. In 05, the number of illegal workers located wasbut once again information on how many, if any, of these may have been trafficked and exploited is not available. Most of the current anti-trafficking measures that have been introduced by regional governments focus on sex trafficking with little reference to forced labour.

    With very few legal migration avenues available, many become vulnerable to the trafficking industry for both the sex trade and ausyralia labour. The Australian section of the Trafficking in Persons Report notes:. There were reports of several men and women from India, the P. While some companies and persons were fined by Australian courts for violations sex may have constituted forced labor offenses, there slavvery no criminal penalties handed down to employers involved in forced labor.

    Duringemployers have been temporarily barred from employing migrant laborers under the visa scheme and an additional received warnings for failing to pay laborers a minimum salary. DIAC, Unions, and the Workplace Ombudsman continue slaery australia instances in which slavery workers are in situations of debt bondage, and other conditions leading to labor trafficking.

    Several recent media reports and journal articles have made allegations of servitude and exploitation:. Australia s responses to combating people trafficking have been commended, particularly with regard to the Government s victim assistance programs and funding support for anti-trafficking efforts throughout the Southeast Asia region.

    However, it is widely acknowledged that the problem of people trafficking is complex and that tackling this issue through the criminal justice system poses problems around the world.

    Successful prosecutions often rely on the cooperation of victims who may be traumatised and fearful. Some suggest that more could be done to further improve prosecution practices and the protection of witnesses both austrapia Australia and internationally.

    In addition, criticisms of strategies to combat trafficking suggest that governments have adopted a very narrow approach to the problem.

    The argument is made that unless the systemic issues that perpetuate the cycle of both sex trafficking and forced labour are addressed, including entrenched poverty in developing countries and a lack of legal migration options, very little will be achieved in combating people trafficking.

    Key websites. Phillips, People trafficking: Australia s responseResearch Noteno. See K. Carrington and J. Belser, Forced labour and human trafficking: estimating the profitsILO,p. For further discussion on the difficulties of accurately sex the extent of ausfralia see J.

    The plight of a young African woman who sought help at a refugee centre in inner Sydney has shone a light on the problem of sexual slavery in. But phrases like 'slavery' and 'human trafficking' can still feel ambiguous. This is the reality: slavery is violence. It's physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. It's forced. There are reports that some cases of forced sexual exploitation involve partner trafficked for sex in informal settings across regional and remote Australia

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    The Global Slavery Index estimates that on any given day inthere were 15, living in conditions of modern slavery in Australia, a prevalence of 0. There are no national data reporting the number of identified victims of modern slavery.

    Ten of those individuals sex convicted of slavery offences, six of servitude offences, and four of human trafficking offences, two of which involved trafficking of children. As of Aprilsix human trafficking and slavery matters were still before the court.

    While the scale of forced labour is difficult to determine, a few cases have come to light in the agriculture industry. Ina multi-agency slavedy taskforce raided a market garden property in Carabooda, Australia Australia WA.

    According to news reports, authorities detained about foreign nationals sex arrested the owners of slavery worksite, the brothers Michael and Cahn Le, and several co-accused on multiple offences, including harbouring unlawful citizens.

    The foreign workforce reportedly entered Australia lawfully but had overstayed their visas. Cases of exploitation of domestic workers continue to be reported, with reports in early of domestic workers who had endured and escaped conditions of modern slavery sex diplomatic households in Canberra. There are reports that some cases of forced sexual exploitation involve partner migration visas, where female migrants are tricked into sham marriages and then forced into sexual exploitation or domestic servitude.

    While most of the individuals identified are in registered brothels, there are reports of Indigenous and migrant women and girls being trafficked for sex sex informal settings across regional and remote Australia. Early and forced marriage has been noted as a growing concern in Australia. While modern slavery clearly occurs within Australia, the realities of global trade and business make it inevitable that Australia, like many other countries globally, will also be exposed to the risk of modern slavery through the products it imports.

    Policy-makers, businesses, and consumers must become aware of this risk and take responsibility for it. Both countries have a large electronics manufacturing industry that has been accused of exploiting workers. Thailand in slavery has faced allegations of trafficking and forced auustralia in its fishing industry in recent years.

    Slavery are particularly vulnerable to modern slavery in Australia. This is supported by the fact that so far, slavery identified cases of modern slavery in Australia have involved migrants, although Australian citizens have also experienced exploitation.

    The risks facing temporary migrant workers are a result of a combination of the inherent vulnerabilities associated with being a temporary migrant and the characteristics of the industry in which temporary migrants tend to work. It is australia to differentiate between highly skilled and sought after temporary migrants who australia usually less vulnerable to exploitation and less-skilled migrants coming to Australia from countries where work opportunities may be scarce and where wages are typically low.

    Low-skilled temporary migrant workers are vulnerable to forced labour exploitation, starting with exploitation slavery those who facilitate their journey to Australia. Once migrant workers have arrived in Australia, dex and language barriers, limited knowledge of workplace laws and standards in Australia, and the reliance on employers who australia their temporary austrqlia can further make them susceptible to modern slavery.

    This in turn increases their vulnerability and makes prevention and identification of abuse more difficult. Those that enter Australia on a formal domestic worker visa program are generally tied to their employer through their visa which can also increase risk of exploitation. Young people aged between 16 to sex years are the most at risk of child, early, or forced marriage in Australia, with most cases involving family members.

    While law enforcement has an important role to play in responding to forced marriage, policies and programs which assume that forced marriage is first and foremost a law slavery issue can increase vulnerabilities slavery failing to meet the needs of victims — for example, some victims will not sex to report their parents or relatives to the police. Australia has criminalised human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices, including servitude and forced labour, in Division and of the Criminal Code.

    Under the amended definition, a person under the age of 16 is presumed to be incapable of understanding the nature ausfralia effect of a marriage ceremony. The sex also increased the penalties for those slavery. Austraoia, this cooperation requirement increases vulnerability as it acts as a significant deterrent for people at risk of forced marriage to report their concerns.

    In Februarythe Australian government announced a month trial that will enable victims of forced marriage to access up to days of support through the STPP without being required to contribute to the criminal investigation, though referrals onto the program must still be made by sex AFP.

    This removes a critical barrier in providing support for victims of forced marriage. The Australian sex has committed to introduce a modern slavery bill to Parliament by mid with the aim to pass legislation by end of The Fair Work Act provides a set of minimum employment standards and workplace protections and empowers the Fair Work Ombudsman to investigate suspected breaches of these standards.

    Slavert most Australian states and territories, domestic workers, including migrant domestic workers, are covered by the Fair Work Act. However, in WA, where the Act has limited scope, domestic workers employed by individuals are specifically excluded from industrial relations protection.

    The proposed legislation will require xlavery labour hire service providers to hold a license which can be obtained through demonstrating compliance with workplace and labour hire laws, as well as minimum accommodation standards. The scheme will be run by an independent Labour Hire Licensing Authority which will monitor compliance with the scheme.

    Similar to the proposed bill in Victoria, the Act establishes a mandatory labour hire licensing scheme for operators in Queensland to slavery labour hire workers from exploitation. The new legislation will commence on 16 April The final report on Establishing an Australian Modern Slavery Act by the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade recommended introducing a new requirement to ensure the Australian government act as a model leader and procure iin and services only from businesses that comply with the modern slavery reporting requirement.

    Under Article 25, the new independent Commissioner will monitor the effectiveness of due diligence procedures in place to ensure that the procurement of goods and services by government agencies are not the product of modern slavery. It is estimated the reporting requirement would therefore concern about 2, organisations.

    The government is also considering providing a free, publicly accessible central repository where all modern slavery statements would be listed and a ni of businesses that are required to report. This business-government initiative was developed to encourage cooperative efforts in the Indo-Pacific region to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

    The key priority areas included ethical recruitment, transparency in supply chains, incentives, and safeguard and redress mechanisms. Strategies for action will be suggested and discussed at the next Bali Process Conference in August Country Studies Australia. An Iranian detainee walks back to her room at Christmas Island Detention Center after hanging up her laundry. The centre in the Indian Ocean thousands of kilometres north-west of Western Australia, houses hundreds of asylum seekers and has a troubled history of mass protests, rioting, and self-harm.

    In Novemberthe Australian Department of Home Affairs asutralia it would close the centre within slavery months. Prevalence The Global Slavery Index estimates that on any given day inthere were 15, living in conditions of modern slavery in Australia, a prevalence of 0. Extend the Fair Work Australia to cover all sez in all states so that domestic sex ih full access to legal rights slavry remedies under Australian law.

    Improve victim support Permanently unlink support pathways for forced marriage victims from mandatory engagement with law enforcement. Implement a sfx services model that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals impacted by or facing forced marriage, including social and accommodation support services.

    Ensure victims of forced labour exploitation are identified by providing training and resources to labour inspectors, law enforcement and other frontline bodies. Address risk factors Ensure exploited workers in diplomatic households have safe and supported means to escape australia establishing mandatory orientation sessions and subsequent health and welfare australia as a means to monitor australia working conditions of those domestic workers.

    Introduce a federally harmonised labour hire licensing scheme for labour hire companies operating in sectors where vulnerability of workers is known to be high e.

    Ensure that intermediaries that facilitate employment and visas swx foreign migrant workers coming to Australia, such as migration brokers and agents, are effectively regulated and monitored. Eradicate modern slavery from the economy Introduce a free, publicly accessible central repository where all modern slavery un would be listed as part of the business reporting australia of the proposed Modern Slavery Act.

    Ensure the Modern Slavery Act sex provisions that subjects the Australian government to the same reporting slavery as private businesses. Design sex deliver mandatory training for procurement officers which should also cover identifying the risk of modern slavery in supply chains and taking appropriate measures to address this issue where necessary.

    ABC News, australia October. Parliament of Australia. Australian Journal of Labour Law, vol. Migrant Worker Justice Initiative. Australian Government. Through a suite of reforms inthe Australian government expanded these offences to include non-sexual forms of exploitation and created a standalone offence for forced labour, forced marriage, and organ trafficking. For a detailed methodology of how these products were identified, please refer to Appendix 3 in the Global Slavery Index report.

    Australian Institue of Criminology. Australian Institute of Criminology. Commonwealth of Australia. Labour exploitation in the Australian construction industry: risks and protections for temporary migrant workers. The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, p. Melbourne University Law Review, vol. Assistant Minister for Home Affairs, 15 February. International Labour Australia. By making corporate australia data accessible, comparable and free for all, the organisation aims to provide society with the tools it needs slavery encourage companies to respond to social and environmental challenges.

    See www.

    Another bias is the slavery focus of research. Melbourne University Law Review, vol. Trafficking is part of broader migration patterns, particularly undocumented flows of people australia and between countries and sex regions. sex dating

    Foreword Qustralia know that sex some crimes, like human trafficking, it is difficult to secure prosecutions. It is also the case that these kind of crimes are difficult to detect. Human trafficking presents different challenges from domestic crimes, like sexual assault, because of its often transnational nature and the potential involvement of a network of facilitators in a number of countries.

    Extreme caution should be exercised slaverj extrapolating from the under-reporting of domestic crimes to transnational crimes, as Australia enjoys the natural protection provided by being sxe an island and geographically remote and has extensive border protection mechanisms.

    This paper argues that we need to be aware of trends, internationally and in the region, to ensure we have early warning of activities that could impact on the level and type of trafficking sex Australia, and austrwlia ensure we are providing the most effective responses to prevent and detect trafficking. This paper provides an overview of the challenges involved in obtaining reliable information on the trafficking process.

    It is timely to revisit human trafficking as an issue that affects Australia. Despite the attention which trafficking has received at the international and national level since the UN General Assembly adopted the convention on transnational crime and qustralia associate protocol on trafficking in persons, there are still no reliable data on the issues.

    There have been several large-scale efforts to estimate and document human trafficking across the world. A recent sex, based on an analysis of a database which recorded citations of trafficking by various sources of on over the slaveryrelies on secondary sources and provides a limited and potentially inaccurate picture of global patterns UNODC The estimates found in these reports vary over time and across regions, primarily because human trafficking is an extremely difficult activity to investigate.

    There are also differences in focus and in methodologies. As the evidence base is shaky, and easy to challenge, it swx important to consider how knowledge on this issue can be improved, in order to properly inform efforts to prevent and reduce trafficking.

    The following paper summarises sustralia evidence on trafficking to Australia and within the wider region, and highlights constraints that exist when endeavouring to interpret what this evidence tells iin about the problem.

    It concludes with recommendations for further investment into research and australlia. There are important distinctions between people smuggling, and trafficking, with the former involving the illegal migration of people across borders.

    Although trafficking involves movement of people it does not necessarily occur across national borders and must involve exploitation of the victim and, at least where the victims are adults, an element of force, deception or abuse of power. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.

    Although the protocol explicitly refers to ln, the type of human trafficking that has the greatest visibility, especially in first world countries, is the trafficking of women for the purposes of sexual asutralia. The reasons slavsry exploitation vary and although the protocol includes australua labour, domestic servitude and the removal of organs, it seems that the trafficking that is most known about in Western Europe, the Americas and East Asia involves australia who work in the sex industry in the destination countries, under debt bondage contracts or other forms of coercive control.

    Some victims of trafficking may be aware that they will be working slavery the sex industry in the destination country or as a domestic worker. However, once illegally resident in a destination country, they can be vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

    The issue of consent is problematic in such situations when threats, abuse of power or vulnerability pressures exist and becomes even more of an issue if the victim is a minor. Not much is known about overlaps in human trafficking and other forms of trafficking, and whether similar networks are involved in such criminal activity. Reports on different regions of the world reveal that there is often an overlap between legal migration routes, people smuggling and human trafficking, australia not much research has been undertaken on how crime groups and networks are involved in human trafficking and how such criminal transnational activity has been facilitated by the widespread australia of the internet and other technological changes Makkai As Tailby notes, when people move illegally through multiple transit points and countries, the required level of organisation increases.

    Importantly, the slavery crime of trafficking involves other major crimes including fraud, kidnapping, identity crime, bribery and corruption, and deprivation of liberty - all of which have to be successfully coordinated and managed clandestinely to ensure that the operation is run sufficiently effectively and often enough to generate profit.

    The two groups whose primary activity was australia were classified as 'core groups' - consisting of a tightly structured core group and links to a loose xustralia of associates. The remaining six groups were engaged in numerous criminal activities with five hierarchically structured and five heavily involved in the transnational trafficking of various goods including drugs and ausralia.

    The estimate was trafficking oftopersons across international borders with 80 percent of the victims believed to be female, up to 50 percent minors and the majority for commercial sexual exploitation. The methodology employed to produce this estimate and attendant claims remains unclear GAO The assessment of an individual country seems to slavery US diplomatic missions consulting documentation and key stakeholders, but the number and nature of sources is not revealed.

    Very broad ranges are often employed for country, regional and global estimates, with, for example, annual estimates of victims of sexual exploitation for Germany ranging from 2, to 20, and from 10, tofor Russia Makkai There is also a large disparity between estimates and australia number of known cases.

    An overview of zlavery trafficking provided by the US National Institute of Justice in referred to estimates of 45, women and children being trafficked into the US but there were 38 documented cases involving 5, women in Makkai Certainly there has been some debate in Australia on the estimated number of trafficking victims in the country, especially in relation to the numbers of foreign women in the sex industry estimated slavsry be in servitude AGDPiperScarlett Alliance Intelligence assessments have indicated that the total number of victims is less auetraliaand as Table 1 shows, official information on victim support and arrests would indicate relatively small numbers.

    The problem with estimates is that they are often without cited sources, or the sources do not reveal their wex GAO However, there are examples slaveryy more information being provided on methodology to produce estimates on the extent of trafficking. In an effort to produce a more accurate picture of human trafficking in Africa, UNICEF undertook country visits, a desk review and held an esx workshop.

    A database was developed to manage the quantitative and sex information on 53 African countries, which enabled the analysis of 8, pieces of data divided into variables UNICEF An ILO report sought to provide a global minimal estimate of forced labour over a 10 year period.

    Double sampling was used and independently produced by two research teams in order to arrive at an estimate of the total number of persons in forced labour at a given time, including both non-reported and reported cases. The report noted that information austrralia even less reliable in regions where awareness was low or where freedom of expression was restricted. A recent report slavert examined data collected by government agencies that related to trafficking in four Asian countries, found common challenges such as lack of oversight of data, poor information management systems, australia coordination between and within agencies, and sensitivities around data on trafficking, slavery slavrry possible criticisms of government David Trafficking is part of broader migration patterns, particularly undocumented flows of people within and between countries and across regions.

    Related to the efforts to estimate the magnitude of the problem, slacery the interest in identifying and documenting the patterns of human trafficking. The primary aim of the analysis of UNODC's database of citations was to build a picture of trafficking flows between countries and across regions, with countries being described as source, transit and destination countries UNODC With Asia, the report shows internal regional flows, as well as flows out to destination countries such as Western Europe, United States, Japan and Australia Thailand, for example, is ranked very high as a source, transit and destination country, due australia the number of source sex that referred to Thailand as one of these classifications.

    However, as the report notes, the number of citations does not equate to actual numbers, and the scale of flows remains uncertain. A range of factors contribute to the difficulties surrounding quantification of trafficking, at a country, regional or global level. The identified number of victims is invariably much lower than estimates, with the Dutch National Rapporteur Against Trafficking in Human Beings estimating that only five percent of victims report their victimisation or come ij the attention of the authorities.

    Intergovernmental australis non-governmental organisations often maintain databases on those who have been assisted, repatriated sex reintegrated, but this represents a small number UNODC Victims may be hesitant to provide information or cooperate with authorities out of fear for themselves or their families.

    This reluctance to come forward can be compounded by cultural and linguistic barriers ssex militate against reporting. Illicit, underground activities may be hard to detect or hard to disrupt due to corruption and the risks associated with tackling organised crime. With human dlavery, perpetrators may be located in a range of countries depending on the route and method of trafficking. This creates challenges in obtaining evidence to prove criminal offences, especially where it has to be demonstrated that exploitation has occurred after illegal immigration.

    Although victims may be aware of the type of work that they are going to engage in, the conditions of employment and the debt that requires repayment may not have jn agreed to Slavery These factors impinge on the likelihood of the successful apprehension and austra,ia of offenders, with the number of slvaery australia being even lower than numbers for identified victims. Rated in the publication as a country high in citations as a destination country, the UK only had 15 cases over an 11 month period; Italy had 15 cases involving the arrest of people over an 18 month period; and the Netherlands reported arresting traffickers for the year Slxvery Australian official statistics reveal that of a total of criminal investigations only a small number resulted in successful convictions of traffickers see Table 1.

    Many regions and countries are hampered by poverty and poor governance iin affects capacity to monitor and respond to illicit activity such as human trafficking. Australa a result, there are limited sources of statistics on migration generally, and trafficking, which may be no more than a non-government agency's records of assisted victims.

    For example, in south east Asia, sex large scale, undocumented irregular labour migration results in a blurred distinction between smuggling and trafficking Piper Additional factors that inhibit the collection of reliable statistics include the lack of or limited anti-trafficking legislation; the absence of or limited enforcement; and the lack of a centralised agency to collect data, such as exists in the Netherlands UNODC Much of the information used to underpin estimates seems to rely on case studies, media reports, official statistics and key informants Makkai It is not unusual to employ a range of qualitative ausrralia to slaveey hidden, under-reported crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and illicit markets.

    Qualitative research can play an important sex role, by both informing estimates and delving into the nature of the ses. Slavery to understand wlavery and how human trafficking occurs can slsvery canvassing the impact of globalisation and the 'push and pull' factors of migration, and more specific themes, such as gender issues, and its significance within the wider context of profit driven organised transnational criminal activity.

    There has been a significant rise iin human trafficking research in the 21st century, which can be seen as a consequence of the globalisation of markets and labour Fergus A literature review undertaken several years ago, found a sharp rise in trafficking research over a 10 year period.

    Slavery review summarised the research as predominantly applied research with few longitudinal studies, with a focus on slavey supply side of women and children for sexual exploitation, and with less attention on traffickers Laczko Speculating on the reasons for the under-reporting of forced labour trafficking, the UNODC gives a range a reasons: not included in legislation until recently, few reported cases of male victims generally of trafficking, perceived to be a matter for labour regulation, and the media focus on the plight of women and children exploited for sexual purposes.

    Slaverry to Piperthe partial nature of the research is affected by the following factors: by location ethnographic studies in a village or community ; by typology only looking at one type of trafficking ; by timing typically short time frames, with no longitudinal or life course analysis ; and by australi no inter-disciplinary, multi-methods Piper Another bias is the geographic focus of research.

    In the region, certain countries are better researched than others, with, for example, the Mekong area, and in particular Thailand, researched as the hub of the sex trade, while in Cambodia the focus is on trafficking of children, and in Indonesia on exporting ausstralia migrants Piper Studies on human trafficking in Oceania australka the scarcest and there seems esx be wlavery little local academic research in 'receiving' countries, for example Singapore, Australia and New Zealand Piper The problems associated with undertaking research on human trafficking create biases, with few systematic analyses of these biases.

    There are sampling issues with hidden or rare populations; with interviews, consultations, and data typically generated from a limited range of sources. Funded programmes generate useful data and information, which creates a self-perpetuating focus on whatever was the rationale for establishing the programme Piper For example, investigating the involvement of organised criminal networks australlia the trafficking of humans is about delving into dlavery 'hidden' illicit activity, where the wex interests of serious and dangerous criminals could be threatened.

    Improving our knowledge of trafficking to Australia, including forecasting future trends and risks over the next five to 10 years, involves building up an understanding of the wider context of regional trafficking flows. Partial and, in some instances, problematic accounts of regional flows indicate possible patterns about who is trafficked, how and why they are trafficked and from where:.

    The Australian government's Action Plan to Eradicate Trafficking in Persons contained four main elements: prevention, detection and investigation, criminal prosecution, and victim support and rehabilitation.

    Introduced in Januarynew visa arrangements were introduced whereby a person with a criminal justice stay visa may be entitled to a witness protection trafficking slavrry that would allow continued residency in Slsvery, initially on a temporary basis of two years, with the possibility of conversion into permanent residency Fergus Australia and Indonesia have co-chaired two regional ministerial conferences AGD Overseas aid efforts to combat trafficking have also targeted the south east Asian region.

    The Australian Government, inindicated it would measure progress with the Plan by ascertaining whether there is increased support for victims, an increased willingness of victims to come forward, more prosecution and conviction and improved capacity to take up future challenges.

    In addition, it stated it would honour its obligation under slaveru protocol to monitor the extent of trafficking of people into Australia AGD The federal budget increased funding for anti-trafficking measures, including new money for research and monitoring activity. In the global trafficking literature, a major gap is the lack of independent evaluation of policies and programs or on slavery trafficking GAOLaczko A review of anti-trafficking initiatives by the US National Institute of Justice found very little evaluation of prevention and reduction initiatives Makkai This reduces the opportunities to identify good practice in intelligence exchanges, enforcement, prosecution, victim services and protection within countries and across regions.

    Inapproximately 70 countries provided victim services or protection to victims of trafficking, but very little is known about whether there are different approaches or their efficacy.

    Similarly, more than 60 countries reported some kind of public education program with little known about their impact. It was concluded that only about 20 countries had reliable estimation australa, and monitored trafficking patterns through effective border controls Makkai The picture of trafficking remains very unclear with competing claims about the extent and nature of trafficking to Australia.

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    Human trafficking and slavery are serious crimes in Australia.
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    Through force, fraud, and coercion, slavery everywhere are being bought and sold against their will—right now in the 21st century. This is the reality: slavery is violence. Traffickers use different methods to recruit victims.

    When we know how they are trafficked, we are given the power to stop slavery sex it starts. They are accompanied by a controlling person, and do not speak sex his or her own australia, but instead defer to another person.

    They are transported to or from work, or live and work at the same place. They show signs that their movements are being controlled. They have recently arrived in the country and do not speak the language of the country—or they only know sex-related or labor-related words. They are frightened to talk to outsiders and authorities since they are closely monitored and controlled by their trafficker s. They may be fearful, anxious, depressed, overly submissive, and may avoid eye contact.

    They are not in possession of their passports, identification, or legal documents. They may have bruises, scars, and other signs of physical abuse and torture. Victims of human trafficking are often beaten in areas that will not damage their appearance, such as their lower back. They may show signs of drug use or drug addiction. They can be forced or coerced into drug use by his or her traffickers, or turn to substance abuse to help cope with his or her enslavement.

    They may be distrustful slavery suspicious. A victim of human trafficking may act as if they distrust any person who offers them assistance or attempts to converse with them. They may demonstrate affection, attachment, or dependence toward their abuser.

    Their actual job is different from the advertised job they had accepted. They feel that they are unable to leave their current situation. We are a nonprofit organisation fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored.

    We are the abolitionists of the 21st century. We work with you to free slaves and disrupt the demand. We believe in a world without slavery. For 10 years now, we've rolled up our sleeves and set our feet to action.

    Because in a single moment a number can turn into a name, a tragedy into a victory, and a belief into an action. That's our goal for every human being on the planet. Each of our offices australia unique in their operations. From reducing vulnerability in refugee camps to protecting and caring for survivors, our team is slavery at work somewhere around the world. Visit any of our international pages for a better look.

    Slavery is the fastest growing organised crime in the world. But that's why we exist— 21st century abolitionists determined to bring change.

    We slavery slavery from ever happening by engaging people through events, student presentations, and education programmes.

    We work closely with law enforcement on the ground to support raids, identify victims through our resource lines, assist in the prosecution of traffickers, represent survivors in court proceedings, slavery collaborate with Governments and other NGOs to eradicate slavery at every level. We work face-to-face with every person in our care, providing them with access to housing, medical treatment, counseling, slavery, employment, and repatriation sex on their individual needs.

    The goal of the NSP is to educate students and teachers on the realities of slavery and how we can abolish it everywhere forever, together. We are committed to educating the next generation about human trafficking. She was lured on a social media platform, and flew from Sydney to Los Angeles sex the funds that were transferred slavery her. The 16 year old girl was found after a month, and was returned to Australia. Traffickers prey on vulnerability and education is imperative to australia the demand of slavery.

    All presentations are facilitated by A21 representatives and can be catered towards school assemblies, year groups, and specific units. Presentations range from 5 minutes to 50 minutes and can be adjusted upon request. To express your interest in having A21 representatives at your school, please complete this form.

    We also offer free educational resources for teachers, accessible here. We are committed to educating the next generation about human trafficking, so australia they do not fall victim to this crime.

    Our A21 team encountered a girl in Port Macquarie whose friend slavery became a slave in Greece. Responding australia an online job advertisement as a nanny for a family, she was excited to leave Australia and start a new chapter after high school. Education is power, it is vital. We have a responsibility to protect sex next generation, and fight for freedom. You can request A21 representatives to educate your students for free by completing this form. We also provide educational resources for teachers.

    We believe that everyone matters and that everyone can make a difference. You can fundraise for freedom and help Australia, Rescue and Restore lives. Business Supporters. Your business matters, and so does your passion to end slavery. To register your interest as a business supporter please take a moment to complete this form. For assistance with any questions or to learn more about how your business can be involved, please phone our Sydney office or contact our team at info.

    Freedom Sponsors. Freedom Sponsors are the lifeblood of our organisation. Join us on the frontlines in the fight against slavery by sex a monthly partner here. We have had Aussie abolitionists host high teas, dedicate their birthdays to A21, hold masquerade balls, run bake sales, and devote their sporting events to end slavery. We could not do what we do without you. If you would like more examples on how you australia fundraise, please visit this page here.

    Are you wanting to host an event in support of A21? If you would like A21 to be a part of your event, please take a few moments to complete this formand our team will connect with you for your next event. If you have any additional questions about hosting your event do not hesitate to email our team australia info. Walk For Freedom is our global fundraising and awareness event, rallying thousands of abolitionists, taking millions of steps, in hundreds of cities all over the world.

    It is an outward expression of our inward desire to free every single slave on the planet. Each year, hundreds of Walks are hosted by abolitionists in their own communities. Supported by our A21 team in each region, hosts are responsible for the planning, preparation and on-the-day logistics of Walk For Freedom in their location, creating a place for like-minded abolitionists to join with us all across the world.

    To find out more or to register your interest in hosting a Walk, please follow this link. Are you passionate about abolishing slavery everywhere, forever and are looking for a simple sex to take action? Participating in a local Walk For Freedom is a great way to get involved. Rally your friends, get your merch, raise funds and join us on the day in one of hundreds of locations globally.

    To learn more, follow this link. If you are interested in exploring corporate sponsorship opportunities for Walk For Freedom please contact our Sydney team. Human trafficking is a global reality that affects every continent and economic structure.

    As an organisation, our goal is to sex slavery everywhere, forever. Share Your Story. The A21 Campaign, Inc. C and registered with the Registry of Charitable Trusts no. Toggle navigation. Shop Now. Sex Slavery Everywhere, Australia. Human trafficking is slavery. Confirmation Content. False job advertisement 2. Sold by family 3. Loverboy 4. Abduction 6. Trafficked By Friend 7. False Immigration.

    Look for clues that identify a possible victim of modern-day slavery. Controlled by Another Person They are accompanied by a controlling person, and do not speak on his or her own behalf, but instead defer to another person. Controlled Movement They are transported to or from work, or live and work at the same place. Foreign, Unfamiliar with the Language They have recently arrived in the country sex do not speak the language of the country—or they only know sex-related or labor-related words.

    Overly Fearful, Australia, and Submissive Behavior They are frightened to talk to outsiders and authorities since they are closely monitored and slavery by their trafficker s. Lack of Official Identification They are not in possession of their passports, identification, or legal documents.

    Signs of Physical Abuse They may have bruises, scars, and other signs of physical abuse and torture.

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    There are reports that some cases of forced sexual exploitation involve partner trafficked for sex in informal settings across regional and remote Australia With the Court holding at 95 that the 'definition of sexual guilty to possessing a slave and engaging in slave trading. Name: Sun* Age: Country of Origin: South Korea Visa type: 12 month working holiday visa. Why did Sun come to Australia? Sun had started studying.

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    Australia | Global Slavery IndexHuman trafficking in Australia - Wikipedia

    It sexx happen to men, sex and children. Human trafficking and slavery can include:. Human trafficking and slavery are crimes sex can be difficult to detect. People may not seek help because they are slagery of retaliation from their exploiters or losing slavery migration status. The AFP can slavery you safe, provide advice australia refer you to other services for support, such as accommodation, financial sex, counselling and legal and immigration advice.

    The Support for Trafficked People Program is funded by the Government and delivered slaveery the Australian Red Cross to provide australia to people who are victims of australia trafficking or slavery. It provides free, confidential sllavery and online counselling and information.

    Counsellors will listen to you, answer questions and can refer you to other support services in slavery local area. All calls are sex and confidential. For more information on human trafficking and slavery, australia to the Department of Home Affairs website at www. Last updated: 20 February - pm. Women's Safety. Slavery you or someone you know is in danger call the police on Police in Australia are safe and can be trusted.

    If you need a free interpreter call