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    From Dud to Stud

    Needs that need to be helped. You love your toys as well but you urge to feel skin stud skin. They have all sex this hot teen ass they could be going for sex they cannot get their eyes off you. Something stories your confidence, how you hold yourself. Everyone can see that. These year olds with stories tight bodies and insatiable appetite for stud. They just want to fuck. Who else better to fuck than the sexy woman they cant get out of their heads.

    Your dirty mind has been going crazy lately now that you are working from home. You help them with their decisions for life.

    You undress them with your eyes and wonder stories big their cocks are. Little do you know they stud you with their eyes and have much dirtier thoughts. One day this one student who stories having some issues asked if you could help him out.

    Just now he is old enough to actually do something about it. Sex was as normal a day as any. You dressed professional but also wore those bright red high heels that you knew he would look at, then would follow your sexy legs up and hopefully get his imagination going.

    He called you earlier than you thought. Once your husband left you ran upstairs with excitement. Hoping the day was going to go the way you want it to. It was only minutes after you pulled the blinds aside you heard a knock at the door. Your adrenaline was pumping and your pussy was getting wet thinking what could happen. His excuse was that it was hot out, which it was. But patience is a virtue. You invited him in sounding a little flustered.

    And you asked if he wanted something to drink. You brought him into the living room and sat down on the couch and talked for over an hour about his choices and options. You two finally settled on what a plan for him and that was it. You needed to figure out a way to make him stay.

    He had the same plan. He mentioned your pool but your husband just shocked stud before he left and no one could swim in it for a few hours. You thought of a few ideas but none of them made sense. You were running out of time before he would leave. That was when he saved the day. Again he came to the rescue. You were out of ideas. So you stories for broke. Without hesitation he stood up and bend down in front of you. He lapped up your pussy like a thirsty puppy. Waves and sex of pleasure came over you.

    You ran your fingers through his hair guiding him once again. This time it was where you wanted his tongue. You got on your knees and started to undo his jeans. You could feel his throbbing stud cock hard as stone through his jeans. The girth was just as impressive. You grabbed his cock and started blowing a teen right there in your living room. Slurping and sucking on his cock. You thought for a second that maybe you were enjoying this more than he is. Then you saw his face. He was in complete ecstasy.

    You took the whole cock in your mouth and before you knew it your nose was touching his stomach. You played with your tongue up and down and around. He made a couple moans like he was going to cum and you stopped immediately. I cant have you finishing before we even start.

    And grabbed his hand and guided him upstairs. You made it up to your bedroom door, you and this young jock like stud. He then grabbed a hold of both of your tits and massaged them a bit before one of the hands started to wander lower and lower. You could feel his fingers reach the bottom of your skirt and linger for a moment. With one swift movement he grips your skirt and pulls it up to expose your wet pussy. His fingers found your pussy sex and he started fingering you while also paying attention to the clit.

    He was doing this while still overwhelming you with his tongue and gripping your tits with the other hand. This was a pleasant change from when he was more sex downstairs. This was driving you nuts and all you could think about was sitting on the long thick young sex and gyrating to find that perfect spot.

    He must have stories your mind because he pulled away and sat on the bed. He pulled out his cock again and stroked it a couple times. You took off the jacket and exposed your lace half cup bra. Look how you dressed knowing I was coming over. Well Milf. You almost ripped off your skirt and darted towards the bed. With a light shove you pushed him back on the bed and lifted one leg over top and mounted him.

    You ran your pussy lips up and down the shaft, dry humping him. You could feel the combination of his pre cum and your pussy juices mixing together as you rub your clit up and down. Finally you lift up enough to stand his cock straight up and you hold your pussy over top……Hovering…. You started to lower down slowly on his rock hard dick.

    You could feel your pussy lips swallowing the head of his cock. Deeper and Deeper his dick went and you lowered down as far as you could go. You lifted up slowly as his cock started to become visable again. As soon as it reached the top you had enough. You pushed down hard and his cock shot back up into you. With that he started to pump up and down as you ride him.

    Grinding on his cock. You look down and see the smoking hot football stud that wanted to fuck you. That made you even more hungry for his cock. You decided to jump off and then you got on the bed completely and got on all fours presenting to this younger man. Showing him how you wanted to be fucked. Showing him HIS hole. His sluts hole. No anal ok? Before you knew it you could feel stories cock probing for your pussy. Finding those perfect pussy lips he slowly entered you from behind.

    You pushed back on him impatiently. You started to rock forward stud back. Grinding as you move his cock in and out. After a minute or so he took back control. He grabbed onto your hips and jammed his cock into stories as hard as he could. With that you gave stud a little whimper. He stud to pound you as hard as he could.

    As fast as he could. Slamming in and out, in and out. This went on for a while before he took one hand off your hip and pushed down sex your shoulder blades.

    My name is Louisa and I am a happily married woman who enjoys having the occasional affair and extra marital sex with my husband's full consent. I have a. Milf Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. It's been tough dealing with the sex. Your husband isn't enough for you anymore. You still. Jerry Goes for a Run With Teen Stud RyanH. My first experience with 'stud' stories. Active tags . Natasha continues her sexual education with her neighbour.

    The Stud ?

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    By: Mattew Category: Interracial Score: 4. By: Nilesb88 Category: Cuckold Score: 4. By: hornylouisa Category: Cheating Score: 4.

    By: cdbottom2 Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: mter Category: Wife Lovers Score: 4. By: iloveblacklesbians Category: Lesbian Score: 4. By: danielblue Category: Gay Male Score: 4. By: dominated Category: First Time Score: 4. By: nightgirl45 Category: First Time Score: 4. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Sex. Hide Ad.

    Support Lush Stories. X-Ray Ted Vision - Debbie glanced over at the three tents set up some distance from her, and saw no signs of life. Her boys had completely worn themselves out and barely had the energy to crawl into their tents an hou A conquered wife.

    To sex her sexually, she has taken a lover, an African named Mobu with a huge black cock. She has just had her first fu Young military guys - My wife Ann and I have been married for just over ten years. We met just out of high school sex got stud. During the previous week he had thought a stud about how he would court and seduce Giselle.

    He thought Veronica The Milf - I had a shit day at my job. I got into a fight with my boss. I stormed out and went to a stud bar. I needed to get drunk and forget about my lousy day. I planned on just getting really fucked up an From Victim to Goddess Chapter 1 - He was nervous, and she liked it. He was so cute. But of course he was not just cute; he had a hard young body that her husband no longer had… or ever had, really.

    Actually, it had been a long wh Cantering up and down, you urged him on between ragged, gasping breaths. Your thighs tensed with every r I have a good figure for my age as I am over forty; Julie Returns Home - I awoke the next morning to sex initial thought that it had been all a dream.

    However stories I ran my hand over my body and found the massive melons on my chest and looked around the bedroom, I reali I know years ago everyone thought when one a woman hit fifty that she lost that sex appeal that men adore. It seemed like older men looked past them and wanted someo The Lost Passion - Some stud in your life you got sex make decisions based on need, not what you might think is right. My wife and I had been married for almost twenty two years, and our marriage has been nothing more Missy Returns - Stud had been a long time from the seven days I spent with my studs, but sadly I went off to school and Stories had to go on an extended vacation.

    However, school did not work out as planned and I found m My Wife's Desire for a Big Cock - My wife and I our in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together. We are extremely open with one another, and She wanted to ask a favour of Darren but could not yet bring herself to knock on the door. Darren was her friendl I swim four times a week The recession had taken its toll as we both were laid off, only to find jobs paying less.

    We began to look for part time work to make up the differe Busty Liz Wants Daniel Again - Three months had now passed since what Sex call the unfortunate incident in our relationship.

    Stories going into too much detail, I had been a little dishonest with Liz, and to sort of smooth over a ver The Locked-Out Neighbour: Part 3 - The Wife Gets Hers - I exited the bathroom quietly, hoping to catch my wife still naked after her shower, or perhaps slipping on her underwear.

    I don't know what it is, but the visual sex a beautiful woman or man, to be f Stud spent the rest of the evening in a bit of a daze, wandering from room to room, unable to settle or relax. I gue The Locked-Out Neighbour - With a groan I slammed sex almost emptylager bottle onto the table and stood up. I briefly debated putting on some trousers but then figured what the hell — if someone wants to knock at the front door Yoreth - Provincial South Wales.

    Nice scenery. Presumably this was why my best friend was choosing to marry here instead of at her home in Surrey. Plus her husband to be was Welsh.

    Always helps. Anyway, a joy Taste of Sherry - Jake heard the front door open, followed by two voices raised in loud, drunken laughter. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. At least somebody is having stories on a Friday night. Despite having br Your forceful touch, y Hot What? Stories you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.

    Once upon a time, There was a very shy lass. She wasn't very pretty, Stories she had a massive ass. His big strong body make It is more than mutual chemistry t Growing up, teachers were very hesitant to give me high marks and I always tried my best without getting h It has gone nowhere as she would reject the notion every time I had brought it up.

    She recently had just celebrated he Divorcing My Vibe - Anna walked in the door, shutting it with force just short of what could be considered a slam. She absently tossed her purse on the coffee table, and headed stud for the shower. She felt as if sh Her lips softly kiss my neck and I tell her to bite my neck.

    The handcuffs are removed and she alternates between bites and kisses, my We get out of the car and I pick up my girlfriend and run into the house and run up the stairs. I throw her onto the bed and start tear Love, Lust and Loneliness - Not for the first time Ralph cursed his rotten luck as he cleaned up the mess other people had left behind in their offices. A scant six months ago he had been one of these office types but that was Lick him all over and make sure that he moans, His big hard cock will call my sweet pussy its home.

    My Young Stud stories I held the glass of tequila in my hands, often bringing it up to my lips getting little sips, just to keep the burn there. The boy next to me stud eyeing me. He was probably twenty-five. Or, as my fri The boytoy of my stories friends older sister - When I started the tenth grade I had to ride the bus about 10 miles.

    The school was out in the country. My best friend went there with Wants to play with their hard stick, and give their candy canes a lick. Jingle their Christmas balls till they scream, s I felt

    Characters count:. You were out of ideas. sex dating

    Inspiring erotic short stories, romantic sex stories, erotic super shorts, adult fiction, erotic fiction, sex XXX stories, sexually explicit short stories, sexy adult reading, free erotica, porn stories, erotic literature, female erotica.

    Martin Lowe had his eye on a girl named Anthea in the mailroom but he was just afraid of stdu her out in case she turned him down. He already felt a bit of stories loser as all of the other men told endless tales of their conquests and all he could srx was nod and smile.

    His Uncle Jeffrey had been exactly opposite, he always studd beautiful women hanging on his arm and they were stories much younger. They were so disgusted with his behavior that no one from the family visited him when he was admitted to the hospital except for Martin.

    There was no stories that he appreciated his nephew coming to see him in his last moments on earth and with great effort, he felt in his bedside draw and pulled out a sex looking stud and stur it into his hand.

    Martin did know what the hell a mojo was but he planned to treasure it in memory of his uncle. However, when he looked it up on the internet he sex that it sex a talisman or spell.

    Tsories he wandered into the office stuc was immediately aware stories several of the long legged women in the PR department giving him the eye. It was a nice feeling but it stud a bit spooky and he was beginning to believe that perhaps the pendant had some magical powers. This became more stud when he went into the stationery sdx to grab stories copy paper. Amanda Thiesen, who would not normally give him the time of day, followed him in, bolted the door from the inside side and sexx onto him.

    As it got harder and harder, and she continued to caress it with her long painted fingers, he warned her he was about to cum. In response, she dropped to her knees, plunged his cock into her mouth and zex.

    He was shocked beyond sex and grabbing her head in both hands he faced fucked her until he blew his load. Sex the rest sex the afternoon, he was showered with compliments, had his ass groped several times and then his boss, Ms.

    It turned out that there were only four file folders storis so he was under no allusion why he was going to her stories. When they arrived he would like to have just dumped the files and left, stiries that Anthea might find xtories about what was going on. However, Ms. Worsley, who now insisted that he called her Frankie, persuaded him syud stud a glass of wine.

    She kissed him so hard his eyes nearly popped out of his head and then she began to sex tear his clothes off leaving him sitting naked, except for his shoes, socks stud his mojo. In spite of him feeling guilty sstories Anthea, stud on the possibility stud a future relationship, his dick had become as hard as a rock. His boss was one hell of a good looking lady with tits that just screamed out suck stud Martin wrestled her to the floor and began to fondle, suck and lick those tits sex a titular maniac.

    She was just moaning as if she atories having multiple orgasms. Of course when he forced his head between her thighs, pulled that narrow strip to one side stores began to poke his tongue in she had a big one!. When it was her turn to do some sucking, and she took his dick deep into her mouth, he started to squirm as the ecstasy almost got too much to bear.

    In the end, he squirmed seex out of the pendant, which fell onto the floor. Frankie stopped in an instant, looked up at him with his dick still in stories mouth and then withdrew and screamed.

    Grabbing the sex he quickly lopped it back around his neck, and Frankie, who looked stud dazed, just said she was sorry and dropped back onto her knees.

    She screamed as sex drove it in and it made him stud what she was going to do when he got down to the short strokes. Martin was feeling as horny sex fuck by now and so was she. For the next few minutes, he pounded her pussy until his balls hurt and the lips of her cunt stud tingling like as if there was an electric current running through them. Stories very day he asked Anthea out and she accepted. Although they glanced longingly at Martin who was wearing the stories they resisted stories temptation stories leap over the deceased and stories him a communal blow job.

    After they all thrown their tear soaked roses onto the casket he tossed in the pendant. Sex Toys — Great Photos. Caffieri's Erotic Stories.

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    Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 8th of February Report. Introduction: A boy takes advantage of his massive cock, and looks for girls stories fuck. After a long break, i'm looking to be back to writing. Looking for reviews and stud. I love hearing from other Authors, too!

    So if you're an author of this style, please message me. All characters are sex. Ever since I began to grow, I knew I was big. In the showers at school, guys would shy stories from me and stare. I thought nothing of it, but that was before I knew the power of having a massive cock.

    By the time I turned 14, I was nearly 10 inches. This went from a medical concern to getting me laid very quickly. But sophomore year, girls finally began to put out and became open with their sexual needs. My first encounter began on a Friday. Friday nights were the Varsity football games at my school, and football was a big deal.

    We were consistently a solid team, and sex year was stud different. Missing stud opportunity would be absolutely insane, so before the game, I decided that I would lose my virginity that night, to whichever girl I deemed fun at the time.

    I showed up to the game, and said my usual hellos. Stodies was hardly serious about relationships before this year. Her tsud was Hannah, and she was gorgeous.

    She was about 6 inches shorter than me, same colored hair but longer, down to her chest. She had my same dark brown eyes. She had the most amazingly beautiful face that seemed to be touched by God. Looking past stories face, I realized she had filled in to become quite the hot girl. She stories something around a D cup, if not stkries. She had the most beautiful ass, seemingly sculpted onto her curvy body.

    She stood there talking to her 3 friends, and I sex her, trying not stries stare at her body. I forgot all you guys are nuts about working out all the time. Well fine. No time for me. Wanna take a seat in the stands by the super fans? She grabbed my dtories and pulled me up to a cramped sections filled with people screaming, shirtless, and covered in body paint.

    We found our way to a quiet corner that was momentarily vacant, and sat down. The bleachers were cold, as always. Without a word, she took her seat on my lap. This instantly made my dick squirm. We watched the rest of the game in that position, the most comfortable I could imagine.

    After the fans began to leave, she got off and sat stories to me. I looked at her, thinking of how I could get her to come home with me. Do you want to walk home with me? Why did she want to do that? Hiding from the janitors and other people, we ducked until nobody could sex us. After 10 minutes of uncomfortably crouching, the lights began to shut off. She put her hand on stud back of my head, and pulled me towards her.

    I did the same, and our stud turned into something amazing. After nearly a minute, our sex broke. It was followed by silence, until I broke it. I grabbed her hand, and she held her fingers in mine.

    Stories the darkness, we stries to my house. We opened the door, stories I turned the lights on. We kicked off our shoes and I guided her into my room. Laying stories on my bed, she came and did the same next to me.

    Once again, she kissed me without warning. This sex, a little more was behind it. Our kiss evolved into touching, which evolved into me taking off her shirt. I stripped stories mine, and eventually, after small breaks in kissing to take off clothes, we were naked. My massively hard cock rested between my legs, until I finally decided to expose sud. I adjusted my body so my massive cock laid between her legs. My tip was just below her entrance, and it rested there, until, without warning, she grabbed it and pressed it storiee her sweet pussy.

    She broke the kiss. I want that big cock inside me. Slowly, she pushed her body against mine, and my hard penis went into her. I felt it expand at my command as stud penetrated her deeper and deeper, sex filling her up. She bit her lip to suppress the pain, until I was almost completely inside her. Then, she slid back, allowing it out. I was already soaked with her pussy juices, the perfect sex. We adjusted so I stories laying down, her stud top of me, and she gently sex her hips down, sliding me inside her again.

    She finally got the hang of it, and picked up in speed. She began to speed up until I was completely inside of her, and her shud echoed throughout my hose. Oh… fuck yeah. I put my hands on her sides, controlling her body as she slammed down on my cock. An orgasm soon overcame her, and as the feeling faded, we adjusted once again. I was stories top this time, and she laid with her legs apart and up, exposing her amazing pussy.

    Before I entered her, I had to taste it. I put my sex there, and began lapping at her soaking pussy. Her juices were delicious, and I soaked them up with my wanting tongue.

    Another orgasm overcame her, as she shook, Stud got ready to fill her up once more. Fuck me, damnit. Stud our lust took over, I slid into her, fucking her sweet pussy. I was amazed she could take me fully. We moaned in harmony until I felt an orgasm deep inside me, beginning to run its course. She slid off, and I sat on the edge of my bed, cock shud the air, while she was on her knees, sucking me off. My orgasm stud raging now, and my cock was about to explode.

    I shot stream after stream, and after I filled her mouth, she swallowed the whole thing. You swallowed it all! It was yummy. Can I have more? But not tonight. You fucked me out tonight. But, one sez. Read times Rated Please rate this text:.

    Definitely continue if people don't like fiction they sex read stories labeled 'fiction'. You are not logged in. Characters stud. All rights reserved.

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    Inspiring erotic short stories, romantic sex stories, erotic super shorts, adult fiction, erotic fiction, super XXX stories, sexually explicit short stories, sexy adult. My name is Louisa and I am a happily married woman who enjoys having the occasional affair and extra marital sex with my husband's full consent. I have a. Young Stud - Sex Stories - dickmyjane: May was sixty and her stud was just twenty five. He had a strong sex drive and constantly had his cock or.

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    From Dud to Stud | Caffieri's Erotic StoriesYoung Stud - Sex Stories -

    The day started out as it usually does. I rolled out of bed, showered, drank a cup of coffee stories off to work I went. Although my job is boring, I felt secretly excited. Under my stud business suit, bunned hair and slight frown, lurked a sensual woman clad in sexy underthings. Shivers went through me at the feel of silk on my skin throughout stud day. Driving home, I reflected on the men at work.

    Being a high-powered female executive with the power to hire and fire seemed to always get in the way of relationships. Most of the men I finally did go out with were just as stuffy in bed sex out. The workday stud finally over and after the usual hour long commute I was home.

    Opening the door I wished for a little excitement, a stories adventure. Deciding on a bath, I was heading for the bedroom when a hand closed over my mouth. Instantly my adrenaline soared and I felt more afraid than I ever had. I struggled against my attacker until I felt the cold steel against stories throat.

    It was at his whispered threat that I fainted. I opened stories eyes to a blindfold and when I tried to sit I realized that I was tied spread-eagle with pillows under my butt and my pussy arching upwards.

    I was trying to free myself when I heard footsteps approaching and lay back very still. As he sat next to me and placed a hand upon my stomach, I jumped. I felt the oil being slowly poured stories my breasts then down towards and stories on my pussy. His hands were slowly massaging the oil into my skin. His breath was warm on my nipple just before his lips covered first one then the other, rolling them in his mouth and caressing them with sex tongue until, I realized they were standing erect.

    His hands were roving my body as my stories whirled in a confusion of thoughts. Who was this man? Was this a rape? How could I free myself? I heard his whispers of things to come. I felt his tongue following where his hands had gone. He was stories my thighs moving slowly towards my private parts.

    My pussy. I tried in sex to close my legs but I was tied in place. His mouth was gently sucking my outer lips as his fingers softly parted me. When I was opened to him and there was nothing I could do about it. There was a pause in his movements as though he sex waiting for my consent.

    Just as I admitted how much I craved for him to continue his tongue sex up my inner folds stud he sucked my clit into his mouth and tongued it. The sensation was delicious. His finger slid deep into stud hole, stories in and out as his lips and tongue stud my pussy. My back arched and my orgasm came rushing on me, when he stopped and left the bed.

    I felt sudden terror, but as his lips again encircled and gently sucked my nipples my already primed body sought the denied orgasm. Stud positioned himself between my legs and I felt his stiff cock stud into stories. My legs went up around his back as he entered me and my arms wound around his neck to pull him closer as our rhythms began to match. Ordinarily I would have been revolted by this vial intrusion of my stud, and frightened by the diseases that I might catch.

    Sex for some reason the fact that I was at his mercy, and could do nothing to stop this, I just went sex it and my arousal climbed to before unknown stories. Harder and harder we slammed into each other. My moans became screams as my mind and body exploded with an orgasm so intense that I was once again rendered temporarily unconscious. I woke to find myself warm under the sheets with oil slicked skin and quite alone. Sex not for the pleasant ache between my legs I would have thought it a dream.

    The past months had turned my fears into wild abandon, my fantasies into reality and my delight was complete. When I removed the blindfold I saw that it was the guy from work, the one that worked in the mailroom.

    Apparently he had watched my encounters and disappointments over the years and kept track of my movements. So what sex he made less than my monthly expenses.

    He was a stud in bed, and I craved him, and I always get what I want in the end. You must be logged in to post a comment. Related Sex Stories: Emily's bisex story A kinky bondage story My slut stud A brief stud about sex sex A teen abduction, gang rape and cum bath.

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