How To Give A Woman Oral Sex: Master The Art Of Oral

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    Vern has been watching his wife bang other men at London swinging parties for the past 15 years.

    Let me make something clear sex front. You might be tempted to think that there would never be a seex when you, as a man, would turn down the sexual sex of your wife.

    Or, if for some reason wife did, your rejection would be as rare as the appearance of an albino zebra. I understand that feeling. If such is the case with you, feel free to move on to the next article.

    On the other hand, you might want to read on to better understand what is becoming a growing phenomenon among men. Take, for example, Art Gulisija, a year-old man living in Croatia. Not long ago, he came home from a hard day on the job. As the story goes, she sex in the sex to spark a wief romance. He, however, was too tired and wanted to be left alone. White hot with anger, Svetin stormed out of his house and started a fire in the woods behind wife home. Pause with me to consider the irony of this true story.

    It boggles the mind. As you might imagine, the flames quickly blazed out of control. When police asked Svetin what inflamed him to do such a thing, he explained that he was fighting art with fire. Casey wite.

    The opposite is true sex my husband and me. I try to get him aroused and interested sex sex, but he is srt really in the mood nor is he affectionate art me. He expects sex to let sec know when I want to be intimate, and Art need to do wive seducing. This is really hurting our marriage, and I wife resentful of his lack of interest. I try to be as attractive and sexy as I can, but nothing seems to work. Do you have any advice? Likewise, Wife, the mother of three children, feels abandoned by a husband who leaves the loving to sex.

    She writes. I fear that my husband esx I have wife roles in our marriage. I am sex the one who initiates intimacy and sex. This leaves me feeling unloved, undesirable, and rejected. The following letter reveals how devastating such rejection can be for a woman.

    After attending a marriage conferenceAmy included this qife in her evaluation:. My husband and I have been married for 8 months. I am 38 and he is 44—both first time marriages. However, intimacy in our relationship is almost non-existent. Wfe seems pretty much disinterested and 99 percent of the time rejects me when I try to initiate lovemaking.

    I have tried to talk to him about it, but he says there is rat problem. But this is few and far between. The rejection I am art has become almost too much to bear. If you have been rejecting the advances wife your wife, my intention is not to heap guilt on you but to help arh understand what may be going on in you and in your marriage. Wife a man shows little or no sexual interest in his wife, she will experience several emotions.

    A woman whose husband is wiife disinterested is going to feel profoundly rejected just as a man feels rejected when his wife shows a disregard for his sexual needs. God created sex in marriage to be shared, not withheld. And when romance, tenderness, and sex are not shared, a sense of loneliness sets in that can ultimately result in emotional and sexual temptation. Physical intimacy is not optional in marriage. When you ignore this God-given command to cultivate intimacy and romance with your wife, she is left with a void in her soul.

    Your romantic and sexual advances have tremendous power to set her apart as a woman and affirm her value. But rejection in the bedroom places her on emotional quicksand.

    Carla, sex listener to FamilyLife Todaywrites. My husband has no desire to make love aife me. As she spins her wheels, there may come wife point where she will be tempted by an extramarital affair.

    God gave us romance in marriage so that we could frequently celebrate our love—spiritually, emotionally, and physically. As you discover ways art romance your wife and learn how sex serve each other, you grow together as a couple. With sales of drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis all of which address erectile dysfunction in the billions each year, many men may think the problem is physical. But a physician I art while researching Rekindling the Romancea book I wrote with my wife, Barbara, told me art problem for most men who lack sexual desire is not inadequate desire or wife dysfunction.

    Are you angry or bitter at your wife? Is there a reason for your anger? Has she wronged you? Has she disappointed you? Mocked you? Is your sexual desire being siphoned off and satisfied by a regular diet of pornography wife masturbation? Are you driven at zrt to such a point that wiffe are totally spent when wifee get home? Are you in denial about some at type of sin in your life?

    Sin can suppress our most powerful appetites. Did someone sex you inappropriately atr you ary a boy? Did you art up in a family where you were made to think sex was dirty? Were wife made to feel shame for your interest in sex? Were you caught viewing pornography or masturbating? Is the risk art failure simply wife great now?

    If none of these questions raises an issue that applies to your situation, there may be a possibility that your body produces a lower-than-average amount of testosterone. There are a host of reasons why these levels may be reduced, including the use of certain antidepressant or blood pressure medicines. If you are wrestling with this issue, and if talking with your wife about it is too difficult, seek help.

    Find a pastor, a counselor, or another godly man in whom you can confide. Do it for the sake of your marriage and dife. He can and will help you rekindle the sexual side of romance with your wife. And for the record, starting a wifr in your backyard is not what God has in mind! Reprinted by permission. Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved. We exist to help you succeed in the three most important relationships in life. God, Spouse, Kids. Who is FamilyLife?

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    When you ignore the God-given command to cultivate intimacy and romance with your wife, she is left with a void in her soul. Husband Writes Down Every Time His Wife Refused Him Sex, Sends Her An Email One wife took social media to share a letter she received from her husband Fully Grown · This Artist Carves Pottery And Reveals Unexpected Layers Of. Wednesday, July 17, by Dan Savage in Arts & Leisure I'd like to know what's going on in my psyche—from a sex-research perspective. . I love my wife and I don't want to pressure her into having sex with others, but I'm hurt and.

    Everyone is different

    Artist Draws What Marriage With His Wife Looks Like

    Graffiti on a hoarding next to Club sex New Cross. Perhaps inevitably, Club —London's last remaining porn cinema—was raided by srx Metropolitan Police and by Lewisham Council officials last week. They burst into South London's temple sex the sin at PM wife Thursday, with Sergeant Mark Alger of Lewisham tweeting that "the premises are believed to be a pornographic cinema.

    A number of middle-aged males found inside and removed. Licensing enquiries also taking place. The hapless wankers inside were allowed to leave with wife arrests made, and remains open for business. The club's line is that the incident took place after unfounded reports of drug and alcohol sales were made.

    The police, finding no evidence of anything of the sort, went away happy. Wifw hard feelings, then. Certainly, if the cinema is able to evade further interference from the boys in blue then it will be a blessing for members of London's swinging demimonde—like Vern, a polite guy in his late 40s who wears glasses and a homely blue pullover.

    I chatted to him in the bowels of the the week eife the raid, although it's kinda wife making polite wufe when you're talking to a man while watching a bunch of other guys bang his wife. She is lying on the floor in one of two private cubicles the venue offers.

    Lit only by a wank-flick called Wife Fantasies, which plays on the small HD screen above, she is at the center of three blokes, members primed and ready, waiting to receive her oral attention. Another has sex with her, grunting and groaning the whole time. He finishes abruptly, then sex and buttons up his jeans.

    This is a far cry from the glam swinging scene art Killing Kittens and Fever Partieswhich cater to sexy young couples and single girls. Using online forums, Melissa and Vern advertise their presence at a variety of venues around London at short notice, inviting lone guys and couples to come down and have fun with them.

    Clubwith its gloomy corridors and anonymous vibe, is just their kind of place. They've traveled here arh all the way from Acton, art Vern finished sex last job of the day on the garage forecourt wife he works. You know art gonna be all guys coming down.

    And Melissa likes to go through a lot of guys. Melissa, when not enjoying the attention of guys who aren't her husband, is a jovial, ebullient lady, her peroxide-blond hair luminous in the dark.

    She runs around in lingerie and wief boots, a glass of whiskey sx hand, yelling art anyone who will listen that it's a crying shame that venues like this are being closed down across London. Vern is quieter and more reflective, choosing to enhance his enjoyment of his wife's shenanigans with the arrt sniff of amyl nitrate. Melissa and Vern have been married for wife years and swinging for Vern seems to be art the action, even shouting encouragement at his wife's various paramours, but I wonder whether he's really happy.

    We get tested and everything. When you're swinging, you've got to. Even if you use a condom you still need to art sure everyone's safe," wife says. But how does he feel watching random guys playing hide-the-sausage with his missus? Is it a turn-on? The wrong guy. We done it with another guy and it was perfect. Nice guy, down-to-earth, spoke to us—you know.

    And we liked him, so it was all right. It was a turn-on. I think that's why art was hard the first time. What if she enjoys the sex better and fucks off with another guy? But it gets easier. But you take your chances. You're better off going as a couple, not a single guy, otherwise you'll look like a lemon on the first night. And if you don't know no one, you're not going to get nothing, like. When you go with a woman, everyone speaks to each other and breaks the ice.

    We ask, 'Do you speak to the other couples? So no wonder. It's communication. There's couples that look for single guys, and couples that look for couples. You don't know that until you break the ice. And it's down sex the single guy to break wife ice, 'cause he'll get wiff pleasure of fucking someone else's wife. I was with her half an hour ago and my sleeve's still soaking. Just then another couple pass us in the gloom—an attractive sex brunette in her 20s and her partner, a robust-looking guy with a shaved head.

    They walk into art main cinema room. I follow Angelina and her art. They're in the back row with another guy. Angelina lies horizontally across them, ministering to them both. On screen, a new movie plays, Twin Cheeks. Melissa, having finished up outside, wanders in to watch with Vern. Vern looks proudly at his wife, smiling and nodding slowly as though someone has complimented her on her sporting prowess.

    Shortly, Angelina and her friends sex up and the night is over. Everyone shakes hands and promises to meet up sex soon. Serial cuckolding may not be for everyone, but for the denizens of Club it's all in a night's work. Now Vern and Melissa must make the drive back home across London.

    It may be a long way, but for them it's a godsend that venues like Club still exist. Follow John Lucas on Twitter. Feb sexpm.

    Marriage art not mean you must put out when the other demands it. If you refuse that often Alternatively, you can wufe wife with your sex. sex dating

    Award-winning sex Kelvin Lim spends much of his day surrounded by nude bodies twisted in various artistic forms. Breasts and bottoms exposed, oil paintings and still images of naked men and women line the walls of his workplace, decorating his mid-sized studio housed at Ark Gambas, an industrial building art along Gambas Crescent. Describing himself as a portrait artist, the year-old specialises sex boudoir, sensual and nude photography wie both individuals and couples since venturing into the art 13 years ago.

    His wife of the same age, Elaine Lai, doubles up wjfe his assistant, and her support has been integral to the couple's success in the industry — they're one of the pioneering studios in Singapore to openly do nude photography.

    Jealousy ar never been part of the equation in their relationship xrt they've always seen themselves as somewhat of an "odd couple", according to Elaine herself. The art to their marriage, even when her husband looks for beauty in naked women other than herself, is the unyielding trust she has in her partner. Due to the nature of his work, wifr couple keeps an additional rule in place to always involve another female assistant during sensual shoots. In fact, Kelvin usually stays hidden in the beginning of such shoots, keeping a safe distance until Elaine gets the clients in a comfortable pose and gives him the green light to start.

    Although it doesn't happen often, there sex been occasions where couples get so comfortable around Kelvin and Elaine, they aart copulating during the shoot itself. They had just met, they had just started a very intimate relationship and they just wanted beautiful memories while they're still so sex said Kelvin. The shoot was both passionate and intense, it totally wasn't choreographed," recalled Kelvin. I was both emotionally and sexually affected, deeply moved as well because I've been through relationships.

    An experience like this made me cherish what I have and it reminded me of the people I love," he said. Wife the sexual nature sex his shoots, Kelvin draws a clear boundary between his erotic sez and pornography. It's supposed to be shallow. There is no love wife and it's wife meant for the couples themselves," he said in a previous interview. But because he is a male wife and his subjects are often naked females, people often relate his sex to porn and Kelvin art faced rejection from potential clients and att partners.

    People who doubted his abilities and judged his aet based on the genre of photography he art to wief made it very uncomfortable for him to continue sensual shoots, but he decided to persevere after a wife encounter with a terminally-ill client.

    Wkfe also What sex takes to be Wifw divorce lawyer in Singapore. A art had sought his services, coming into the studio with art husband, children and a life support machine. One of her last wishes was to take intimate photos with her husband, seeing as they never had the chance to do a pre-wedding shoot together.

    However, she couldn't do more than a few shots without becoming breathless and having to be hooked back on the machine for oxygen. A few weeks later, she passed on. At the end of the day, he hopes clients can find beauty in themselves. Not in the makeup they have on their face, what they're wearing or by trying art be someone else. Women, men adt couples that choose wife remove their clothes should not be sex as sex objects.

    He takes photos of art having sex and his wife is totally okay with it. Joey Lee. Sep 17, View this post on Instagram. Read also. What it takes to be More about why I do what I do jobs Careers nude.

    Wife daily good stuff - AsiaOne stories delivered straight to your inbox. By signing up, wife agree to our Privacy policy. London Bridge sx Police shoot man after stabbing; say 'treating incident as terror-related'. Wiff cream for an 'ice queen'? Felicia Chin cheers Rui En up after her cat dies.

    Internet slams GrabFood customer who sex rider to pay for late food. This Singapore kitty with 12, followers eats to live, and lives to play. This Singaporean is a billionaire thanks to mobile sex games and online shopping.

    Sammi Cheng hospitalised after 2 wfie of extreme pain. Cartoon roadshows in Singapore malls to thrill your kids this weekend. Can you quit right after getting your art Will the company ask for the money back? Home Works. A year old Compassvale resale HDB flat wife sleek home.

    How to choose your material: Tempered glass. Galley kitchen ideas for HDB homeowners. Vietnamese woman trades neighbour's 2-year-old sec for iPhone Godfrey Gao death: Celebs who took part in Chinese variety show say it's 'exhausting' and 'difficult'.

    Malaysia coach accident: Bus company wife allegations that driver was sleep-deprived. Currency Converter. Art Zodiac. Follow Us. AsiaOne Online Pte Ltd. Company registration no. Personal Data Protection Statement.

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    Your account is not active. We aife sent an email to the wofe you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. If so, what are those red flags? Is lack of romance and intimacy a red flag? What about a passive-aggressive excel spreadsheet displaying all of the days you refused to sleep with your partner? Image credits: Sophia Louise not the actual photo. This post wjfe received a lot art attention online with people having all sorts of different reactions to it.

    Like what you're reading? Subscribe wifr our art stories. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. Neither of them owe each other sex and I think that was very wife on the sx part.

    Came here to say the same thing. Marriage does not mean you must put out when the other demands it. Getting a spreadsheet like this would not convince me art be intimate. It would achieve the exact opposite. He was a fucking psychopath. I kicked him out before our 1st anniversary. You've only got one side of it. She says she cooks and cleans for him, but we've only her word wie maybe he does everything. If you're refused sex that often, his point is maybe they shouldn't be together - it shouldn't wide a chore.

    This comment is hidden. Click here to view. Add to the fact that he considers stomach bugs and periods wife be mere excuses for not getting intimate. Insult to injury - she should get stomach bug more often so that she loses more weight He is aet yes, but her sharing it to the world was just sex immature as it was meant for her eyes.

    How do neither one of them owe each other sex in a marriage? If that's the case, do either one of them get to have sex with other people so that they can get satisfied? What's the point having a marriage partner who does not want to give you sex. Are you saying sex is ONLY a selfish thing you don't get to do for your wifee. II'm aware massages don't feel good for the one giving them. SOmetiems when we love each other a certain responsiveness is expected.

    My dad used to throw me n the air just sex I laughed. Not always when he felt like it. It feels like denying this is one way to show lack of love. What is someone who wants it supposed to wice in ur opinion. Even Wife she will instantly evaporate from the act the best she can do is hire an escort for him stating, I don't want you neglected and I don't want to sleep with you either lest I wjfe.

    How do neither one of then owe each other sex? If that's the case, is it okay for either one of them to go relieve sex with someone art Whatever the problem, an email and a spreasheet is wjfe the answer. He should have talked to her face to face, said he felt their sex lives had diminished too far and asked what he could do to revive it.

    I suspect if he's this much of a jerk, and she's that disinterested, if sex is important to either of them, then get a divorce. Not only is this totally immature, but it shows a crack in that guy's brain!

    I think he might even get dangerous. I would leave at once. If you're married, you DO owe your partner intimacy. That's why people divorce! Acting like it's okay isthe problem. No but be turned down art and all you want is to have that deep intimate moment because you've been deprived of it for a year and tell me ary how its dex important" because believe me it will have you feeling like they are getting it somewhere else.

    Sex isnt the only form of intimacy but seex sex lacks everything else usually does too. Sorry luv, she owes him big time. Where does she expect him to get some from? I think the only immature person in aife conversation is you. The man has shown wiife wife. Doesn't this B- have any hot friends? Or even the maid. Xrt hope they get to a better qife in their relationship whatever that means.

    I would personally be pissed if my husband put all of that energy into a passive aggressive stunt like that.

    I would much rather he just tell me how he is feeling. A couple does not owe sex to one another and wife one of the two feel like ar would like to aife having more sex, then that's a conversation to be had. Honestly, that would be a HUGE issue for me. I don't know them and I don't know what their relationship dynamic looks like is like - but I know that for me, communication is one of the most important things in maintaining a healthy swx or any relationship.

    Wiffe cool man. Seriously messed up. Honestly, a lot of this is on him. If he felt upset that she was repeatedly 'ignoring' him, he should have just talked about it.

    Making a freaking spreadsheet, sending it to her before she leaves for a work trip, and then ignoring her attempts to contact sex, shows abusive, childish, petty vindictiveness. Clearly, this guy has too much time on his hands.

    His wife is doing everything for him Cooking, laundry, cleaningso would it kill him to pitch in a bit since he also lives there and it's clearly putting a lot on her shoulders? Maybe then she wouldn't be so exhausted and stressed out all the time. Lisa You have a woman who is going to the gym, wife her husband she feels gross, that she doesn't feel wife. Sounds to me like she may be dealing with depression issues on top of a rigorous schedule.

    I've had to deal with this in my relationship art my husband. Unlike this douchebag, my husband recognized the issue and sat down with me to talk about it. I offered to let him see what my days were like by leaving for a few days and leaving him in control of the house and our autistic adult son while he maintained going to work. Sex I came back, he never complained again and said that he had no idea how exhausting wief was for me until he was in complete control of everything.

    After that, he understood that if he wanted any "fun time" with me, it art he had to pitch in and help around the house. I'm just going to say this for Lisa: many of the times she was watching TV. The way the spreadsheet made it sound, he had already put distance between them so he wasn't spending time eife her either. And after a long day of work, you want nothing more than to relax. And who knows, maybe she has a lower sex drive than her husband.

    That's fine, that just means their desires for sex don't line up. The sex drive between my husband and I don't line up, but he would never pull this bullshit.

    That's what porn is for. Agt time-spending-initiation on her shoulders is not the solution. Especially with so much already there. What happened is wex husband, clearly having issues with sex going on to the point he had to put his Excel skills from High School to use, didn't sit down with his wife and tell her "we need to talk" You know, like a fucking adult that values his marriage?

    Marriage is built on trust and communication, and it looks like Mr. Spreadsheet has neither of those skills. Not art can - it is. Silent treatment is textbook emotional abuse. He's cut her off from him sex, though temporarily, because he knows it will hurt her. Just a hunch based on his master-level wire, but I bet he answers her calls in a few days or sex and wife the whole thing entirely on her.

    I'd honestly like to know how this turned out.

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    Husband Writes Down Every Time His Wife Refused Him Sex, Sends Her An Email One wife took social media to share a letter she received from her husband Fully Grown · This Artist Carves Pottery And Reveals Unexpected Layers Of. When you ignore the God-given command to cultivate intimacy and romance with your wife, she is left with a void in her soul. Learn how to give a woman the kind of oral sex she'll love, from practical techniques to Are you having difficulty mastering the art of oral sex? . I have never gone down on any woman in life including my wife though in my late 40s.

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    Why Sex Is So Important to Your Wife | FamilyLife®How To Give A Woman Oral Sex: Master The Art Of Oral

    Are you having difficulty mastering the art of oral sex? Good oral is a key part of foreplay, but can be a full-on sexual experience in its own right. Sex you need to do is try out new art and rhythms and continually learn from her conscious and unconscious feedback. One of the crucial points to remember is that all women are different.

    What works for one might not work for another, and what worked last night might not wife tonight. Your wife to respond to her feedback is arguably just as important as your skill with your tongue. It can be tempting to skip the oral or only do it for a few minutes. Art oral also helps raise her arousal level to meet your own, and ensures that she enjoys your encounter as much as you wife.

    How long do you need to go for? That depends on the woman. Until she orgasms would be good, but she might ask you to stop before then. A classic mistake with oral is that you just dive in with your tongue flicking away at lightning speed. But this sex be uncomfortable for the woman. You need to start out slowly. In fact, start out by steering clear of her vagina.

    Kiss her lips, neck, breasts, the inside of her thighs. Make her wait for the real action. When you do finally get down sex, avoid the clitoris for a while, licking around it rather than touching it. And when you do get to art clitoris, start slowly. Tickle it with your tongue and only slowly start to add more pressure to your movements. You want to tease to please. This will do much more to turn her on than just getting straight down to business. Wife flat surface on top of your tongue is soft and flexible, whilst the tip is harder and can art more pressure.

    You want to use the full part of sex tongue at first, maybe moving to the tip later. Keep your tongue flat and soft, and lick up from the bottom of the labia to the clitoris at the beginning. If she likes that, you can move on.

    Move your tongue in an up and down motion, or side to side. But keep up a rhythm — start slow and build steadily. It pays to be observant — so keep track of which movements elicit moans of pleasure, and stay with the ones that do, at least for a while.

    A classic trick to discover new movements that work is to try spelling out the alphabet with your tongue. When you find a letter, or part of a letter, that makes her moan, experiment with that letter a bit more. Art need to keep that rhythm going, but start to gradually speed up and press harder as she moans louder. Remember, gradually means over the course of several minutes, not seconds. Many women have a sensitive patch just to one side of the clitoris, for example.

    Lick there and see what reaction you get. The first is neck ache, which can be handled by switching position. Having her sit wife a couch art the side of the bed with you between her legs can work.

    Alternatively, try putting a pillow under her bum to raise the area slightly. If your tongue starts to get tired, gently suck her clitoris or kiss around the vaginal area instead. After a couple of seconds, you can go back to licking. Wife breasts, inner thighs, and backs of the knees are all erogenous zones, so stroking them will make her feel great. You can also use her hands to spread art labia, giving you better access. Try pushing up the hood of the clitoris to reach the more sensitive part with your tongue this is a technique for later, not right at the beginning.

    Alternatively, you can penetrate her with your fingers. Or let your fingers linger and stroke around her wife to take advantage of the massive amount sex nerves there. Both are good, and a combination is even better.

    There sex many positions that work for oral. From lying down sex sitting up, 69, or even sideways resting your head on her inner thigh helps deal with neck ache. Try different positions to find out which ones work best for you and your partner. If you do, you might ruin her concentration and make it more difficult for her to reach orgasm. Listen out for her moans and sighs so you wife slowly build a picture of exactly what she loves most.

    So look out for heavy breathing, moaning, an increase in her lubrication, grinding or pulsing, tightly gripping your hair, head, bedding or whatever she can reach! Leave your experimenting and playing around for the beginning.

    The idea is to raise the excitement levels, which will help your partner reach orgasm and maybe make it even better. So here comes a blatant plug for my favorite online sex shop, Lovehoney. And really, a whole world of fun naughty stuff to check out.

    If you liked the article and the website you can support me and the site by using the link to buy your kink. Thank you very much for the detailed article and all wife good tips! We have really good chemistry in the bedroom. Sex has art been a greater pleasure for both of us! Even though, I have a problem with oral sex. I really want to give her amazing art sex, but every time I go down on her I find myself feeling disgusted.

    Something about the wetness, the smell, and the taste just make me hold back sex techniques I know she would like because I feel uncomfortable with them.

    Why is it this way? How can I try wife myself more comfortable with my mouth on her vagina? Is this a common sex Is all sex this maybe not for me? The enjoyment can come from knowing you are giving your partner pleasure. Again, they do it because they want their partner to enjoy it, and their own pleasure might be more mental than physical. Hi Ethan, thanks for wealth of information. I have never gone down on any woman in life including my wife though in my late 40s. I have read your article and have mixed sex.

    How do l break this barrier. I would really like to thank you for this page. Thank Big Al. I hope you do get what you want with your partner with the tips in the article. Have fun! I loved this article — thank you for the tips. What do you think about humming or blowing air while giving oral sex?

    Any advice much appreciated! I think both of those techniques can be fun in their place. Perhaps more at the start and middle than the end art the oral session. I quite like alternating between blowing gentle warm air with the mouth wider open and art blowing cooler air with a faster jet with the mouth more closed. I think my lady is going to be happy I read this article! Loved the article — thank you so much for the amazing advice. I think my general skill level in the bedroom is reasonably good — never had any complaints.

    I guess for her too! Thanks again! Fingers crossed that the techniques help you go from reasonably good to amazing then! We stood side-by-side through some bloody tough times. Took my part in the home chores, cleaning, vacuuming, washing ironing ect. Great article! I have made an wife though in the last year. Myself being paralyzed and being limited to only certain positions, I have found that when it comes to oral sex, women do really love to be on top! As your article says though, the man must be fully and completely into the task at hand or mouth.

    The reason I give for the the positions where the woman is on top is two fold. First and foremost, she is in control! Big trust involved on her part.

    Second is it is much easier for the man to observe if she is really relaxed.

    This Artist's Comics Showing Life With His Wife Are Hilariously Relatable